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Attack on Titan Facts by satanji
Attack on Titan Factsby 雌犬
Just so all of you know, quite a lot of these facts are a bit old. So please don't get angry or upset over a fact because it's already been revealed..
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Levi x reader oneshots by Blubblub79
Levi x reader oneshotsby Blubblub79
Just more one-shots because, YAY nothing non-advertiser friendly though.
Levi x reader oneshots  by XxLevisBratxX
Levi x reader oneshots by 💖Rapmosters Baby💖
So I have decided that I'm losing interest in my other books lately don't worry I'm still going to continue with them anyway I'll be doing Levi oneshots yay 😊 if you lo...
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Soulmates by Mikanni2005
Soulmatesby Mikanni2005
Mikannie Fanific where Mikasa and Annie are destined soulmates.
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AoT One~Shots! by tchtsubaki
AoT One~Shots!by Tsubaki
ONE SHOTS about the hit anime Attack on Titan or Shingeki No Kyojin, however you want to pronounce it. ONE SHOTS FOR EVERYONE! WhO doesn't like them? I don't own the cha...
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The Unveiling (Levi x Reader) by gorgeous_levi
The Unveiling (Levi x Reader)by ジャスミン
(Y/n) was born a telepath, she can read minds, she can tell what's going inside your head. Until one day, Levi Ackerman came. The only person that for some reason, she c...
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If I Die Young by Jez_Sallows
If I Die Youngby Jezalli Sallows
When Petra Ral joins the Survey Corps, she never expected to find someone more surprising than what she'd already sees. But when she sees Levi Ackerman break down during...
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Break The Walls (Ghost!Armin x Reader AU) by levisgotjeans
Break The Walls (Ghost!Armin x ~ Lasagna Princess Lasereyes ~
A lonely girl finds out a ghost has been trailing her and befriends him. I don't own Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama does. dis stori on hold sori ;-; (im busy with schoo...
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De Ymir Fritz para ti Eren, en 2000 años by JohanRenato
De Ymir Fritz para ti Eren, en Johan Renato
Presento en este escrito un posible final sobre Shingeki no Kyojin apartir del capitulo 118 del manga, espero que lo disfruten.
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How to be Brave (Attack On Titan) by SmartRose14
How to be Brave (Attack On Titan)by Rose B
(Note what this story is not edited and is in my opinion really crappy. The plot holes have almost killed me when I re-read this!) It's the year 800. The military is sti...
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So ist est immer oder so scheint es by Blubblub79
So ist est immer oder so scheint esby Blubblub79
Experience the joy and the pain of the Attack On Titan crew in this choose your own adventure book. I will TRY to update this once a week but with life and stuff, it's...
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Eren and Mikasa by Lonystal
Eren and Mikasaby Aulon
After they reach the ocean . It's time for Eren and Mikasa to have a talk, while enjoying the beauty of the ocean.
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Attack On Titan Rants/ AOT AU ft. Me by SmartRose14
Attack On Titan Rants/ AOT AU Rose B
So... IDK why I'm doing this... but I felt like it. So, I for some reason wake up in the Attack On Titan universe... I then figure out that I can't die... and my phone c...
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Fiery Waters by frayed-endsof-sanity
Fiery Watersby RJ
Eren and Armin always had a dream as children. They wanted to break free of the wretched walls, and explore the world. They wanted to find the wonders of the worlds, Wat...
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pandemonium // Levi × Reader by junghoesucc-
pandemonium // Levi × Readerby Elliott
pandemonium /pand m n m/ noun wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar. "there was complete pandemonoum-everyone just panicked"
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Levi's Memory Lost (Levi X Reader) by KORTENY
Levi's Memory Lost (Levi X Reader)by KORTENY
I have nothing to say, first chapter, your not there but on the second chapter, there you are😝
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Deniable Truth, Undeniable Tragedy [AOT/SNK] {Rivetra} by SmartRose14
Deniable Truth, Undeniable Rose B
Sometimes, undeniably tragic events take place. From this point we can take two paths: embrace the truth and live on in rueful acceptance . . . or don't. ||Original Cov...
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Eren's Sexy Random Shinga Finga Wongo by ErenstheJaegers
Eren's Sexy Random Shinga Finga Eren Schön Jaeger
BASICALLY A BIO ABOUT ME AND MY SHITTY ANTICS!!! So, Decided to make a book about me and such. It wont necessarily be only about me, I'll post other random shit as well...
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