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Danganronpa NSFW Alphabet by Absolan
Danganronpa NSFW Alphabetby Absolan
Just a Danganronpa NSFW Alphabet meme for most of my favorite ships. I can try to do requests with these. (Didn't mark it as mature because technically it's not one of m...
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾Pregame V3 chatfic☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙ by _commit_arson_
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾Pregame V3 chatfic☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙by _commit_arson_
Just a stupid pregame chatifc lmao- !NO TOXIC SHIPS HERE! ships shuichi x kokichi kaede x miu kaito x maki himiko x tenko rantaro x korekiyo x angie if you dont like fe...
V3 PostGame Chatfic 🥵🥶😏 by shorticeyhotpotato
V3 PostGame Chatfic 🥵🥶😏by Therapist who needs a Therapi...
Just a good old crack chat fic! Ships -------- SaiOuma (main) Irumatsu HaruKaito Tenmiko Slight amaiibo (Rantaro x Kiibo, it's a rare pair that I'm obsessed 😔👊) If t...
Another dr chatfic because I'm bored by FizzyQuake
Another dr chatfic because I'm Shuichi Bi-hara
I'm gonna try to update this every day but fail miserably
Just a DanganronpaV3 chatfic lol by whoeverlmao
Just a DanganronpaV3 chatfic lolby Deleted account
This is just a Danganronpa V3 CF/FF (some CF chapters and some FF) ships: ShuichixKokichi MiuxKaede MakixKaito HimikoxTenko
She saved me | Irumatsu  by dovey29
She saved me | Irumatsu by 🖤dove🖤
Kaede is about to be executed until a certain someone stops it... ⚠️ NONE OF THE ART IS MINE! ⚠️ If you want to see who drew them, just go search up Irumatsu ! It's a...
Pregame DRV3 chatfic since I'm quirky  by iistxcerz
Pregame DRV3 chatfic since I'm sucker #21
UMmMmmMm idk so quirky 🤷‍♀️ Might be little hints of smut but not writing full parts !Curse Warning! Ships: Saiouma Tenmiko Shironaga Amamiibo Kaimaki Irumatsu !Plato...
the [baddies] </3 by rineshry
the [baddies] </3by rine
drv3 chatfic bc why not -- non-despair au, they have normal lives except they're not normal - this mf right here cannot remember things for life so the way they type pro...
class 53's group chat || pregame v3 shenanigans by citrusgremlin
class 53's group chat || pregame micah (derogatory)
COVER NOT MINE: ministarfruit ON TWITTER pregame non-killing game story in which the students are just being their normal crackhead selves. tw: self-harm, abuse, cursing...
Liar Liar (Oumasai Chatfic) by weebamongstweebs
Liar Liar (Oumasai Chatfic)by Iregretthisaccount
The game was all just a big lie. Turns out everyone is alive and well as you can be after a killing game. Tsumugi decided it would be a good idea to make amen...
Danganronpa v3 group chatfic 〜☆ by SpacedMilk
Danganronpa v3 group chatfic 〜☆by X
|| Non despair AU, this story does include trigger warnings so beware. I'll put it on top of the chapter when it comes|| Hope's peak Academy; where students with Ultimat...
Danganronpa oneshots by Sayocat
Danganronpa oneshotsby CEO of Neonpolitan
Love of their lives: Kaede akamatsu multiship fic by Ender_Janice
Love of their lives: Kaede Your average DR fan
I basically ship her with almost everyone, please forgive me... Hope's Peak Academy AU,non-Despair story where some students find themselves having a crush on a certain...
◉✿ Class 101's Chatroom✿◉°°Pregame Drv3 Chatfic (EDITING) by b0nkingb0nk_
◉✿ Class 101's Chatroom✿◉°° Bonk💕
"Ouma-Kuuuun!❤", "No." Yes, they're all dumb. These idiots' chatfic except they are pregame(?) This will mostly have fluff and some random ideas I ha...
🌿🌻DRV3 pregame chatfic🌻🌿 by Softcore_Bitch
🌿🌻DRV3 pregame chatfic🌻🌿by Softcore_Bitch
⚠️There will be no toxic relationships in this chatfic⚠️ 🌼Ships🌼 ~ 🥑Amamiibo🤖 ~🔍Saiouma🎲 ~🔧Irumatsu🎹 ~💙Tenhimiko❤ ~🔪Harumota🌌 ~🎭Shiroangie💛
dv3 chatfic✨[discontinued]  by villanellesCROCS
dv3 chatfic✨[discontinued] by ghost :P
The first like 50 chapters of this fic is my old work which contains saiouma kaimaki irumatsu amaguji tenmiko --------------- i started to recontinue this chatfic 30/10...
Danganronpa Twitter AU by hajimestibbies
Danganronpa Twitter AUby hajimeisahimbo
Yet another twitter au i have lots of angst planned so beware of that 😈
Class 3C || Kirumaki [Normal Highschool AU] by KirumiBeZoomin
Class 3C || Kirumaki [Normal Egg 🍳
I legit can't find the artist but creds to whoever drew the cover, this ship isn't canon but I love it and we need more kirumaki so yeah.
Let me sleep [DRV3 Group Chat] by SxcredWebs
Let me sleep [DRV3 Group Chat]by SHSL Liar
Akamatsu Kaede has invited you to a group chat Do you wish you join? Chaos ensured when Class 79 of Hopes Peak create a group chat [There'll be many ships, some will be...