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Ironmouse X Connor - My Tiny Gremlin.  by darealmrboone
Ironmouse X Connor - My Tiny Adam Boone
Connor, the only human YouTuber left filled in a world with his little gremlin best friend: Ironmouse, friends for years, they always had a dynamic bond, a bond most peo...
A Welcome.. I Mean, Unwelcome Visit by chiserin
A Welcome.. I Mean, Unwelcome Visitby chiser_in
Connor is visited by Ironmouse, his best friend of 3 years. Separately, they've had a lot going on in their lives. But when Ironmouse is invited by Hololive for a singi...
Virtual Love (Vshojo girls x male reader) by Novva2773
Virtual Love (Vshojo girls x Yeppin
Y/n and his friends decided that they all should live together, and moved in with each other in no time. Soon Y/n realizes that his neighbors, who just happen to be the...
One man's fantasy is another's nightmare by ShadowAnon
One man's fantasy is another's ShadowAnon
For what seems like your entire life there have been a group of girls that you seem to not be able to get away from. For better and for worse Cover by @KuroiEnpitsu on T...
The Virtual Academy by Caviett
The Virtual Academyby
He saw a letter at his door and saw a letter that teleports him to another world and now a student at an academy. Warning: Some might be out of character
an Iron Mouse in the trap. by mslsgr
an Iron Mouse in the Ms. Cerisier
Steve decidió hacer una lista de las cosas que más le gustaban de Tony. 1. Es el ratón más adorable de todo el universo. 2. Es uno de los animales más inteligentes de la...
Bubi and Ironmouse's Bizarre Adventure by walleluvseve
Bubi and Ironmouse's Bizarre walleluvseve
What will happen when Bubi comes to the real world? Will he complete his quest for world domination? Or will he find love in the most unlikely of places... My friend Ged...
Just White by LostChild911
Just Whiteby LostChild
Vtuber Shorts (Kinda). Writing stories about Vtubers I like. *Testing new writing techniques. Nothing too serious. Hopefully not boring. Some long, some short.*
Connor got...Isekai'd? (This timeline was destroyed, go to my other work) by Caviett
Connor got...Isekai'd? (This
A.K.A Connor and his little friend CdawgVA aka Connor Colquhoun got transported to Vtopolis (I know very original haha) and meets his bestfriend satan herself. This is...