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Hold my hand | FukaRana / GakuRoha by YLwaliet
Hold my hand | FukaRana / GakuRohaby 🍵 Tᴀɴᴜᴋɪ﹣ᴅᴏɴᴏ 🍙
❝ la música te lleva a un mundo tan doloroso que no piensas ni un segundo en salir de él. Rana, tras un gran fracaso en una audición para entrar a la escuela de sus sue...
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How to (Be) Tame(d) (by) A Fox by diceWiseWords
How to (Be) Tame(d) (by) A Foxby diceWiseWords
Hachiman and Iroha have been having plenty more practice dates after their first one, to the point of them becoming a weekly affair. Hachiman realizes the consequences o...
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Magia Record: ZEXAL by FallRiver-Prime
Magia Record: ZEXALby FallRiver-Prime
Iroha and her parents moves to Heartland where a certain spirit and his curiosity about the magical girl and her power source. Not only does she gain friends, but a dark...
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SDRA 2 | EDGY VOID AU  by JigglycutieLikesome
SDRA 2 | EDGY VOID AU by Jigglycutie Likesome!
(WARNING: CONTAINS HUGE SPOILERS TOWARDS TO SDRA2 GAME) If you don't like Spoilers so just look away or dare to read this story- Iroha Nijiue, the Ultimate Painter, who...
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hatsune miku vs. the world & knuckles: the electric boogaloo™ by reignofthestars
hatsune miku vs. the world & ✨ REIGN ✨
mikumikumii♪ : pikkun is smart, see? ( ^▽^)っ GiganticOTN : Am I not smart Miku? ;) mikumikumii♪ : ( ^▽^)っ✂╰⋃╯ GiganticOTN : Im sorry I asked (alternatively: Miku acciden...
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Hikigaya's Choices (Fan Fiction) by TetsuyaKouhei
Hikigaya's Choices (Fan Fiction)by TetsuyaKouhei
The sequel to the ending of Season 2 of Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru Zoku and a sequel to the Visual Novel made by the works of Wataru Watari, Aut...
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The Beast by ivecreasedtoexist
The Beastby imasdeadasthisaccount
What if I told you that there was an alternate dimension? ------------------ I DONT OWN VOCALOIDS
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My wife is wrong as i expected by rezadwiartama
My wife is wrong as i expectedby Kiiroi senko
Hanya menceritakan kehidupan rumah tangga Hachiman dan Iroha Disclamer:Wataru Watari
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Danganronpa Another 2 Roleplay  by Creative_Angel_
Danganronpa Another 2 Roleplay by Therapist Potato
This book will be similar to the canon 1-3 Danganronpa book! With the scenarios and all!
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Los Vocaloids.. Tienen facebook? by arsloidlovesia
Los Vocaloids.. Tienen facebook?by Izumi Akari
El arte e imagenes usados no me pertenecen, Derechos y créditos a sus respectivos autores. Esto es únicamente con fin de entretener.
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~Vocaloid Random Stuff~ by OliverRecom
~Vocaloid Random Stuff~by Oliver
yeah, the title is enough description...
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Dra/Sdra2 one shots  by coofyuy
Dra/Sdra2 one shots by Save the turtles
Lemons lemons lots of yaoi
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I Have A Crush On A Monster Boy by Lianakurosakisan
I Have A Crush On A Monster Boyby Kurosakisan
Gumi Kaumi is just an average 15 year old second year high school girl in Japan. When one day, a boy named Gumiya Megpoid transferred to her school. He seems normal and...
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ERROR「Maika's Story」 by AisecaSenchineru
ERROR「Maika's Story」by "Just Monika" :)
Status : On Progress P0V: 3rd Person 7 Chapters / 59 Pages Last Update: February 2, 2017 Next Update : Chapter 7 [ Part 2 ] ***** A program created by heart. A creator...
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[=] SDRA2 || X O I D AU [=] by Kibogamine16
[=] SDRA2 || X O I D AU [=]by Kibōgamine 16
WARNING! || This story contains Spoilers from The SDRA2||DRADA Fangame please either play through the game or watch some English Chapters on YT since people can't unders...
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You Don't Know Who Loves You Until They Just Give Up On You... by FanficFan50
You Don't Know Who Loves You Johan Van Wyk
Hachiman fails to realise until it's too late that the only girl up to now who's ever been in love with him,that girl being Yui Yuigahama has loved him this whole time,s...
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Genesis of Evil | Evillious Chronicles by agalaxycat
Genesis of Evil | Evillious coco
Simply my interpretation of Mothy/Akuno-p's series. Like 50% of this is SUPPOSED to make sense, the other half isn't.
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Running Towards Daybreak (Naruto/ Vocaloid Crossover) by UchihaxHozuki
Running Towards Daybreak ( Hozuki-Chan~!
Nekomura Iroha was just wanting to prepare for her performance the following week in Tokyo. The last thing she remembers was falling unconscious in her studio. Where was...
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My Fantasy Adventure is more engaging than Expected by Basscuss
My Fantasy Adventure is more Francis Ryan Basaysay
What if, by a series of unseen events, Oregairu instead of being written as a Slice of Life and School Life was written as a Fantasy Adventure. Follow our favorite loner...
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