Little Velvet «Red Velvet» by dazzatae-
Little Velvet «Red Velvet»by Rory ☁︎
Life of the 6th member of Red Velvet! ↬Random scenarios from Mia's life in Red Velvet ☆☆☆☆☆☆ This is purely a work of fiction and is just made for fun!
  • irene
  • nct
  • wendy
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femme fatale. [mb.s] by scandaIous
femme fatale. [mb.s]by t h e w o m a n .
this is how I want you to remember me. the woman who beat you.
  • sherlock
  • sherlockholmes
  • irene
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Half Of Us  by 101harrypotter
Half Of Us by 101harrypotter
I feel empty without you.
  • redvelvet
  • exo
  • twice
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Soory - Taeyong by firfiraaa_22
Soory - Taeyongby fiikoo
"BENERANNN!!!TAEYONG LAGI DATING!!!"-Cheryn hi guy's ini cerita pertama gw jadi mohon maaf kalo banyak typo #don't copy my story #murni khayalan fiikoo #sider'...
  • jaehyun
  • seulgi
  • taeyong
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Friends ? by Money22love
Friends ?by ChimChim_lover
When Joy put her bag down and got her phone everyone's face was shocked because they thought that she was lying to them. Seulgi grabbed Joy's phone and went straight to...
  • redvelvet
  • joy
  • jenny
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I Just by kiimbora
I Justby ♡ | bliss | ♡
"It's time to stop crying, get up, and work for what you want."
  • seulgi
  • yerim
  • joohyun
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MCD and Mystreet Theories by Owl_The_Author
MCD and Mystreet Theoriesby Fanbird <3
New series, potions, mysteries, Irene- what? There are so many things to think about, so many theories swirling through my head, and so little time before the answers s...
  • irene
  • theories
  • mcd
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Bunny and Bear♡ by doglovermanhater
Bunny and Bear♡by doglovermanhater
This is a Seulrene fanfic. Hope you'll like it. ^_^
  • bear
  • yeri
  • jisoo
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Sunbae 「Suho × Irene」 by yoonamiii
Sunbae 「Suho × Irene」by ĸιттen 🐈
One-shot smut of Suho and Irene.
  • smuttyfanfic
  • hoobae
  • sunbae
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Did you? by KkimbapOppa
Did you?by KkimbapOppa
Seulgi's Ex is getting married in 14 days, she doesn't know If she should go or not. For 14 days, she tried to prepare herself for the big day. What will happen to her?
  • irene
  • baejoohyun
  • fanfic
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BEST FRIENDS (Jimin X Seulgi) by sweetabiha
BEST FRIENDS (Jimin X Seulgi)by abiha mirza
This story is about one girl and her eleven best friends.People believed that their friendship was so strong that they coyld never be apart.Actually they were not fruend...
  • bangtanvelvet
  • redvelvet
  • irene
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STRANGER by Nadhelan
Dipertemukan lewat social media, apakah perjalan cinta Irene dan Tahyung akan berhasil? . . On wattpad : nadhelan
  • taehyung
  • bts
  • irene
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Red Velvet by Bangtan_Boys_Suga_93
Red Velvetby Bangtan_Boys_Suga_93
Red Velvet hakkında herşey!!!... Tüm hakları saklıdır.
  • yeri
  • irene
  • velvet
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ticci toby x creepypasta  by AlliePanda514
ticci toby x creepypasta by AlliePanda514
Ticci toby x creepypasta!Irene
  • creepypasta
  • irene
  • ticcitoby
Confined To The Crown by DiabolicalWriter3103
Confined To The Crownby DiabolicalWriter3103
This the fate he had decided. The fate of his brothers and his lover that he loved to death had wanted. He was damned and confined. Confined to the crown.
  • blackpink
  • crown
  • seulgi
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:3 một đêm chưa ngủ... Vì hứa sẽ viết tặng nên viết tặng rồi nhé.
  • baejoohyun
  • seungwan
  • wendy
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You're Mine  by Loverscar
You're Mine by Necrosis Queen
Abigail is a normal girl that is brave and strong. Hades is a mysterious guy that unexpectedly fall for someone he didn't imagine to fall for. How can he protect her? Ho...
  • bts
  • g-idel
  • academy
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ATTABOY | vrene by bae_bish
ATTABOY | vreneby vřëňë šhïppëř
" When I look at you my heart is palpitating." " When you smile, My world changed and stopped from falling "I love you and I don't like to...
  • seulmin
  • seulgi
  • jimin
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Supernatural: Diamond X Mekhl by ChoiJaeEun04
Supernatural: Diamond X Mekhlby Zeus na Weird
10 decades ago, the great war in the city of Arredyll had begun, after the 5 decades of fighting, the people from Arrendyll celebrated Arendyll's official decided to bui...
  • jimin
  • guanlin
  • sinb
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