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Slipknot Stuff 🔪 by LxttleVampxre
Slipknot Stuff 🔪by Mama Vampy 🔪
"Stop, drop, and scream like a bitch" - Mick Thomson *alien language* - Sid Wilson
  • chrisfehn
  • jimroot
  • mickthomson
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A New Ship... Boy? (Kantai Collection story) by MatthewThank
A New Ship... Boy? (Kantai MatthewThank
Beginning my third story. Something not RT related finally. Hope it's not that bad. I have experience from all free KC related things, movie, anime and game. We'll see i...
  • yamato
  • kancolle
  • hiei
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The Dangerous Doors of Shannon Anderson by EmilyJaynesWinograd
The Dangerous Doors of Shannon Emily Jaynes Winograd
[FEATURED WATTPAD PICK] Eighteen-year-old Shannon Anderson should be studying when she discovers a stash of books that physically open doors to the worlds within their...
  • whimsical
  • fantasy
  • adventure
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Around the Fur by videonasty
Around the Furby goth gf
"I WON'T LET THIS BUILD UP INSIDE OF ME" kids. summer. The future? It can wait.
  • craigjones
  • 1990s
  • iowa
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Deeper by RuthieKnox
Deeperby Ruthie Knox / Robin York
When Caroline Piasecki’s ex-boyfriend posts their sex pictures on the Internet, it destroys her reputation as a nice college girl. Suddenly her once-promising future doe...
  • iowa
  • college
  • funny
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kancolle: the unknown aircraft carrier(ON HOLD) by a_wild_dragoon
kancolle: the unknown aircraft a neko dragoon
what if there was a 4th Yorktown-class aircraft carrier one that was forgotten by the world well he is coming back and going to show everyone what he is made of ok so...
  • kaga
  • kongou
  • kancolle
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KOI FISH ROMANCE IN IOWA //🐟  A NOVEL  🐟// by Omarking0924
70 and up year old Olive Kankertale is having a friend for dinner over in her old big house in the prairie of Iowa... but then something else comes up.... her friend won...
  • comedy
  • blackcomedy
  • twinpeaks
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Is This True? by daydreamer2836
Is This True?by Jenn Davis
Four years pass by quickly, but in reality, there's plenty of years to live. All the girls are out of college and on their own, but that doesn't mean the whole mystery i...
  • vacation
  • jobs
  • canada
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Ask the Midwest States! by AbramsS2020
Ask the Midwest States!by Sadie Ahaloke
Just like my Ask the States book but it is just the Midwest states if you what to ask the Midwest questions and dares do it!
  • minnesota
  • kansas
  • midwest
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Texting the states by AbramsS2020
Texting the statesby Sadie Ahaloke
This is where Indiana texted the wrong number but meets a new friend
  • states
  • kansas
  • missouri
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RWBY: A Battleship's Tale by Project_KRAKEN
RWBY: A Battleship's Taleby Excalibur Galantine [Project...
Battleship USS Iowa. The first thing you would think of when you hear that name is the crashing of waves against steel and the roar of 16 Inch guns, and you wouldn't be...
  • weissschnee
  • kongou
  • crossover
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States Book by schoochibg
States Bookby MmmMMM
Help. This was an ask book but now its my what in the world IS UP WITH THE STATES OF AMERICA UNITED book lmao. WARNING: What happens in this book is not meant to look d...
  • iowa
  • statehumans
  • statememes
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Evan and Gabbie's Trip to the UK by yeetoboi_itsgabbie
Evan and Gabbie's Trip to the UKby mistake and regret
Um yea It's a sequel to the book I know Jude loved.
  • fnaf
  • kidnapping
  • kissingbooth
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She Isn't Real (A Slipknot Fanfiction) by MissGuillotine
She Isn't Real (A Slipknot Mickey
Des Moines, Iowa. Penelope Mullen's hometown. Penelope, or Poppy, a 20 year old college drop out tells the story of her adult hood. The story of how a concert changed h...
  • slipknot
  • heavymetal
  • iowa
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Similarities and Differences by koocalyak
Similarities and Differencesby koocalyak
Steven Easton(27) and his niece, Ava(9), just moved up to suburban Iowa from the roughest small town in Alabama. Steven grew up with next to nothing. His mom cared more...
  • students
  • forgivness
  • emotional
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State's kids by AbramsS2020
State's kidsby Sadie Ahaloke
This is a story about some states having kids. Most of the states are single parents. Indiana's daughter- Sadie Illinois's daughter- Ashley Ohio's daughter- Dawn Michig...
  • stateskids
  • states
  • ohio
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Far from Here - Excerpt by NicoleBaart
Far from Here - Excerptby Nicole Baart
How long do you hold on to hope? Danica Greene has always hated flying, so it was almost laughable that the boy of her dreams was a pilot. She married him anyway and to...
  • marriage
  • loss
  • mystery
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17 And In Love (With My Brothers Best Friend!) (Just updated, sorry for the long wait won't happen again!) by EdwardJacobFan77
17 And In Love (With My Brothers Alyssa
Alyssa is in love... with her brothers best friend...thats in the army...and he's in Afghanistan. When Christian comes home will Alyssa tell him about her feelings for h...
  • seventeen
  • loss
  • kiss
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His Southern Life  by flowercrown85
His Southern Life by flowercrown85
Astrid Lacroix and her family move to the outlying fields in Texas, where the cities grow less and the fields grow bigger. Astrid was always known as a city girl, but sh...
  • astridlacroix
  • delilahbowman
  • cowboy
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Biography SFC Bruce Charles Batman USA Ret. by ralphmonclar
Biography SFC Bruce Charles ralphmonclar
U.S. Army Security Agency (Later INSCOM) NCO
  • fieldstationberlin
  • berlin
  • teufelsberg
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