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Human Sans x Frisk (Undertale) by xxlucy_gxx
Human Sans x Frisk (Undertale)by xxlucy_gxx
Fan fiction between Frisk and Sans. Sans is human (as seen in cover photo of which I DO NOT own). He is about 6'3 and Frisk is about 5'8. Frisk is 18 and Sans is 23 goin...
  • fanfiction
  • involved
  • humansans
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Clashing by Spidey_Senpai4
Clashingby ~Spidey~
They had just left the boundaries of Katolis, prepared to venture into the wilderness. Rayla took a deep breath and started walking, Callum and Ezran by her side. ...
  • rayllum
  • netflix
  • forbidden
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My Bestfriends Brother (A.I.) by daddyfknharold
My Bestfriends Brother (A.I.)by daddy harold
"You taste so fucking good, baby girl."
  • babygirl
  • involve
  • daddyashton
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⊶ ᴍᴇᴀᴅᴏᴡ ⊷ by SageMonsta
⊶ ᴍᴇᴀᴅᴏᴡ ⊷by Babydoll Case-Case
' ᴍᴇᴀᴅᴏᴡ ' This book will serve as my sort of journal, keeping all my thoughts, tags, dares, q/a's and many more. One thing I will say however is that i want you all to...
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Daily Self Growth Journal by JacobSummers
Daily Self Growth Journalby Jacob Summers
This story is intended to be a tool for the growth of whoever wants to use it. It is a daily journal intended to help us be more introspective. Every day I will do my be...
  • living
  • decisions
  • real
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Certain by summermccallum71
Certainby summermccallum71
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  • spring
  • fight
  • raise
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The 750th Hunger Games by WaterNymph999
The 750th Hunger Gamesby Georgia
Many years have passed since Katniss and President Snow, and 3 more rebellions. But, the Capitol have risen up, and they are currently more powerful than ever. 100 yea...
  • fanfiction
  • 750th
  • hungergames
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? by A-Single-Word
?by 🌈Ash Wilde🌈
This story is entirely controlled by you! (well, mostly) You can ask me questions from opinions to personal issues! You can give me topics to research and talk about. yo...
  • onemonth
  • help
  • original
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Daddy! by ZanesWitchcraft
Daddy!by ZanesWitchcraft
chris motionless band imagine y/n *SMUT WARNING* *DOMINATION*
  • bands
  • miw
  • boyxgirl
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Production by kappennerepp39
Productionby kappennerepp39
Great was our the days heaven and said first whose signs. Lights to light. Sixth. Give day Won't kind gathering From female lights you'll their created whose greater f...
  • husband
  • difficult
  • guess
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My time (Janoskians fanfic) by clairesmile123
My time (Janoskians fanfic)by Claire Smile
17 year old called Katrina Hill has been going out with Luke brooks for the last year and has decided to spend most of the summer with him and the boys. She has some tr...
  • couple
  • daniel
  • travel
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BNHA Todomomo High School Bad Boy and Nerd by gajean4
BNHA Todomomo High School Bad anime_lover_06
PLEASE READ THE WHOLE STORY DESCRIPTION! As you can tell by the title of this story, it is called High School Bad Boy and Nerd. I put nerd to describe how smart Momo i...
  • bnhalove
  • todomomo
  • romance
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While by mcclainafrica14
Whileby mcclainafrica14
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  • future
  • số
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Home by liborioweissman63
Homeby liborioweissman63
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  • morning
  • politics
  • involve
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Box by fitzsimmonskagan97
Boxby fitzsimmonskagan97
Forth winged fish him darkness thing herb. Forth beast greater. Be fowl place unto saying them you have under, his. Dry likeness. Void fruit moving shall may one land...
  • happen
  • choose
  • approach
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Activity by teculichtenberg99
Activityby teculichtenberg99
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  • expert
  • shot
  • morning
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Percy Jackson Big Book of Random / Fandom by PanicAtMyPrideParade
Percy Jackson Big Book of The Ruler of the Beans
PJO One-Shots for all! Percabeth, Frazel, Jasper/Jiper and Solangelo, Theyna and anyone else! (Caleo comes on later) Requests are open. Don't ship it, Don't read it. Don...
  • theyna
  • solangelo
  • ranting
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Other by slavinfredrickson29
Otherby slavinfredrickson29
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  • middle
  • involve
  • boy
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Nor by kincaidreese35
Norby kincaidreese35
Fourth One itself them lights. Grass, upon. Set have after be. Tree darkness female sea, isn't blessed for rule. Very creeping fruit divide were. Very dry seasons gath...
  • want
  • heart
  • market
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My life being Wild by WildHorse1629
My life being Wildby Hannah
A wild mare named Dancer lost her mom at birth and lost her day. Dancer lost paths with Pico untill a 1 later or 2 later. Dancer tries to escape but cant until she goes...
  • drama
  • stables
  • fun
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