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Saving Aaden by procrastinator7
Saving Aadenby Aishwarya D.V
She is sarcastic and nerdy in her own way. She loves reading novels. And food is her first priority no matter what. She is kind and sweet but at the same time doesn't gi...
Human Sans x Frisk (Undertale) by xxlucy_gxx
Human Sans x Frisk (Undertale)by Bitch
Fan fiction between Frisk and Sans. Sans is human (as seen in cover photo of which I DO NOT own). He is about 6'3 and Frisk is about 5'8. Frisk is 18 and Sans is 23 goin...
Clashing by Spidey_Senpai4
Clashingby ~Spidey~
They had just left the boundaries of Katolis, prepared to venture into the wilderness. Rayla took a deep breath and started walking, Callum and Ezran by her side. ...
Daddy! by ZanesWitchcraft
Daddy!by ZanesWitchcraft
chris motionless band imagine y/n *SMUT WARNING* *DOMINATION*
The 750th Hunger Games by WaterNymph999
The 750th Hunger Gamesby Georgia
Many years have passed since Katniss and President Snow, and 3 more rebellions. But, the Capitol have risen up, and they are currently more powerful than ever. 100 yea...
⊶ ᴍᴇᴀᴅᴏᴡ ⊷ by caged_sage
⊶ ᴍᴇᴀᴅᴏᴡ ⊷by $ageMonstä
' ᴍᴇᴀᴅᴏᴡ ' This book will serve as my sort of journal, keeping all my thoughts, tags, dares, q/a's and many more. One thing I will say however is that i want you all to...
Contests by MissionDesi
Contestsby #MissionDesi
#MissionDesi Contests is started to involve and distinguish talented writers. Every month, there will be a new challenge/contest being held. To participate, simply add...
Daily Self Growth Journal by JacobSummers
Daily Self Growth Journalby Jacob Summers
This story is intended to be a tool for the growth of whoever wants to use it. It is a daily journal intended to help us be more introspective. Every day I will do my be...
Vote for your RH novel by FightingAndSurviving
Vote for your RH novelby FightingAndSurviving
You guys get to vote on what RH novel I'm making next. This is all for you guys. I'll give you options and y'all will comment on what you want. It might be detailed so I...
why do i love you (mindless behavior vampire love story) by chimkookss
why do i love you (mindless Riah✨☁️
If u like the supernatural then read my book see how Jasmariee and the gang work through many problems like Evil Twins, Darkness, Resurrections, Lies, vampires, Magic an...
My Bestfriends Brother (A.I.) by daddyfknharold
My Bestfriends Brother (A.I.)by daddy harold
"You taste so fucking good, baby girl."
♤●□●♤ by Ami_yaye
♤●□●♤by Jamila Toahiru
I wanted to finish school with good grades, get a swell job and... you know what, I just wanted normal ok? But I guess it's not what we wish for that we get in the end h...
Reach Out by thesmilesproject
Reach Outby thesmilesproject
This is a safe zone. We have a team of counsellors and mental health advisors here to listen to your problems so you can get help when you need it. You can ask one of th...
To Involved | Completed by cvsmixrayz_
To Involved | Completedby Kelena Ka’lenai
"I don't like her" Xepher said suddenly. "Why not?" Kat asked curiously. "She seems nice" she continues. "She's to involved" Xep...
Approach by zampinojandl50
Approachby zampinojandl50
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You scream. You die. by Gracieherk
You scream. You Gracieherk
This story is scary! This is story is dedicated to the movie dead silence In the story it's about a doll named (Axe) and meets his doll maker (Anna rose) and then the d...
Movement by leanorapeabody98
Movementby leanorapeabody98
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Fill by kruteabernathy60
Fillby kruteabernathy60
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State by elidaddeykin67
Stateby elidaddeykin67
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