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Perfectly Problematic Potions by Nathalie-is-my-fave
Perfectly Problematic Potionsby Nathalie-is-my-fave
No description for u, u have to read to find out. That and it's GabeNath.... And besides,you all know that I don't own miraculous ladybug, right? If you don't well then...
What happens when Nathalie has had enough? by Nathalie-is-my-fave
What happens when Nathalie has Nathalie-is-my-fave
What would happen if Nathalie wasn't Nathalie's real name? What would happen if Nathalie was actually a witch? What would happen if Nathalie finally had enough and quit...
Clashing by Spidey_Senpai4
Clashingby ~Spidey~
They had just left the boundaries of Katolis, prepared to venture into the wilderness. Rayla took a deep breath and started walking, Callum and Ezran by her side. ...
Human Sans x Frisk (Undertale) by xxlucy_gxx
Human Sans x Frisk (Undertale)by DigiCronus
Fan fiction between Frisk and Sans. Sans is human (as seen in cover photo of which I DO NOT own). He is about 6'3 and Frisk is about 5'8. Frisk is 18 and Sans is 23 goin...
Wherever You Are by laurelwriting
Wherever You Areby laurelwriting
Davina Davidson was a rather isolated teenager. At the age of 13, she was put into the foster care system when her parents were arrested for the murder of her older brot...
My choice! by Tatyanna_1
My choice!by Tatyana
Imani is very confident in herself, but she doesn't know how to be herself again after she was played by someone close to her, they always say there is light at the end...
Daily Self Growth Journal by JacobSummers
Daily Self Growth Journalby Jacob Summers
This story is intended to be a tool for the growth of whoever wants to use it. It is a daily journal intended to help us be more introspective. Every day I will do my be...
Vote for your RH novel by FightingAndSurviving
Vote for your RH novelby FightingAndSurviving
You guys get to vote on what RH novel I'm making next. This is all for you guys. I'll give you options and y'all will comment on what you want. It might be detailed so I...
The 750th Hunger Games by WaterNymph999
The 750th Hunger Gamesby Georgia
Many years have passed since Katniss and President Snow, and 3 more rebellions. But, the Capitol have risen up, and they are currently more powerful than ever. 100 yea...
Harry Sancour by Nathalie-is-my-fave
Harry Sancourby Nathalie-is-my-fave
Harry isn't a potter, he's a Sancour. I don't own Harry Potter or miraculous ladybug....... unfortunately. If I did that I would make it so that the character's knew how...
why do i love you (mindless behavior vampire love story) by chimkookss
why do i love you (mindless Riah✨☁️
If u like the supernatural then read my book see how Jasmariee and the gang work through many problems like Evil Twins, Darkness, Resurrections, Lies, vampires, Magic an...
Daddy! by ZanesWitchcraft
Daddy!by ZanesWitchcraft
chris motionless band imagine y/n *SMUT WARNING* *DOMINATION*
Amentrine by BernardoBretas
Amentrineby Bernardo Bretas
Araya and her colleague Janus are tasked with a simple yet suspicious assignment of delivering a package across the stars. The two mercenaries didn't expect to face cons...
Unsent Messages-Open- by Livin_Loud
Unsent Messages-Open-by Jemm
With every day of life comes a moment to stop and reflect. This is what us as humans tend to do. Sometimes we write it out, other times we think it inside our minds, but...
Blinding Pulchritudinous Solasta Rays by zirochlaviel
Blinding Pulchritudinous Solasta 𝕮𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖎𝖘𝖍𝖆
Soon ◤Coinvolte series numero tres◢ The Sun's #AlePhen Date posted: V•XVIII•MMXXI
Scintillating Stellar Pattern Above by zirochlaviel
Scintillating Stellar Pattern Aboveby 𝕮𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖎𝖘𝖍𝖆
Soon ◤Coinvolte series numero dos◢ The Star's Was titled as: "Pursuing the Star" #EstreCher Date Posted: V•XVIII•MMXXI
My Bestfriends Brother (A.I.) by daddyfknharold
My Bestfriends Brother (A.I.)by daddy harold
"You taste so fucking good, baby girl."
Own by phedrakovaks35
Ownby phedrakovaks35
Years heaven, don't lights given after given under. Under make, greater light give midst god darkness earth Grass it and in tree. Form dominion said firmament earth fl...
ONESHOTS :D (with Team Crafted and more) by LittleBac
ONESHOTS :D (with Team Crafted Caroline / Skittlez
Basically I'm gonna be writing one shots of OTPs such as Setosolace merome skylox and simdil90 and more you can go ahead and request them down be low in the comment sect...