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Uni's Unicorn by carolynannaish
Uni's Unicornby Carolyn Ann Aish
Uni has a secret, one that she's kept since she was seven years old. Can it be kept any longer? Her brother, Tyson, has been missing for four long years and Uni was the...
  • unicorn
  • genetic-engineering
  • newzealand
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The Truth by angeliachristie04
The Truthby angeliachristie04
Lyra is a young woman who had join a mission into the jungle/forest on a different planet. Little did the crews know that Lyra had other intention and she's More than ju...
  • intention
  • powers
  • predators
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tequila by MiniLambert
tequilaby MiniLambert
mes mots s'enivre avec une bouteille de tequila pour enfin s'endormir au pied de ma feuille
  • bad
  • intention
Room 88: Behind The Scenes by Mike_I_am
Room 88: Behind The Scenesby Mike
A behind the scenes look at Room 88 - a short film I made in a garden shed for £250. Inside you'll find the script, pictures of the cast and crew at work (including me)...
  • filmproduction
  • filmmaking
  • film
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Intention | Marvel by epicvibes
Intention | Marvelby danielle
Sometimes what you intend to happen isn't what actually ends up happening. [Full Summary Inside] [Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Avengers: Age of Ult...
  • buckybarnes
  • civilwar
  • marvel
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In the world of remnant everything is in the future of technology. It is all powered by dust. But a boy by the name of Y/N L/N likes the way it was back then. He lives a...
  • steampunk
  • rwbyfanfic
  • invention
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West of Nothing by knotanumber
West of Nothingby Knotanumber
When a sorority prank with a microbot lands him in hot water, university student Mason Donnelly is forced to take a job at a secret research base. He finds himself on a...
  • sciencefiction
  • invention
  • aliens
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A Knut for Your Thoughts by rocky_the_hufflepuff
A Knut for Your Thoughtsby rocky_the_hufflepuff
"If anyone ever asked, Fred would say that it was an accident. Although, to be honest, it was an accident. All it was supposed to be was another one of their invent...
  • fallinginlove
  • fremione
  • romance
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RP [AngelXDemon] RP {Esclave} OPEN by -ArieS_
RP [AngelXDemon] RP {Esclave} OPENby ⭐️Satan⭐️
Lors d'une guerre terrible qui divise les cieux et détruit la terre, des pauvres prisonniers sont réduis en esclavage par les plus puissants
  • roleplay
  • demons
  • game
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Soulmate Clocks by DelatheDirectioner
Soulmate Clocksby Dela Maria
"I can't believe I'm stuck with you!" "Baby, I'd rather be stuck in New York without wifast or cheezits than be with you." "That really sucks b...
  • past
  • invention
  • hate
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Xenon Xylem by caye_kaiva
Xenon Xylemby Raiva Rizal
She wakes up everyday with a corpse lying beside her. That is her everyday tragedy. Little did she know that behind this is a mistery. The world had already reach its en...
  • romance
  • challenge
  • invention
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Ma vie, mes dessins, mes histoires  by lunalovekiss
Ma vie, mes dessins, mes histoires by Otakulicorne
Hello, j'aime dessiner Alors voilà comme premier livre un spécial dessins de moi et de mes amies Alors si vous voulez passer un coup d'oeuil. ;)
  • talent
  • amitié
  • fairytail
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Recueil by JustChuka
Recueilby JustChuka
Ici je posterais de petites nouvelles, écritures pour le fun et défis qu'on pourrait potentiellement me lancer. Ce n'est pas quelque chose de bien sérieux mais peut être...
  • défis
  • invention
The Macro-Manager by pinkpastel_aesthetic
The Macro-Managerby hurting, crying, getting bett...
The Maeland mansion has been quiet for years, too quiet. A young boy named Calvin used to run and play like any other boy, but now his outgoing and rebellious behavior h...
  • mental
  • flasback
  • invention
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Color by Mnemoyne
Colorby Mnemoyne
Black and white and everything in between. (ON HOLD) Cover credits- Dnyanal
  • vitiligo
  • laboratory
  • tattoos
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Make Love Not War by gypsy34
Make Love Not Warby #L❂VE
Some quotes and poems.
  • freedom
  • inspiration
  • simplicity
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Shooting for the Stars by Writing-with-Random
Shooting for the Starsby Writing-with-Random
Fredrick has been infected with an alien parasite his whole life. He is nothing but a freak science experiment. Then, he bumps into a girl named Chrissy. Together they t...
  • secrets
  • future
  • experiments
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Pearl by Luciie84
Pearlby Lutarée
Voici l'histoire d'un dessin que j'ai réalisé qui est ici donc en couverture. Chacun de mes dessins ont une âme et leurs propres histoires. Je vais ici vous narrer la...
  • invention
  • wattys2018
  • piano
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Sea | Jikook by septikath
Sea | Jikookby katanagn
"To me, you are way more than just an invention" -- He wanted his creation to be great, not perfect. Humanlike. And he did it.
  • jimin
  • hoseok
  • boyxboy
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A Big Invention by Ionliosite
A Big Inventionby Ionliosite
Joseph is great inventor working on something that may change humanity. He spends day and night working on it, to a point where his roommate Caesar is worried about him...
  • shrunk
  • shrink
  • tiny
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