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The sleepover (Sonadow) by Lowrie_Mayy
The sleepover (Sonadow)by Ur mom
One night, when Shadow's life just becomes too unbearable, he crashes at Sonic's place but doesn't really wonder how it'll take it's major toll on their friendship... Th...
Energy Overload // A Vigilante Deku AU // BKDK by shutiitt_real
Energy Overload // A Vigilante An Idiot Insomniac
Midoriya Izuku has always seen the world differently from the others. While he could see numbers and facts, others only saw the outermost layer of things. It bored him...
The Truth by Cassidy004
The Truthby Cassidy004
Lyra is a young woman who had join a mission into the jungle/forest on a different planet. Little did the crews know that Lyra had other intention and she's More than ju...
Analysis Of A Broccoli Boy // A HeroTuber Deku AU by shutiitt_real
Analysis Of A Broccoli Boy // A An Idiot Insomniac
Midoriya Izuku liked heroes. Yes, that was correct. But Midoriya Izuku liked Quirks more than heroes. They were such fascinating things, even more so for a Quirkless chi...
Talos by CLmauve
Talosby CLmauve
A short account of the life and exploits of a hidden hero from the depths of antiquity - Talos, the first robot to live as a man.
Chronicles of the Artisan Nomad by matthewp118
Chronicles of the Artisan Nomadby matthew pointon
In the sprawling realm of Eldoria, where artistry and magic coalesce, Lucius Evergold, a skilled artisan with an innate connection to mystical energies, embarks on a lif...
Far But Not Gone (Sonadow) by LancelotSonadow
Far But Not Gone (Sonadow)by Sonadow Ultimate Life Form!
Sonic The Hedgehog and Shadow The Hedgehog both love each other very much to the point to where they forget about everyone they loved or had loved. Only to have a two ta...
|Villainous| by agrace932YT
|Villainous|by agrace932YT
°{Black Hat is known as one of the most deadliest Villains in the city, running a company that sells inventions to other Villains to aid them against Goldheart.}° °{Thou...
A NEW WORLD by TheWhiteSmile
A NEW WORLDby TheWhiteSmile
Yoon Jong Woo was trying to survive this new awful world. He tries to stay out of trouble, but when a new Leader with unconventional ideas see the potential in his uniq...
The Girl Who Traveled Back To 1898 by allanieg_
The Girl Who Traveled Back To 1898by allanieg_
"What you did in the present will not affect the future but what you did in the past will affect your present." Maria Lana Baldivia is stuck in 1898 during the...
The Avallon Chronicles by LORAINEJD
The Avallon Chroniclesby 🩵♡•Raine•☆🩷
Cithara Aeloira Elizell was the last princess of Everdaile. Persistent to unravel the truth about her past, she had to choose between the forces of good and evil. Nevert...
THREE EYED by PhoenixHeylel
THREE EYEDby PhoenixHeylel
Different types of people live in a separate place in a world thinking the place they are living is the whole world. Normal human mistakenly enter into their place and...
Albus Potter and the Unforgivable Card by cavlik97
Albus Potter and the cavlik97
Albus and the gang are back for a clearly eventful year, as the Triwizard Tournament has returned. However, Albus still has to deal with Lockwood's followers who got awa...
Plush brothers  by Joeking0212
Plush brothers by Joeking0212
Mikey's brothers are hit by one of Donnie's new inventions and get transformed into plush toys. They can still talk to eachother but not others. And also move when no on...
Albus Potter and the Will of Ignotus Perevell by cavlik97
Albus Potter and the Will of cavlik97
Albus Potter is in his second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is HOPING for some peace and quiet. Everything's going well until one of his best fr...
✔ ENCHANTED by Dutchmelon
✔ ENCHANTEDby 𝔴𝔦𝔫𝔫𝔦𝔢𝔰𝔱𝔪𝔞𝔠𝔠𝔫𝔠�...
[WATTPAD TRENDING] ❝I marked you... so you're solely mine to keep.❞ A Mini Fantasy Story
Keeping Secrets: Baljeet X Buford  by ramircar015
Keeping Secrets: Baljeet X Buford by ramircar015
WARNING: slash, boy love, guy on guy. Don't like it, don't read. Mentions of rape. Read to find to follow the journey of Baljeet and Buford I DO NOT OWN: Chapters 1-10...
A Knut for Your Thoughts by rocky_the_hufflepuff
A Knut for Your Thoughtsby rocky_the_hufflepuff
"If anyone ever asked, Fred would say that it was an accident. Although, to be honest, it was an accident. All it was supposed to be was another one of their invent...
A Touch Of You: A modern Day Beauty & The Beast by Nova-Rose3298
A Touch Of You: A modern Day NovaLuna
👑Villeneuve, France 👑 Aribella 'Belle' Desmarais, 19, is the 11th child out of 11 making her the baby. Not only that but the little sister to 10 overprotective brother...
Commande de couvertures de livres by Sherlockychat
Commande de couvertures de livresby Pinneaple in the tupperware
Tout est dans le titre ! Je créé vos couvertures de livres ou histoires wattpad sur Canva si vous n'avez pas d'inspiration, d'idées encore précises sur ce que vous voule...