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My second chance by Ewankobwiset
My second chanceby author kun
Sum Takemichi's vision are starting to take into black void.Right now right here in the middle of the rain finally he have save someone but the thing is why did he sudde...
Give us one more chance  by Akinawa23
Give us one more chance by Akinawa23
As their beloved ray of sunshine was shot 5 times and now bleeding infront of them.... all of them couldn't move nor stop trembling... There ray of hope was shot dead on...
The Future I Guess by LadzRin
The Future I Guessby LadzRin
first time making a fan fiction I made this after waking up like literally I just woke up and choose to write btw this may contain AllTake if you don't like it then shuu...
the introvert member  by i_wont_hasitate
the introvert member by Fasiha Rizvi
"I am sure you don't like me, and I am sure I don't care" Takemichi an introvert who want to stay home inside his fluffy blanket But that won't be happening:)...
Baby Dragon  by Akinawa23
Baby Dragon by Akinawa23
Shinichiro didn't expect to have a gf nor wife at all knowing he already been rejected 20 times so he was shocked to knew that he has a child his own child. As he held h...
AllTake Oneshots ||TokyoRevengers|| by SEMUZE
AllTake Oneshots ||TokyoRevengers||by SUMEZU
I'll try to write a lotta fluff in this... If there are any warnings an' stuff- I'll try to put those at the beginning of each chapter... I'll also try to lay off of th...
-you came back-(takeharem) by tanjirouisadorable
-you came back-(takeharem)by tanjirou/takemichi harem is g...
■>the future was nice really it was.....but if takemichi was here it would be nicer<■ ▪=mikey disbanded toman...what!? ▪=▪ izana also disbanded tenjiku and he was...
Tổng hợp oneshort AllTake [Tokyo Revengers/ AllTakemichi] by nguyenthu812812
Tổng hợp oneshort AllTake [Tokyo Lạc Sương Thanh 咲
Chỉ là vài oneshort nho nhỏ thôi-- Author: Lạc Sương Thanh Mở đầu: Tối 21/2/2022
[AllTake] đoản nhỏ by KyKy_0803
[AllTake] đoản nhỏby Kỳ Kỳ
Mấy chap truyện nhảm nhỉ của tôi
[InuiTake][SeishuTake][OS] Tôi có một người... by ClairesXamLonLaChinh
[InuiTake][SeishuTake][OS] Tôi có Clarizes
Lần đầu, mong giơ cao đánh kẽ . . Warning: OOC, ngọt, viết theo ngôi thứ nhất theo góc nhìn của Inui Seishu, trong fic này Takemichi và Hinata không hẹn hò
Inside and Out by SEMUZE
Inside and Outby SUMEZU
... "Plus, don't you want to make even a small attempt in avenging my sister's death?..." Takemichi stilled, tensing at the mention of Hina... "We can rip...