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The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Cute by Center_of_Fiction
The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Cuteby ~L~
"They always say that a bad boy is like a fire and he needs snow to tame him and calm him down. Some may call me the snow to his fire. But that's not the case. If o...
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Dauntless Born by hx7680
Dauntless Bornby divergent
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Tris was born dauntless instead of abnegation? Tris Pedrad, a dauntless born. Brown hair, tan skin, and cloudy grey eyes. Sh...
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The Best Man Wins by AdeolaAkinkunmi
The Best Man Winsby AdeolaAkinkunmi
It's a battle to the final I do... He was supposed to be a simple one-night-stand to get over my ex. He ticked all the boxes: smoking hot stranger, eyes as dark as his s...
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SANADI by Haphsertuh
SANADIby Hafsatu Rahama Mohammed
There are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometimes they gust with the fury of a hurricane, sometimes they barely fan one's cheek. But the winds ca...
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His Hatred For Love- Ian Somerhalder ✅ by just_keep_smiling269
His Hatred For Love- Ian sparkles 269
She's just an average vampire trying to fit in, into the human world. He's the vampire Prince and next vampire king he doesn't have to try, he just happens to fit in...
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Love Finds You by ivy2023
Love Finds Youby Ivy Alexander
Jennifer Berkley is a straightforward, ambitious, soon-to-be lawyer in the fast, driven city of New York. She doesn’t have the patience or time to deal with people who c...
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Redefining Rainbow by RainbowDashinator
Redefining Rainbowby Rainbow Dash
A new and exciting phase in the mane 7's lives are beginning! Kicking it off with Rainbow's 14 summer birthday party. Tensions are heating up, and something seems amiss...
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The Faded Summer Love by EricaFire2018
The Faded Summer Loveby Erica
Highest rank #3 OriginalStory 09/19/18 When a loner boy Devin met Allison one fine summer, his world has changed and it was forever. At their young and innocent age, Dev...
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Crazy in love ➣ Paul McCartney by Deathly-love
Crazy in love ➣ Paul McCartneyby Beautifully broken 꿈
In which a girl begins working at an asylum with her aunt and soon begins developing feelings for their most demented and Psychotic patient, Paul McCartney.
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Forbidden Love by Kaybgorgeous
Forbidden Loveby Kaybgorgeous
J Cole Fan Fiction . Good Church Girl Meets J Cole && Instantly Falls In Love With Him , Read to find out .
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Stranded in Delusion  by kathyhalim
Stranded in Delusion by K.H💘
After a car accident leaves Evelin as the last survivor of her family. She struggles to put back the bits and pieces that make her life meaningful again as she battles w...
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With a secret | Jimin Ff | P. Jimin x Reader | ( Complete) by karolinax2018
With a secret | Jimin Ff | P. Taegi YoonMin
A new guy arrives to town and turns your calm world upside down, who is he? Why is he here? And why is he closed off? What is he hiding? Read and find out...
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H.I.M by Africanpisces
H.I.Mby Pisces
Raised by the smartest crook in the country, Matthew Jelani is caged. Nothing in life is more important to him than finding his long lost sister until he met Sylvia Masy...
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What's it like? by JiaJindal08
What's it like?by Jia Jindal
Stephanie Bellson. Ryan Randall. Derek Stewart. Mia Waltz. Who knows what's in the house for Stef? Ryan has been her love since the start of High School. Was it meant to...
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Intriguing Writing Prompts by nerdlet_
Intriguing Writing Promptsby Anonymous
Whether you need inspiration for a story, are looking for creative exercises, or just looking like these things like me, here's a collection of hand-picked writing promp...
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Unconquered by deexquisite
Unconqueredby Dee💫
(Slowly editing; complete) #Second Place in the Grand Dame Awards (14th February 2019) hosted by Majestic Inc. #Reader's Choice Award (23rd February 2020) in The Blossom...
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Give Me Your Smile || Ongoing  by DIDDY1288
Give Me Your Smile || Ongoing by Diddy.J
Alexa Whittier has always been a cheerful child but sometime in her preteen years something terrible happened to her that wiped that angelic smile off her lips. Her hear...
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What Men Really Want by TW_aditi
What Men Really Wantby Addie
A girl's guide to how boys think! So ladies, here it is! Everything you needed to know on what men notice first, their perfect girl and even what you're doing wrong! *...
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The Normal (A poem book) by Not_anoreo
The Normal (A poem book)by Jane Doe
A string of poems that are based of my raw emotions or past experiences that come to light. I hope you enjoy and hold then dear to your heart. Please give me any feedbac...
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Infinite Love For Finite Time by RoshniHandique
Infinite Love For Finite Timeby Roshni Handique
A love story from the time infinite spiralling around two incredible souls waiting to be together but each time they collide, they get separated with an explosion of hat...
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