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I can't let you change my history. by ThebOssgril1231
I can't let you change my
The present countries suddenly appear in a new world. But it turns not to be new at all. It was a world from the past. A past some don't remember. They meet a old faces...
Oops! {naruhina} by writingstori3s
Oops! {naruhina}by sal
"You're my papa!" Himawari said as she pointed to confused teenage Naruto, how did Himawari end up in the past? Boruto and Himawari went to Dr. Katasuke to cu...
What the Future Brings by ShyHidingShadowGirl
What the Future Bringsby ShyHidingShadowGirl
[Completed] ||Book One in the Charlie Lore Chronicles|| Charlotte "Charlie" Lore's father has the coolest job in the world. He's a Chronicler, a time travelin...
Notosami and Inuyasha~ an Inuyasha fanfic by Ciel_icious
Notosami and Inuyasha~ an Ciel
Notosami and Inuyasha meet once again after 9 years. Kagome, not knowing their related, tries to keep Notosami away from Inuyasha
Look Back Into The Past. by AaliyiahComley
Look Back Into The Aaliyiah Comley
This Is About my b-days and how I learned things from now and back in the past. I don't know what else this book would be about so take your best guess and we'll see.
Wings of Fire: Forgotten past  by Wolfhawk101
Wings of Fire: Forgotten past by Andrea
Fugu pointed towards a shop, and they tread through the water, 'ah! There's my favorite dragon!' A dark green sea wing flashes his scales, 'right back at you, anyways, I...
The train by RinneIs
The trainby RinneIs
Its 1901 and 21 year old Emma is on her way to New York from her small hometown in Minnesota. She has big plans to begin her career as an editor and journalist, but the...
United Assassins by lovelyxskies
United Assassinsby a sunflower
Eli and Adelaide used to be best friends. That is, before Adelaide's mother died, and her father's job took them from their small town she had grown up in and loved, to...
Timpieced.  by SpookyScy
Timpieced. by SpookyScy
A short story about a young man in a mental hospital. When a patient of a mental assylum from the late 1800's finds a paperknife, things quickly go down-hill inside the...
my regrets by secretly_edith
my regretsby Edith
It have been a few months since you've went and left me here all alone. I still can't let you go even if you've become just only memories.
A blast from the past  by NikeishaByrd
A blast from the past by Nikeisha Byrd
it is about Hope Mikaelson being blasted to the past and meet her Father before she was born when he was in Mystic Falls He doesn't know that she is his daughter She is...
In The Past by arbuzemi
In The Pastby arbuzemi
Ta książka opowiada o przeszłości znanej i popularnej osoby czyli Harley Quinn. Z tej książki dowiecie się : -czemu pracowała jako psychiatra w więzieniu -za ci kochała...
To Teach - My Parents? by HINNYFREMIONEJILY
To Teach - My Parents?by HinnyFremioneJily
Harry Potter finds himself a pawn to Dumbledore's chess game time and time again. But when he offers something actually nice to Harry, is it too good to be true? Or can...
Larme de sang by ArianneDuval8
Larme de sangby Aria duval
En 1886, à paris, Une jeune demoiselle du nom de Rose Épine s'apprète à voir sa tranquille vie, complêtement boulversé face à la visite d'un étrange visiteur. la femme s...
Sakura -cherry blossom- by tooti-frootie
Sakura -cherry blossom-by tooti-frootie
A thrilling love story!! Sakura has lost her necklace, who will she find in her way ?
Our shooting star's  by lanas_ban_an_as
Our shooting star's by Lana banana
Lydia's mother died when she was only two, her whole life she has been obsessed with trying to find out what type of person her mother was. Until one night she makes a...
A Tale For The Parents by Water_Doodles
A Tale For The Parentsby Water_Doodles
Two boys fall into the grate hall at Hogwarts with Seven books. They request a section of people to come so they can read them when asked why the only answer that is giv...
flowers from 1970 (republish) by dylmasiselite
flowers from 1970 (republish)by 🤍🏹🌫
a story that breaks your heart also this isn't my work just a republish so I can read anytime i would like ! :)