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Jisoo x Lisa [Unexpected Love] Lisoo by FANFICL0VER222
Jisoo x Lisa [Unexpected Love] You or Me
Jisoo and Lisa has been friends for over 2 years, their other friends Chaeyoung and Jennie knows that Lisa has liked Jisoo for a while already. But, an unexpected accide...
50 TONS DE MIRANDY by Mirandy25
50 TONS DE MIRANDYby Mirandy25
. Miranda: Entre, Andrea. Tranque a porta e sente-se, agora! Andrea: (Andy, com as pernas trêmulas de excitação, faz exatamente o que Miranda manda). O que deseja, Mira...
bitches broken hearts  by daddybill_
bitches broken hearts by daddybill_
onde Billie Eilish é uma completa vadia. *aqui ela não é famosa*
The Meet by eilishAriana
The Meetby billieliomilo
"We are going to be late to the concert hurry up" My best friend Katherine "She so fine what the actual fuck" says my best friend Milo I nod my he...
Instagram > Meddison  by CarolNeverBeTheSame
Instagram > Meddison by CarolNeverBeTheSame
addisonmontgomery seguiu você Obs: Addison é intersexual
Solecito //Albalia// by marpcore_56
Solecito //Albalia//by marpcore_56
Alba una chica popular en su instituto , con una familia perfecta. Natalia una chica nueva que escapa de Pamplona con su familia para alejarse de todo lo malo.
Traded To The Mafia Queen  by CashaySanders
Traded To The Mafia Queen by Cashay Sanders
Idk just read I'm not good at writing but I try
Monsters [Doctor Who]  by Happyritas
Monsters [Doctor Who] by The Archived BS
The Aliens • The Destroyers • The Murderers • The Monsters ••• COMPLETED: 11/29/2016
Pride Month 2020: Celebrate yourself and others by scarycarrie_hamilton
Pride Month 2020: Celebrate Elliot
In this book I will be doing a series of pride month challenges, doing pride related crafts, reviewing LGBTQ+ representation in the media and pop culture, sharing intere...
Você não precisa ter medo, Amor. by jaureguisc
Você não precisa ter medo, Sr: Jauregui
Lauren Jauregui 30 anos Intersexual Advogada sedutora Camila Cabello 23 anos Hetero desempregada acha que a mulher tem que inteligente e não bonita pra conseguir as...
The Colors Of Pride #WattPride by Yeahimsilver
The Colors Of Pride #WattPrideby Silver
In honor of LGBTQ+ Pride Month I'm starting a collection of LGBTQ+ short stories. each part will represent a new story. I will also be posting some conversation pages wh...
The queen's princess| Swanqueen fanfic  by Hermionelover40
The queen's princess| Swanqueen Hermionelover40
Emma swan is the sheriff of Storybrooke, she never really looked forward into a relationship, because Of her ex boyfriend. Killian Jones, his was really Abusive. Until...
Wattpad|Pen Your Pride by size7sneakers
Wattpad|Pen Your Prideby Yello
This pride month, Wattpad wants everyone to write down their pride experience or add it to the characters of their books. So for this I'm going to write about my pride...
The prince and the girls by AlexTimotheyAndrws
The prince and the girlsby AlexTimothey
Esta historia es de una chica que intersexual y se reconoce como hombre
A new World  by Just_a_Blueberry
A new World by Blueberry
Alex is a Intersexual person and just moved from Poland to America and is really lonely his Parents are always at work and she never really see them but at his first sch...
Hi friends!! This is a story that I read but it is in Spanish ... I loved it too much, so I bring you the translation note: the author of the original story has already...
Tevun-Krus #79 - LGBTQ+ SF by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #79 - LGBTQ+ SFby Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
Exactly as it says on the tin! Coinciding with Pride Month, we're tackling LGBTQ+ SF, which focuses on themes of alienation, equality, love, the concept of masculinity a...
Random LGBTQ+ Things by Not_so_spoopy_boi
Random LGBTQ+ Thingsby Spoopy spoop
"I'm gay but I'm not gay because pansexual is a thing"~Random quote I saw. This book will be filled with shit like that.
Escritos para la comunidad LGBT by Riddlegreen93
Escritos para la comunidad LGBTby Riddlegreen93
En este apartado, escribiré algunas cosas que me han sucedido como una persona homosexual y como activista...podremos decir que la guerra se ha ganado, pero no es así, a...