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Lusting After You (GirlxIntersex) by the_erotica_girl
Lusting After You (GirlxIntersex)by Smutvilla
The only person being there for Kiana in life is her step mom for 2 years now and maybe one day she's there more than she expected to. Kiana feels her relationship being...
Jisoo x Lisa [Unexpected Love] Lisoo by FANFICL0VER222
Jisoo x Lisa [Unexpected Love] You or Me
Jisoo and Lisa has been friends for over 2 years, their other friends Chaeyoung and Jennie knows that Lisa has liked Jisoo for a while already. But, an unexpected accide...
Partners  by JEJT2021
Partners by JEJT2021
Jane Rizzoli is not too thrilled about having to train a new detective Maura Isles for the Sacramento Sheriff's.
Please Fuck Me, Eli (Intesex) Short Novella by the_erotica_girl
Please Fuck Me, Eli (Intesex) Smutvilla
Desperate housewife called for desperate fucking measure. Mia Bent wasn't your ordinary housewife. She didn't cook. She certainly didn't clean and she definitely doesn't...
Criminal mom (Choni) by sophpetsch
Criminal mom (Choni)by Soph
Amores são passageiros, assim como as estações. Nos deixam boas lembranças, más lembranças... Mas um fato: sempre nos marcam de alguma forma. Toni Topaz tinha apenas 17...
Sueño De Amor  G!P by Carloss555
Sueño De Amor G!Pby Carlos555
Lena y Yulia son seleccionadas en su país para representar a su país en una competencia mundial que les cambiara la vida, una competencia, un sueño, muchos desafíos es l...
False - Michaeng GIP  by SasoriNoDanna13
False - Michaeng GIP by SasoriNoDanna
Chaeyoung está em um beco sem saida, sua mãe está com câncer, e Chaeyoung não tem como pagar o tratamento da mãe. A mesma fica desesperada, quer ver a sua mãe curada, ma...
In Hiding  by Caprikat
In Hiding by Caprikat
An abnormal, disgusting creature. That's how Kennedy viewed himself. Ever since he was born, the prospects of being normal were hard for him. He had to acknowledge as he...
Strangers [Translation] by wildxshawn
Strangers [Translation]by Lia
The cheerleading from Duke University entitle themselves as DK's. They wear matching clothes, live in their own dorms and are basically in charge of the popular pyramid...
TORPEDO ✓by c!
Girls have always been enough for Dorian Ayuba; until they weren't. Now, he is a hurricane in a box, all the while piggybacking scholarships, bills and his broken mother...
The Family by bitizy
The Familyby bitizy
Um romance da adolescência, que se torna uma historia de amor e uma grande família.
17 Outra Vez by jaureguiloverr
17 Outra Vezby gabs
Lauren Jauregui foi uma vez considerada a estrela do basquete quando mais nova. Era popular na escola, tinha uma namorada que a amava e, se tudo desse certo, uma bolsa d...
Fear Street Imagines by AlexTimotheyAndrws
Fear Street Imaginesby AlexTimothey
T/n gip Los personajes no son míos
Monsters [Doctor Who]  by Happyritas
Monsters [Doctor Who] by The Archived BS
The Aliens • The Destroyers • The Murderers • The Monsters ••• COMPLETED: 11/29/2016
The LGBTQ+ Community and what it is by Random_Author01
The LGBTQ+ Community and what it isby Gothic Rich Boy Vibes
It's all in the title. There will be differfent chapters for different letters in the LGBTQ+ community. Enjoy! Rankings: #4 in intersexual! 5/27/2022
No Limite da Escuridão by user88073550
No Limite da Escuridãoby Bethajor
Nascida no seio de uma das mais importantes família da máfia de Chicago, Camila Cabello luta para encontrar seu próprio caminho num mundo onde opções não são oferecidas...
Tevun-Krus #79 - LGBTQ+ SF by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #79 - LGBTQ+ SFby Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
Exactly as it says on the tin! Coinciding with Pride Month, we're tackling LGBTQ+ SF, which focuses on themes of alienation, equality, love, the concept of masculinity a...
LGBTQ+  CLAN OR GROUP by RB_star_playzz12
LGBTQ+ CLAN OR GROUPby YourlocalsimpofTommyinnit
THIS IS THE LGBTQ+ GROUP MY MAN OR WOMEN. YOU ARE ACCEPTED HERE MY LITTLE DOVES!!! ENJOY!!! I might add some quotes too :DDDD And this might be with Lgbt+ memes lol