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The Rider's Daughter by buckwolvhoosier
The Rider's Daughterby Princess of Christ
Eragon's daughter, Selena, gets kidnapped by Murtagh as an infant. Years later, Selena will uncover some startling secrets as she begins to learn who she really is. Take...
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Hinata Hyuga - The Interrogator by CherryBlossom3430
Hinata Hyuga - The Interrogatorby Chérie
Hinata Hyuga is the Konoha's Head Interrogator. She had been training for this position since she was six years old under Ibiki Morino's wing. But, this training was gru...
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I am the King, Right? by cheesydancer
I am the King, Right?by cheesydancer
Michael Zanaya was crowned king of Arsom when he was only four. His father recently died of cancer and his mother disappeared when he was little. 13 years later, how ca...
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stealing hearts // niall horan by goodlouisvibes
stealing hearts // niall horanby Just another kid
Allison is definitely torn around the edges. Allison. Just Allison. No last name, no middle. Her town calls her 'Grey' because her once blue sparkling eyes have turned i...
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A Perfect Utopia? by XxTheDarkAngelxX
A Perfect Utopia?by XxTheDarkAngelxX
Which part of you childhood had been real, and which part implanted? What if all that had just happened was a test, and you were failing miserably at it? What if your wh...
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Thorn and Bullet by Silentvalley
Thorn and Bulletby Shana
Thorn Dominik Thorn, the badass (with a good ass) special agent works for the government of Remnok. He is sent on a mission to gather evidence against Harrison Moore, w...
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The Interrogator's Notebook - Lesson 1 Mapping the Body by MartinOtt
The Interrogator's Notebook - Martin Ott
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Mystère de Corinne by RinShirayuki
Mystère de Corinneby RinShirayuki
A Japanese guy, Masaru, who is looking for a job was sent by his father, Kazuya to France where he will have to find the organization himself. "When a rose dies in...
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Northern by laskaxx
Northernby laskaxx
Clara Crossman is an assassin, but her targets aren't even close to human. She hunts down the nastiest things that the Netherworld has to offer. Bound by an unbreakable...
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Im the interrogator /\ He's the Alpha by SophieDoyle00100
Im the interrogator /\ He's the SophieDoyle00100
She is smart, tactical, feared, beautiful and also the packs top interrogator He is also smart, tactical, feared, handsome and also an Alpha Her name is Ella His is Dam...
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The Twelve Year Old Thief by madkin
The Twelve Year Old Thiefby Maddy
Twelve year old Anna is accused of stealing very confidential information, all written on a small piece of paper. A large group of men illegally printing money kidnap h...
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It Was All Set Up (Editing...A lot...soo...On Hold...for now) by Clappers101
It Was All Set Up (Editing...A Clappers101
Peace, quiet, and relaxation was what Camille Pierre hoped for when she decided to take a much needed vacation but a new murder spoils her plans. Instead of taking some...
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Black Lies by TheatreTechie
Black Liesby TheatreTechie
Athena's parents work for the CIA, and they taught her everything from how to spot a liar, to beating the crap out of her enemies. Even when she was little, she could ha...
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Hollow Nights (Deziel Book One) by Rhys_A100
Hollow Nights (Deziel Book One)by Rhys Antonio
When Katie Marron was awoken one night in March, she never thought her life would change forever. A killer, obsessed with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and anti-religious...
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Why Only He Sees(Jason McCann Love Story) by PessimisticAndCheery
Why Only He Sees(Jason McCann Cherry
Jason's never had much luck in life. He figures that's what got him where he is now. Everything is so crazy. He never thought he would be putting his life on the line fo...
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It Wasn't Me by nicolerey_
It Wasn't Meby nicolerey_
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Eagle 15 by GraceKnight5
Eagle 15by Grace Knight
The Zaire Wars are over. The homeland has fallen to its own creation, and the survivors now live under Russian rule. But there remain pockets of resistance in every city...
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