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lurk | emily prentiss x reader by theprxntisstrials
lurk | emily prentiss x readerby salem🤍
Lauren Reynolds goes undercover to face the biggest international terrorist on the Interpol wanted list. Y/n travels to Boston and meets Lauren Reynolds. Both Lauren and...
As I Collide, I See I Am a Paradox // White Collar by sunlitoud
As I Collide, I See I Am a okaybut
*set pre-series* Follows the life of con woman, Kira Bailey as she moves to New York to help an old friend, Mozzie. This is a story of love, loss, and mystery. "if...
La Reina De Corazones [Luke Alvez] by -dracarys--
La Reina De Corazones [Luke Alvez]by Kelly 💖
Criminal Minds Season 12 AU Luke Alvez x OC
Red Notice by shewritesall
Red Noticeby Elizabeth
The Winter Soldier isn't normally so easily outsmarted, but the Bishop has always been able to stay one step ahead of him. A WinterWidow inspired rewrite of Netflix's R...
Over the Edge by RaisedFromAsh
Over the Edgeby Coffee_Zombie
Team Red's latest heist goes wrong, and Player has to pay the price.
My Favorite Pictures of My Favorite Musicians by Song_2
My Favorite Pictures of My ChemicalWorld
This is just kind of a gallery of imagines of Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), Paul Banks (Interpol) Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz) and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
It's ALWAYS you deserve better  by escapade101
It's ALWAYS you deserve better by escapade101
Athea Steele Rose, multinational billionaire, with an empire as strong as the Greek gods, she is a goddess everyone get down on their knees for. Except, Zay Parker, the...
The Summer of Our Lives | Carlos Dengler x Reader  by ppmaster12
The Summer of Our Lives | Carlos ppmaster12
You and Carlos Dengler are college buddies. And he is also your Apartment neighbor. You and him share a lot of common interest. Little do you know, he has a big secret t...
The Outlaw (Street Fighter Reader Insert) by Transformers_World
The Outlaw (Street Fighter Transformers_World
Y/N L/N. An outlaw to Interpol, KGB, NSA, CIA, Homeland Security, FBI, and Mossad. A master of almost every deadly martial art in the world. Ranking amongst the best fig...
Alexis Prentiss by EvlQueen
Alexis Prentissby EvlQueen
Alexis Prentiss is the daughter of Emily Prentiss, an Interpol Agent who used to work for the BAU of the FBI along with Derek Morgan, Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer Jareau, Da...
Mistaken Identity (Ongoing) by ProfoundKing
Mistaken Identity (Ongoing)by ProfoundKing
STATUS: ON-GOING ----------------Mistaken Identity--------------- Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Adventure, CrimeSolving Introduction: A man who travelled aimlessly...
Krampusnacht by Jeanclaude1989
Krampusnachtby Jeanclaude1989
Think Pierre Morel's "Taken" meets Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow" and you'll know what you're getting into with "Krampusnacht". A desperate m...
My Father's House by AudreyTLennox
My Father's Houseby Audrey Lennox
Harper doesn't know her enemy. The first attack on her England holiday is dismissed as a random mugging. But when she is held at gunpoint by a woman intent on taking mor...
A Rose Dipped in Blood by MarikCayne
A Rose Dipped in Bloodby Marik Cayne
NYPD Detective Alex Hawk is one of the best. He solves murders, kidnapping just simple mysteries that no one else can. His skills are challenged and put to the test agai...
Preface by KarimMezher
Prefaceby Karim Mezher
Four mysterious attacks hit Europe...
Him and I by WatGenius
Him and Iby WatGenius
Charles is one of the top students at Oxford. He's smart, diligent, and has a foster sister who turns into teachers when he doesn't get good marks to give him a high gra...
❝pi-ris ❞  | 。applyfic by NazMel258
❝pi-ris ❞ | 。applyficby NINA/NAZMEL258
PI-RIS "SHUSH-PAYBACK" applyfic open deadline: 1/31/2017