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Another Scottish Tragedy [LAMS AU] by nnevertrustaduck
Another Scottish Tragedy [LAMS AU]by nnevertrustaduck
[LAMS college AU] John Laurens, an ordinary South Carolinian college student, makes an online friend named AnotherScottishTragedy. He assumes that this boy is just like...
Anonymous Secrets by NoDayWithoutNight
Anonymous Secretsby NoDayWithoutNight
Pierre's younger sister Camille (fictional) chats with someone online, anonymously. As their bond grows closer and closer, they both realize they don't want to keep as m...
Message In A Bottle by TwelveTurquoise12
Message In A Bottleby ℕ.
[INVISIBLE STRING SEQUEL!] September 6, 2022. 6:17am. TrueQuill has posted a new message. BlueInk has posted a new message. LilacBerry is now online. CloudShift is typin...
Invisible String [sequel out now!] by TwelveTurquoise12
Invisible String [sequel out now!]by ℕ.
September 8, 2020. 6:34pm. DollyLlama is now online. UndeadFox is now online. DollyLlama is typing... - A story about two high school Internet friends - September 8, 20...
Text Messages ➵ l.s (boyxboy) by stylinhemwin
Text Messages ➵ l.s (boyxboy)by READ BIO
"fuck boy" "but you still liked the pic though" "yeah yeah" » larry stylinson « © stylinhemwin (emma) 2015-2016
internet friends // finn wolfhard by strngetrash
internet friends // finn wolfhardby heart throb
❝...when finn wolfhard accidentally texts you...❞ #cantrelate
Hundred miles apart - another Malec Story by vivschreibt
Hundred miles apart - another vivschreibt
[COMPLETED] Alec was always living like a shadow in his school. No one saw him and neither did he have a lot of friends. One night he gets a message from an unknown numb...
texts//teenlock by 221bgaykerstreet
texts//teenlockby honking heck
johnnyboy is typing.... johnnyboy: hey:)
Internet Friends || Michael Clifford ✓ by malumwritings
Internet Friends || Michael sol☼
~12:03 am~ To: "sex god" Mikey i wish we could meet. ~12:07 am~ From: "sex god" Mikey one day, we will. Sequel: Connected
Sinking Ships | L.S | by tbhNiallsGirl
Sinking Ships | L.S |by Mandi
Harry Styles has been the protege of his parents since he was fourteen years old. With missing so much of his childhood, he doesn't exactly know how to act like a regula...
KAISOO / ❝oOps rolled into ur DMs❞ when jongin sends a message to his best and only friend, he doesn't realise the user he's actually texting is not disloyal oh sehun bu...
instagram pt. 1 ✔ :: daniel seavey by donsforhon
instagram pt. 1 ✔ :: daniel seaveyby kezia
☆ book one ☆ seaveydaniel liked your post. seaveydaniel started following you. highest rank: • 3 in #internetfriends » DANISSA « (⌒▽⌒) part 1 of social media cliché seri...
internet friends (fack/fick) by k-aspbrak
internet friends (fack/fick)by m :)
"i thought you said you were straight." (lowercase intended) [ib: "i thought you were a boy"]
@donghyucked: get ur life straight yesterday u said that ur president is jung jaewon @eunhazel: listen here u dirty rat - i wrote this when i was 13-14 so sorry y'all it...
holographic boy // frerard  by aestheticrenee
holographic boy // frerard by 𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖊
Gerard Way a 17 year old cross dresser who was wasnt accepted by anyone. He only had about 5 friends and went to a pretty big school. He liked pastel clothing and had a...
Snapchat buddy || Miniminter  by GrayGraystr
Snapchat buddy || Miniminter by Grace.strs
TW⚠️⚠️⚠️: suicide Miniminter7 added you You added Miniminter7 back GraceBlake7 who are you Miniminter7 No who are you?
break the distance (harvey mills fanfic) by lilacmills_
break the distance (harvey mills bella <3
♡maybe one day we can break the distance♡ ~~~ when lottie wright messages who she thinks is THE harry styles what she doesn't realise is what it could turn into...
Dear Daddy by ethgalaxiess
Dear Daddyby Ethan Isak
When Elias meets a guy online they first become friends but it all changes suddenly when an inside joke becomes reality. The guy online had become his daddy. Elias had a...
distraction// finn wolfhard  by strngetrash
distraction// finn wolfhard by heart throb
❝when sage moves on but finn just cant...❞ THIS IS A SEQUEAL TO "INTERNET FRIENDS//FINN WOLFHARD" !!! it'll break your heart but then piece it back together �...