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WE GOT EACH OTHER  (Complete ) by Akukama
WE GOT EACH OTHER (Complete )by akriti
#1 rank in sanaya ( on 14 - 06-2019) #22 rank in intense (on 14 -06-2019 ) #14 rank in arshi ( on 09-06-2019 ) #117 rank in true love ( on 13 - 06-2019 ) How arnav and...
  • arnav
  • truelove
  • sanaya
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After you were born by hkdalton
After you were bornby hannah dalton
After everything that had happened, Tessa and Hardin finally had their perfect family and life together. Infant daughter Emery and newborn son Auden. But Tessa and Hardi...
  • annatodd
  • afterfanfiction
  • auden
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Arnav Khushi - Arshi OneShot Collection by WaveTeal
Arnav Khushi - Arshi OneShot Wave
My collection of Os on Arshi :)
  • indian
  • ipkknd
  • r18
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Jikook: Past Memories and Present Possesiveness by Hopeinthedark238
Jikook: Past Memories and BTS & JIKOOK 4LIFE
Jimin meets his childhood best friend at the worst timing-when he was verbally sexually harassed by a stranger and found crying. And how was he supposed to know that he...
  • feelings
  • quotes
  • stalking
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ONE FINE DAY by Akukama
ONE FINE DAYby akriti
(p.s - you don't need to know anything about ipkknd serial to read this story..just read it as a normal story..) ( # 271 rank in intense out of 7.1 k stories) One fine d...
  • romance
  • friendship
  • sanaya
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Always YOURS... by Akukama
Always akriti
(p.s - to read this story you don't need to know anything about ipkknd serial ) THEIR LOVE NEVER END FOR EACH OTHER .. and so.. THEY ARE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE EACH OTHER...
  • arnavsinghraizada
  • friendship
  • kkgsr
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My Rapist by Amiirah_sheik
My Rapistby Amiirah_sheik
Ellie REPORT: " He watches me everytime i get out of my house. He knows all my doings. He chased me and followed me like crazy but i could not accept him as i was...
  • intense
  • madness
  • forced
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The Ex Lovers by melissarenteria1
The Ex Loversby Thetransgalwriter
This is a story where Miguel Renteria and Kelsie Baines both cross paths again but in a unexpected way that is unique to themselves... Read on to find out!
  • intimate
  • happyending
  • emotionalrollercoaster
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In Love with Mafia's queen💕 by bellibone183
In Love with Mafia's queen💕by Nisha
She's a mafia head He's a simple man What happens if the queen of underworld and the man who's king in his own little world bumps into each other ? Damn , she never thou...
  • harshadchopda
  • intense
  • maya
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Burning Heaven by universe22NA
Burning Heavenby universe22
As they say, opposites attract but fortunately here it comes the other way around. Both with, A dark life A Burning past And an Unknown future but what about their pre...
  • teenfiction
  • highschool
  • badboy
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Kane's Downfall  by Akanshi_v_kumar
Kane's Downfall by Akanshi. V. kumar
" i am scared of you" she whispered to him. " You should be" Tyler growled which biting her neck, leaving his marks on her. " I-I don't think, I...
  • intense
  • alpha
  • watty2019
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LOVE by Sasaeng-UwU
LOVEby Sasaeng-UwU
18+ 0.0 Yeah it has some graphic ness... (Maybe a lot) It's a BTS ff It's my first so don't judge me too much. Get ready for some excitement. I hope 😉
  • intense
  • suga
  • love
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Unconditional Love : Finds it's  way !!  by Akukama
Unconditional Love : Finds it's akriti
#125 rank in unconditional from 1.13k stories..(on 15-06-19) # 919 rank in intense from 7k stories ( on 15-06-19) UNCONDITIONAL LOVE crosses every hurdles of life...
  • intense
  • unconditional
  • friendship
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i don't know why  »  micheal b. jordan  by pradaezii
i don't know why » micheal b. kynny🍀’
I never been tricked like this. but I ain't never been kissed like this except by you. I ain't never loved like this, I ain't never been touched, ...
  • blackgirlmagic
  • romance
  • micheal
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LET'S COUNT TO TEN | ongoing by -yieldindigo
LET'S COUNT TO TEN | ongoingby JV
the tale of how two teenagers ended up severely relying on each other. 🚲 [ ongoing ! ]
  • secrets
  • rude
  • chatter
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Stop Barking! | Bakudeku, Bakugou Dog AU by synerri
Stop Barking! | Bakudeku, sy
*Note: This book features dog!katsuki and is intended only for fluff. It's supposed to be a cute book about a boy and his dog.* In which there is a dog named Katsuki. Ka...
  • intense
  • midoriya
  • izuku
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Diary of an Asylum Patient. by That_One_Psyco
Diary of an Asylum That_One_Psyco
A logbook of a patient from a mental asylum. Go through the mind of a psychotic person as they log entries about their life and experiences. COVER ART IS NOT MINE!!!
  • mentalinstitution
  • asylum
  • mentallyunstable
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A Broken World by Kfordboss
A Broken Worldby Kallie Ford
Many years after the so-called "The Last Ones" disappeared, they reemerged as something happened to their world. The world was full of people again instead of...
  • brokenworld
  • monsters
  • forbiddenlove
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A World Alone by Beefcupcakes
A World Aloneby Beefcupcakes
Living in a world where loving his crush is frowned upon is hard- can Allan do it?
  • life
  • funny
  • âu
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Messing With The Dragons Heart by mojitocx
Messing With The Dragons Heartby mojitocx
Meet Elle Wilson, a senior high school girl just trying to be as invisible as possible, good grades, good life in a seemingly normal town. However, her fantasies for exc...
  • badboy
  • highschool
  • teen
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