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Insufferable by apathetic_Remorse
Insufferableby Tee
I stepped towards him, the Mate that was to be mine for all eternity. But before I could leap into his arms, he put his hands up, as if to tell me not to do what was an...
Stalked and Rejected [COMPLETED] by xoxo_a18
Stalked and Rejected [COMPLETED]by Autumn Wilson
"You leave me no choice. I will find her. I will get her. And she will be mine. Do you hear me? She is mine. No matter what.” The big man said before I saw him rip...
Becoming His Mistress by Keshagreenhouse
Becoming His Mistressby Mira Anii
Previously titled Bitchy Vibes . I never in my life thought that I'd ever meet my high school nemesis ever again even when I'm old and withered. But destiny has a way of...
RuPaul's Drag ACE by racheldidit
RuPaul's Drag ACEby racheldidit
He was a sheltered godbot. Now he serves Starfish. May the best woman win... Amen! Serving VeggieTale realness, Ace Virtueson confronts his religious upbringing live on...
Insufferable by Roxxxanne__
Insufferableby Roxanne (:
Everyone says "It can't happen to me." Even Maya Hawthorne thought that. But it did, it happened to her. She was trapped under beautiful lies, she never saw it...
Insufferable Pancakes by CerinaiLycanflow
Insufferable Pancakesby CerinaiLycanflow
Nai loves salad. Cerina loves sleeping. Nai lives in a small apartment. Cerina lives in a pack house. Nai is tall, kind, and controlled. Cerina is an absolute shortypant...
A different set of rules by Retoria2002
A different set of rulesby Oyepeju Ifeoluwa Victoria
It's never easy starting over in a new environment with new customs, rules and manner of living. Such is the case of Jenna Camberley who finds herself forced to be compr...
Insufferable [Bakugo x OC] by deaelesey
Insufferable [Bakugo x OC]by Dea Elesey
Saya moves to Musutafu all the way from Sapporo, Hokkaido, to study at UA. There is one reason, and one reason only, why her very famous parents let her stay there on he...
The Value of Silver by suckmynineinch
The Value of Silverby KiLl Me NoW
In which a boy fall deeply in love with a girl with whom underestimates her true worth past her money and materialistic aspects. He sees her as his entire reason to exi...
Linked [ON HOLD] by OutofTime
Linked [ON HOLD]by Amealia, Hallie
Max, a forest born Link, is forced into pretending that she is a boy, in sake that she take over her father's job as the king's hunter. With wavy coal black hair, sharp...
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Drawing Book by inactive_Accout124
Drawing Bookby Zachary Quinn
You really need an explanation? Do you really? DO YOU REALLY? God dang it Karkat. TH3Y N33D ON3 :33 < purrfect one though Okay Done Cover Art is note mine, credit to...