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My 1st Class Jerk Husband | Jungkook × You • BTS  [✔️] by wowwhangel
My 1st Class Jerk Husband | 🌟Angel🌟
"Jungkook, I'm warning you...Don't dare to touch me...! " You half yelled at him. His smirkfull but handsome face right an inch toward you as his hot breathe...
Sky Of Love by trisna15
Sky Of Loveby trisna15
Kau dan aku seperti langit dan bumi - park Jiyeon Untukmu, langit ini akan turun dan menghanpirimu - kim myungsoo
Healling Heart [BAEKYEON FANFIC] [ OnGoing ] by silverhawk26
Healling Heart [BAEKYEON FANFIC] [ ㅇ메ㅎ묻
Feelings can be controlled, but tears never lie. Date Start : June 15, 2016 Date Finish: [SOON]
INFINITE Imagines [CLOSED] by _KittyBunny_
INFINITE Imagines [CLOSED]by Deeyan
It's all about INFINITE imagines for INSPIRIT~
The BIG BOOK of INFINITE by GwiyeounDaeRa
The BIG BOOK of INFINITEby ❤MyungZy_Kookie❤
CONTAINS INFINITE SONG LYRICS,ALBUM LIST,FACTS,OFFICIAL SNS,MUSIC VIDEOS,VARIETY SHOWS ETC. ~ Annyeong to all Inspirits like me!!This book is only Dedicated to our one...
The Run Away Wife by Cairlyn_jane13
The Run Away Wifeby Ceejay💕
A heart that forgives, a heart that forgets.
Sorrows and solace  by AleyaSiddiqui
Sorrows and solace by AleyaSiddiqui
Just a collection of my poems about things that we all feel at a point in our lives but are not able to convey in the most minimal words.
INFINITE (인피니트)by fion ♡
Infinite is a seven-member South Korean pop boy band, formed in 2010 by Woollim Entertainment. The group comprises 7 members; Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol...
Drowning Reflections  by Ekyrth
Drowning Reflections by 🍁
There is no up or down, no left or right. There is only the pull of currents that guides you, the steady tug of a flowing stream. All you have to decide is whether or...
LOVE WITHOUT LABEL (Orchid Series #1) COMPLETED by Uniqlicious
LOVE WITHOUT LABEL (Orchid Shacharoot
Just because there isn't a label attached to it doesn't mean your feelings aren't real. LOVE WITHOUT LABEL Orchid series 1
Trapped in a K-Drama by MelodyThio
Trapped in a K-Dramaby Melody Thio
Nam Eun Hee was an aspiring writer who watched K-Drama on a daily basis for inspiration. She criticized how the stories were very similar in terms of predictable plots a...
My Amnesia Boyfriend | Nam Woohyun by kimsyaz
My Amnesia Boyfriend | Nam Woohyunby 🌸Hiatus🌸
[EDITING/REVISING] ❝I dont know you. Get away from me.❞ a story in which a girlfriend was thrown away by her boyfriend but she insist on staying by his side and help h...
Betting on a bad boy [Woohyun's fanfic] by inspirit830309
Betting on a bad boy [Woohyun's infinite_fanfic
The amount of love a person can give is limited. That's why I'm scared to fall in love, because I love my fans, I love inspirits, and if I just fall for one girl, how mu...
Alien from Planet Inspirit (Infinite fanfiction) by 007_JV
Alien from Planet Inspirit ( JV
Hi Im a myungjong shipper and also an infinite fan .. this is the first time i write a story about them .. please bare with me .. i hope youll enjoy
Nothing's Over by ielliahoya
Nothing's Overby ielliahoya
A girl who lost his first love. She decided to be loyal to her first love but fate had brought a guy named Hoya into her life. She started to fall for him. Cover made b...
You're My Oppa 2 (Discontinued) by salvuserit
You're My Oppa 2 (Discontinued)by apricus
Yoo Ji Ae a normal high-school girl,life's change when She gets picked to be apart of a TV reality show.She becomes Infinite's little sister. After leaving the show she...
Turning Diamonds Into Beautiful Words by diamondsandselflove
Turning Diamonds Into Beautiful Diamonds&Self-love
A compilation of life scenarios through my rose coloured glasses
Forever (WoohyunxSunggyu) by BDee61298
Forever (WoohyunxSunggyu)by Bee
Will a fight tear them apart? Or will it make them last... forever?
The Way for You by NamuVV
The Way for Youby NamuVV
"Aku seperti bercermin saat melihatnya seolah aku melihat diriku di dalam dirinya, seperti aku bisa merasakan setiap perasaan yang hadir dalam hatinya. Saat dia mer...