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A Clone in Disguise (Talenny) by Murdong
A Clone in Disguise (Talenny)by Murdong
Penny infiltrates MAD in disguise as the evil clone Talon created, fooling Dr. Claw and MADcat easily, but Talon has his normal suspicions. Will Penny pull it all off wi...
  • inspectorgadget
  • prettypenny
  • talenny
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P4~Charmed Ones  by RanishaWallace
P4~Charmed Ones by RanishaWallace
What if charmed ones weren't three but four? Promise is the youngest Halliwell sister. She's has each of her sisters personality and some resemblance of each of them. Pe...
  • leowyatt
  • supernatural
  • inspector
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Psycho Pass:  Way of the Wolf by SoelleKhiss
Psycho Pass: Way of the Wolfby SoelleKhiss
When Inspector Akane Tsunemori and Enforcer Shinya Kogami are sent to represent the MWPSB at a law-enforcement boot camp in the United States, mayhem and mischief ensues...
  • enforcer
  • mwpsb
  • fanfiction
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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
  • storm
  • merlin
  • monster
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money heist | [n] by azurera
money heist | [n]by 𝒩𝒶𝒹𝒾𝓎𝒶𝒽
The Biggest Heist In Spain.
  • inspector
  • rio
  • lacasadepapel
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Miss Doctor Love Mr Inspector by UzairSyafiei
Miss Doctor Love Mr Inspectorby Uzair Ilyas
Kisah diantara Nurlina Sofiah dan Alif Najmi ketika di bangku sekolah menengah. Tetapi kedua2nye berkawan baik dgn Uzair Syafiei. Walau bagaimana pun tidak semestinya me...
  • alifnajmi
  • polis
  • doctor
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14 Cards by insanely_lovatic
14 Cardsby DivyaShetty6
Worked as secret agent and trained to be an assassin, she was much rigid to her work. Changed her names up to dozens, people would generally not know who their saviour w...
  • detective
  • assassin
  • crimemystery
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Talenny by CorsetGirl
Talennyby CorsetGirl
Talon and Penny are two agents, working for their uncles; Dr. Claw, the head of MAD, and Inspector Gadget, from HQ. They are enemies, but secretly they love each other...
  • gadget
  • talenny
  • romance
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In His Talons by Murdong
In His Talonsby Murdong
When Penny looks for an escape from Talon, she finds one that overcomes all her other manuevers. Talenny one-shot.
  • 2015
  • talenny
  • penny
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Murderous Seductress  by D1JANA
Murderous Seductress by Dijana Binakaj
There's a murder case in London. 12 March 1994 a young man was killed in a luxurious hotel and there was four more victims. Inspector Garrett Loughton must find out what...
  • party
  • inspector
  • murder
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GERIC by Themodernprometheus1
GERICby Themodernprometheus1
Don't worry, it's just a poor joke between me and my buddy @HolleeAnnTaylor. We both are studying 'An Inspector Calls' for our GCSEs and personally I find the play insu...
  • britishmemes
  • 1912
  • geraldcroft
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Ressurrection by Murdong
Ressurrectionby Murdong
Years after Dr. Claw's sudden and suspicious death, MAD returns from a one-year haitus with a new leader who is very familiar to HQ, especially Penny. How will she feel...
  • inspector
  • inspectorgadget2015
  • talon
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Inspector Gadget Talon x Reader by AustraCatnator
Inspector Gadget Talon x Readerby AustraCatnator
I wrote this back in 2015 which is also on my DeviantArt, I wrote this coz I had a crush on Talon, I know wired right XD, don't really have a crush on him now though
  • gadget
  • inspector
  • talon
Power & Control by DemigodKlainer
Power & Controlby steph ✌
When Detective Inspector Jack Robinson gets a call late at night in the office to say that Miss Fisher is in danger, and the only clue a ransom note, he has to team up w...
  • bert
  • butler
  • fishers
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ACiD: Only One Penny by Murdong
ACiD: Only One Pennyby Murdong
It's been two months since Penny infiltrated MAD in disguise as her Clone. MAD's hiatus has unfortunately come to an end. Penny's Clone is determined to get revenge, and...
  • inspector
  • talenny
  • pennyclone
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Not about my brother (Mycroft X Lestrade) by Cabission
Not about my brother (Mycroft X Cabission
Wer würde mitten in der Nacht bei dir klingeln um über seinen Bruder zu reden? Ich wüsste da jemanden. Mystrade (Mycroft X Lestrade)
  • inspector
  • mystrade
  • holmes
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Miss fishers murder mysteries : after the murders by bellabutler2019
Miss fishers murder mysteries : Stories-you’ll love
After the murders in season 3 and miss fisher comes back from England, dot falls pregnant and is very apprehensive about Hugh knowing and a very weird and horrible murde...
  • phryne
  • inspector
  • pregnancy
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Clockwork by LibertyBarille
Clockworkby LibertyBarille
First in Cresent Series. A novella. Upon the murder of a young officer one dark London night in 1921, a mysterious killer sets in motion a murder string for revenge.
  • london
  • historic
  • mystery
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The Secenario Game by ChanYingXu
The Secenario Gameby ChanYingXu
Our past is straight, like a river flowing from upstream. Whenever there is a choice, the river splits into two, signifying the possible decisions. Just because you chos...
  • nonary
  • world
  • disaster
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Ultimate Degree of Talenny by constellistic
Ultimate Degree of Talennyby constellistic
Talenny one-shots are my guilty pleasure ❤ Enjoy the illustrations I made too
  • fanfiction
  • gadget
  • inspector
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