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Speechless: Lost for Words by DefensiveNaAuthor
Speechless: Lost for Wordsby Kiharu-ssi
Do you wanna hear my thoughts? Here it goes .. You're not alone. You might feeling down, hurt and useless, but at least believe me. You're not alone. Problem is indeed a...
  • outburst
  • wattys2019
  • viewpoint
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18 Going 19 by mapilyongbata
18 Going 19by mapilyongbata
things I want to share. my journey along adolesence. my personal diary and guide.
  • comingofage
  • positive
  • cheer
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The Monsters In My Head by Xalthir
The Monsters In My Headby Gabriel Bishop
An anthology of short works that I've created. They are no particular genre and in no particular order. This will be updated periodically as I have more snippets to add...
  • anthology
  • horror
  • weird
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BITS AND PIECES by crumbled_oreo
What you seek, is seeking you. Just hold onto it. A girl travelling on the train of life. #2 in #poemcontest #771 in #poetry #307 in #poem **Book cover ideas/samples wou...
  • contest
  • poems
  • loneliness
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REFLECTIONS  by NeoTrinity2
REFLECTIONS by Neo Trinity
different poems and writings of my experiences in life, which i gained knowledge from my experiences and together i gained wisdom! since it takes knowledge and experienc...
  • chakra
  • wisdom
  • sonsoflight
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Tales of the Twisted by CDsStories
Tales of the Twistedby C. DeRosa
Behold the Tales of the Twisted, a terrifying masterpiece of horror stories for people young and old. Specifically designed for those of all ages, these stories will hau...
  • dark
  • social
  • disturbing
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Making Yourself by jumanassir
Making Yourselfby jumanassir
poetry for the heart
  • sadness
  • feelings
  • makingyourself
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Renang's Home Page  by LenoDanny
Renang's Home Page by LenoDanny
this page is for all things of Renang
  • secrets
  • teen
  • history
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The Mind Talks by Veiled_Intellect
The Mind Talksby RamshaS
When the lips are sealed, the mind begins to talk. Book by: Veiled_Intellect Cover by: Veiled_Intellect
  • insight
  • random
  • rants
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Art of Sadism Vol. 2 by Lttleln10
Art of Sadism Vol. 2by Lttleln10
  • lovestory
  • shortstory
  • loveatfirstsight
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my rants and thoughts about pretty much everything  by reneelyn_reads
my rants and thoughts about reneelyn_reads
sooo basically over the years i have ranted and written down my thoughts and opinions(that don't matter lol) and thought, "might as well share them?" so here i...
  • insight
  • thoughts
  • society
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Less Than A Century  by IsmatFk
Less Than A Century by Ismat
A collection of words I decided to call poetry. It takes only one To break To fix To live To die for To strive To be cruel To finally break To complete A Century
  • insight
  • lost
  • poetry
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What's Left to do After Love?  by D3kamwi
What's Left to do After Love? by Daniel K. Kamwi
This is a story about a man that must learn how to carry on after losing his wife, by reliving the beautiful moments he spent with her in hopes to uncover how she would...
  • loveatfirstsight
  • lovestory
  • beautiful
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c-task Memories by THEGGLET
c-task Memoriesby THEGGLET
Various short works with no particular order. SYMBIOSIS: How willing would you be to accept that your insanity is a part of your reality, and that everything you've ever...
  • cultivator
  • military
  • memories
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A Thinker's Journal by Akshat_Ravi
A Thinker's Journalby Akshat_Ravi
Somtimes the things no one says are the things that need to be heard.
  • awareness
  • insight
  • deep
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Insight... by SwogerTagz SwogerTagz
Have you ever felt true dread? Ever wondered what is the meaning of life? What if I said I have the answers? Join me on this crazy ride to gain the knowledge you never...
  • crazy
  • science
  • fiction
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Insight  by levitho37
Insight by Levitho37
The insight of one human being's mind
  • insight
  • thoughts
  • writing
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Solace by mwangelwakamwi27
Solaceby Mwangelwa Kamwí
A Medley of life's aspects and perspectives.
  • peace
  • heartbreak
  • akatsuki
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Nexus Writers Interview by Nexus_Corp
Nexus Writers Interviewby Nexus
[OPEN] Tap to see 😉 ©Nexus_Corp
  • nexus
  • latest
  • worldwide
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Come back to me by xx_fosi_xx
Come back to meby xx_fosi_xx
here is an insight to a story i am working on. trust me this is just the beginning, the story takes a whole new turn after this event.
  • grave
  • chapter1
  • old
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