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Breaking Point by kiwitter
Breaking Pointby kiwitter
Izuku Midoryia. a normal life but not a normal quirk... Midoryia had a loving mother who cared for him since the second she found out she was pregnant, and a father who...
Dead Hero «Villain!Deku AU» by applesausejuiceeeee
Dead Hero «Villain!Deku AU»by kokichi kinnie
{ON HOLD} So basically this is an updated version on my first Villain Deku story i made (which is now in my ✨drafts✨). I had a few new ideas and i wanted to change the s...
Counterparts (Villain Deku AU Short-story) by hsexton
Counterparts (Villain Deku AU Periwinkle
While in class one day, Aizawa brought in a girl a quirk that brings in a person's counterparts from other dimensions, in order to teach them about the importance of goo...
S A V E   M E | VillainDeku | Tododeku by Migoreng_420
S A V E M E | VillainDeku | LANA
Izuku Midoriya is a Murderer. Not only that but, he's the notorious U.A traitor. You know the phrase to hell and back? Well, Izuku's got the first part down, we're just...
Jaded Bunny (BNHAxFive Nights at Freddie's Crossover) by Im_Under_The_Water
Jaded Bunny (BNHAxFive Nights at Im_Under_The_Water
A BNHA/FNAF XOver..... So basically..... This is an AU.... And I suck at summaries.... So please just read it.... I really don't know what to say...😅😅😅
Straitjacket by Jadvig
Straitjacketby Jadvig
Aizawa and Nezu are trying to get info about the LOV from a patient at a mental hospital. But little do they know, this inmate holds more secrets than they could've imag...
Relapsed (Izutoga) by MaybeBi12
Relapsed (Izutoga)by Dr.DeathDefying
Izuku was abused by his father, beaten by his only friends, and ignored by his hero. Then it gets better because of a better hero. Then again there is always a relapse...
A bit tipsy {Insane deku} by KenmasAttitude
A bit tipsy {Insane deku}by DyingDeadass
Izuku was always a little strange, it started with disturbing pictures,dolls, watching you sleep, But once he turned 4 things got a little more.. Extreme. Izukus quirk...
Wonderland by Death_Flower992
Wonderlandby Nightshade
Izuku had a quirk he just kept it hidden. It was a quirk that would drive you mad. The villains heard about it. They wanted it. But they found it in the boy what will ha...
Kinda Sane ~ /Villian Deku\ (Paused) by Just_Read_Fanfiction
Kinda Sane ~ /Villian Deku\ ( Shirley Temple
What if everything caught up with Izuku? All the name calling, bullying, and threats decide to mess with him. Especially after the sports festival. Rumors were being s...
Twisted Sanity (Insane Deku AU)  by dazaisghost
Twisted Sanity (Insane Deku AU) by ghost
As much as it pains me to say this, this book is complete! (With an unfinished sequel!) This book is not really a ship book but it does contain these ships: Todobaku Shi...
Deku's Insanity by Alex2468mcmahon
Deku's Insanityby Demonic-Rabbit
Deku became emotionless from Bakugou's bullying, and his father never being there for him only contributed to that pain. He wears a mask in front of his friends so they...
Just a little crazy by Nonbinary_panda
Just a little crazyby Phoenix
Izuku Midoriya, aspiring hero with a big secret. In a world full of quirks and werewolves, mates are a huge deal. However, Izuku is forced to watch not one, but two of h...
Obsession ||Insane Deku|| by A_Spoonful_Of_Salt
Obsession ||Insane Deku||by honk. HONK.
//ON HIATUS again. Sorry.// ma·ni·a ˈmānēə/ noun an excessive enthusiasm or desire; an obsession ---------------------- #1 in Insane Deku 12/23/18 #1 in Bamf Izuku 2/7/1...
isn't it time for a new chapter? by lpsteddybear
isn't it time for a new chapter?by teddybear
deku was turned into a child during the summer camp and all of his child hood memories are crashing down on him, did you think that was bad? well the villains also got a...
How To Almost Give Up-Depressed/Villain Deku by ora_ora_ora_ora_ora
How To Almost Give Up-Depressed/ Ora!
Poor Izuku feels as if he has finally reached the end of the road in his life. He is bullied twice as hard as he was before UA by the one and only Bakugo. His relationsh...
Dekuverse by LonelyPringle_
Dekuverseby A bisexual mess
What if Classic Deku let the word that the Dekuverse exists? What if all of Class 1-A, some of Class 1-B, a few pro heroes/teachers, Shinso and Hatsume went? Basically...
Split between the middle (insane deku au) by DizzzyRollie
Split between the middle (insane DizzzyRollie
This is an insane deku au. Ive read a lot of aus and this will be my first public fanfic so I hope u enjoy. In this au deku has a split personality disorder. Due to eve...
Endless (ラ易憶) by DekuisalsoGae0
Endless (ラ易憶)by BloodyBroccoli~(莫汗は)
₮ⱧɆ ₱₳ł₦ ł₴ Ɇ₦ĐⱠɆ₴₴.. ł ₵₳₦'₮ ₮₳₭Ɇ ł₮. ł₥ ₳₮ ₥Ɏ Ⱡł₥ł₮, ł ₣₳łⱠɆĐ ₳₮ Ⱡł₣Ɇ.. ⱧɆⱠ₱ ₥Ɇ.. ₳₦ɎØ₦Ɇ JɄ₴₮ ₮₳₭Ɇ ₮ⱧɆ ₱₳ł₦ ₳₩₳Ɏ... - Characters by (Kokei horikoshi) - ⚠️ Warnings⚠️ ...
分からない I Don't Understand. by Tropical_cyclone1
分からない I Don't Tropical_cyclone1
Izuku Midoriya hasn't been feeling... normal... these past few months and even he can tell something is beginning to go wrong with his mind. The extent of which, he does...