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Insanity ▸ 5sos by flufffykpop
Insanity ▸ 5sosby jungshook™
"She's coming" "From where?" "Everywhere" 5sos horror story in an insane asylum :) stupid kids, shouldn't have gone
  • horror
  • scary5sos
  • scary
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You Belong With Me, Not With Him (Beyblade Burst) by Dying_Fool
You Belong With Me, Not With Him ( Chris Taking Dick
The bladers we all know, the ones we love and look up to, are secretly i n s a n e, not being able to control themselves when they're around people who seem as threats...
  • beyblade
  • insaneasylum
  • yanderexreader
I know I'm insane   by prncssparanoia
I know I'm insane by ♤unnecessary♤
I had never thought I was insane. I guess everyone else felt different.
  • insanity
  • compulsiveliar
  • help
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Theodore-Theodora by MVondale
Theodore-Theodoraby Miranda Vondale
A short story based on the insanity that resides in people's brains. A girl turned murderer sees things in the insane asylum that everyone else sees when they're on the...
  • whatisfake
  • mindgames
  • insane
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The Realms Of Insanity  by ManyFacesOfInsanity
The Realms Of Insanity by ManyFacesOfInsanity
Based off of the indie horror game Fran Bow. Jess is a 13 year old girl with Schizophrenia. She finds herself stuck in an insane asylum with many other children like her...
  • bipolardisorder
  • insane
  • mentaldisorder
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Ticci Toby x Reader: Stuck in asylum by Poison_Lilli
Ticci Toby x Reader: Stuck in Poison_Lilli
In 10th grade (y/n) (l/n) is sent to a mental institution for killing her abusive teacher. There she meets Missy, a human wolf hybrid and Ticci Toby, a twitchy murderer...
  • creepypasta
  • insaneasylum
  • ticcitoby
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Insanity: Forgotten by ZombieKiller42
Insanity: Forgottenby ZombieKiller42
Insanity. It gets the better of us. Doesn't it? Well for 14 year old Anna this is the case. We take a look into her diary, her one true friend and her descent into madne...
  • insane
  • insanity
  • insane-asylum
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Insane Asylum by DustBlood927
Insane Asylumby Dust
  • enjoy
  • asylum
  • insane-asylum
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The Asylum  by AshesofRosePetals
The Asylum by Paisley Rose
Eden Myers has been locked in an empty cell for over three years. Her only communication has been to guards or to the head doctor of the Ledger Psychiatric Institution...
  • dark
  • gory
  • insaneasylum
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Killer on the loose by mAdHaTeR666
Killer on the looseby Destiny
Y/N was taken to a foster care. Her family abused her. She was a big target for bully's. One day she finally SNAPED. Read more to find out.
  • insaneasylum
  • nekogirl
INsanity by connies_chaos
INsanityby connies_chaos
  • sister
  • freaky
  • fivenightsatfreddies
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Tainted by WeTheStalkers
Taintedby dank ass memes
Jin, a 14 year old, lives inside of an insane asylum. She's lived in boredom in this, and I quote, "shithole of a place," desperately trying to find something...
  • insaneasylum
  • tragedy
  • thriller
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The origins of Punster: The mystery of the mask by user24426847
The origins of Punster: The Creepmc stories
The insane killer and mind controlling prince of the shadows has a plot to escape the asylum By playing with the doctor's feelings. And now Daniel "the doctor"...
  • insaneasylum
Through walls she whispered by rosabarr
Through walls she whisperedby Rosa Barr
A lunatic asylum. A crazy girl. A missing person. A deadly doctor. A secretive nurse. A bag full of mysteries.
  • pyscho
  • pyschiatric-ward
  • lunatic
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Into the Asylum by talesoftiffany
Into the Asylumby Tiffany
Blair and Bethany Price were so called "ghost hunters." They traveled to haunted, abandoned places in search of souls that still had tasks which needed complet...
  • ghosts
  • ghost
  • asylum
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insanity; min yoongi  by buhbbleteq
insanity; min yoongi by English speakeu
"You're crazy." "..Crazy for you."
  • yoongi
  • kpopbts
  • btssuga
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Mental Asylum RP by bridgetsbrain
Mental Asylum RPby hiiiiii?
There is a new patient at the Insane Asylum. They quickly become friends with the others. Maybe they will make plans to escape. Maybe it will turn out well. Maybe it won...
  • roleplay
  • insane
  • horror
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Crazy with Love (A phanfic) by 5ky14rch7150nw00d
Crazy with Love (A phanfic)by 5ky14rch7150nw00d
This is old and unfinished. Prolly will not continue. Lol sorry Phil arrives at the asylum where he meets someone intriguing- and finds things out that could put them bo...
  • phanfic
  • insaneasylum
  • asylum
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