You Belong With Me, Not With Him (Beyblade Burst) by Lemon-De-La-Hoya
You Belong With Me, Not With Him ( Anti-Free
The bladers we all know, the ones we love and look up to, are secretly i n s a n e, not being able to control themselves when they're around people who seem as threats...
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Psychosis || Grayson Dolan - Book One by stilinskliffordolan
Psychosis || Grayson Dolan - Taylor
"I wanted to see what the worst could be if i'd be working here." "Well you found it. It's me..." #371 in Fanfiction #14 in #dolantwins as of 5/13/20...
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~ Welcome To My Madhouse ~ Finn Wolfhard X Reader by Stranger_Finn_Things
~ Welcome To My Madhouse ~ Finn Ravena
Finn Wolfhard was always known for being... A bit bizarre, but who would've guess he was going to go on killing spree all throughout Athens, Georgia? No one. After years...
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His Darling by Candygirl3473
His Darlingby ☠Queen FireWolf☠
Have no idea what the description should be so just read to find out. Discretion: the drawing/picture in the cover does not belong to me! It belongs to the artist! June...
  • outlast
  • insanity
  • romance
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The Guy from the Insane Asylum by TheGoddessOfTheStars
The Guy from the Insane Asylumby ℓιν
A supernatural romance with twisted pasts, magic, psychics, and murder. And yeah, high school drama. "Pretty much a Mr. Badboy & Girl story but with literal magic...
  • mystery
  • chaos
  • mentalinstitution
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Asylumstuck by Ravain
Asylumstuckby Ravain Pyrope
Follow Korzic Makara in his life in an Insane Asylum/ Group Home Scene. Warning: Scenes of violence and sexual experiences​ which may not be suitable for younger audienc...
  • insomia
  • homestuck
  • insaneasylum
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Wheelchair bound. by destineysparkletits3
Wheelchair Ashley Jay King
****(Not a stand alone story! it corresponds with the ending of Dying to know the truth.)**** *****(There is sex in this story! There is incest in this story! Do NOT rea...
  • romance
  • twins
  • drama
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Empty |Yoonmin| by erinlittledevil9
Empty |Yoonmin|by Erin <3
"how are you feeling today, yoongi?" "i dunno."
  • drama
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the asylum by TransitionMatrix
the asylumby Transition Matrix
For the mentally disturbed , a place lies within the woods meant for an asylum from the world as we currently know it. the hospital [Winnebago State Hospital was one o...
  • hospital
  • mentalinstitution
  • mentalhealth
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Insanity  by SlytherpuffQueen
Insanity by Ivy💛🐍💐💚
Hermione only wanted one thing; to be with her true love. So what if they were both a little crazy. They loved each other. And Hermione sure did enjoy the privileges of...
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Wires / A WilLiam Fanfiction  by HipsterShady2
Wires / A WilLiam Fanfiction by Shady 💜✌️
This has no relation to any of my other stories I've written. Liam HBomb has been in an insane asylum for his whole life because "Mommy, it wasn't me who killed him...
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Insanity is Not a Disease by Wolf_Kay_Sorceress
Insanity is Not a Diseaseby Kay_Sorceress
INSANITY IS NOT A DISEASE, SO STOP TRYING TO CURE IT. - Kaylin May Taylor 10 teenage girls, all different, but the same in a way, live in different places around the wor...
  • crazy
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therapeutic  by Kaye_1DZ
therapeutic by kaye
t h e r a p e u t i c (adj) relating to, or used in the treatment of disorder. // Heather Loise // what's worse than being admitted to a mental hospital and finding out...
  • sad
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Crazy...     For You by Schnapple011_eggos
Crazy... For Youby Kill me now!!
You start working at your parents asylum. You think it's going to be fun but fun is an understatement of what happens next. A/N it probably sucks I don't know how I got...
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Insane~ Bts ff by Qveen_Cxile
Insane~ Bts ffby Qveen_Caile
Its about a girl and the boys in a insane asylum. Lets she how things turn out with all of them
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Insanity || KTH by onyukim0403
Insanity || KTHby ennuyeux
"Monsters don't sleep under your bed. They scream inside of your head." (Short Chapters= Short Story) The earth is the mental asylum of the universe. Mayday is...
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| switchblade;   it & st by -wonderfvl
| switchblade; it & stby ...
sequel to 'lunatics'
  • insane
  • triggerwarning
  • insaneasylum
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Rose Petals by BeautyHeartBouquet
Rose Petalsby Alana
All Rights Reserved!!! ManXBoy, Book One In the near era of 1939, many reoccurrences have knocked people onto the edge of their own sanity, and with the wo...
  • gay
  • phobia
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Asylum (MiniLadd x Reader) by akwardly_sunny
Asylum (MiniLadd x Reader)by SunnyClover
I'M IN THIS STORY. just go with it.
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Assassin!(Creepypastaxreader) by Spring_chan
Assassin!(Creepypastaxreader)by bitch
this is my first story and my writing isn't very good so I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes just let me know in the comments __________________________________________...
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