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Innermost by CartoonFuel
Innermostby Hannah J.
"This is so ridiculously boring," he said while absent-mindedly twirling a lock of his hair around a finger. He was clearly talking to me. "Did I ask?&quo...
Hey Lover by DawntaviaLouis
Hey Loverby Dawntavia Louis
When trying to get into his head becomes a battle with ones self, you have failed and will always fail. I once cared about you so deeply that now when I think of your fa...
Whiskey Dreams by dasphuckedup
Whiskey Dreamsby Deas Rose
A compilation of the innermost thoughts.
My Innermost Thoughts and Ramblings by SenseOfAnonyminity
My Innermost Thoughts and Ramblingsby John Doe
Greetings, In General I desire to publish my innermost thoughts in an anonymous medium. If that interests you feel free to read.
Admin's Place of Inner Thought by xx_-Vanitas-_xx
Admin's Place of Inner Thoughtby O-b-s-e-s-s-e-d-
Find out what goes on inside of Admin's head. Will be updated constantly, or whenever Admin has a strange thought.
Verbosity by Obsolesce
Verbosityby Ꭷbsoℓεscε♬
I think too much. Maybe that's what leads me to write so much and with such a diction. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe it's a bad thing. Maybe we will never know if it...
Verses Undone by KeepYourGoodHeart
Verses Undoneby Jamila Mikhail 🇨🇦
Take a roller coaster ride inside of the human heart with this short collection of 15 poems dealing with everything from love and romance to death to anger to friendship...
The diary by retardswisdom
The diaryby naman kejriwal
We all wish to talk to someone but few of us actually find that someone in front of whom we can bare our soul. But each of us can have a diary which will listen to us pa...