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Solangelo One-Shots by KingTired
Solangelo One-Shotsby KingTired
I never thought I'd make a one shot book, but I get ideas randomly and I may as well get them out there. Got something you want me to write? I take requests! Cover art i...
U.A. Monster Academy by Acid-Knight
U.A. Monster Academyby Pax
This is an AU that I created where instead of having quirks they are monsters. Deku kills him self and this is how he finds out that he's a Phoenix and can't die. At fir...
MY ARTWORK by moonshadowwolf17
✨Sketches and drawings of different fandoms and OCs!!!✨ Also other random stuff throw in here and there cuz why not?? Best Rankings; #1 inking Do not take my art, repost...
invader zim x reader ミ☆ by iiTrashiie
invader zim x reader ミ☆by It's hard to live!
soo, the title gives it all away.. also, this kinda has the plot of megamind HAHA
art book: the trilogy by shikishii
art book: the trilogyby it's ya boi, shiki
here's another installment of my art books, and I'm excited to start another year of drawings!! ⸜(* ॑꒳ˆ * )⋆*❤︎ Completed; October 3rd 2018 - October 31st 2019
Fictober challenge by Purple_Pirate23
Fictober challengeby ємєяαℓ∂єуєѕ ❷➂
Here I publish my stories I write for inktober/fictober. It's a writing challenge where you have to write a short text about the topic of the day. Since October is write...
Art Book by blueredblack212
Art Bookby blueredblack212
So this book is where I will post all of my artwork that I've made throughout the years.
One-shot Collection: Sheith by ordinary-fangirl
One-shot Collection: Sheithby Trash
Because I'm bored and have nothing else to do ^^ Enjoy~
31 Days of Despair {Inktober} by ColdRamenDoodles
31 Days of Despair {Inktober}by ✨CONSTANT CAPS LOCK✨
Basically just an art dump ✨ I never finish Inktober because I would always use random prompts I found on google, so instead I thought it would be better if I did prompt...
All of this IS my art! Please do not trace or claim this as your own! Thank you ♡
#AttorneyTober Oneshots by BLEACH_IT
#AttorneyTober Oneshotsby Tripple Decker ♥𝐇𝖔𝖒𝖔𝖊𝖗�...
A different Ace Attorney Oneshot each day for the entire month of October! So, pretty much inktober but with Ace Attorney, I guess? Prompts: Day 1: Lawyer Day 2: Samurai...
Art book i guess [completed] by -thirteenkoifish-
Art book i guess [completed]by thirteen
Just some of my drawings Yeyy :> (ps the first twenty ish chapters are kinda cringey soo) heh started - 10/3/2019 ended - 1/22/2021
Inktober 2019 by bittykimmy13
Inktober 2019by Kim
(COMPLETE) Giant/Tiny drabbles based on one-word prompts. Much like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get in terms of fluff, angst, and horror.
inktober- 10/18 by amber_stonexx
inktober- 10/18by deedee
i decided to do something with my life! be creative and involved<33 i called this inktober but i'm slowly just dumping better thoughts here
I Draw Stuff (Art Book #1) by GrEg_the_Second_Bro
I Draw Stuff (Art Book #1)by On hiatus until April 3
Welcome to my art book! The actual GOOD art starts at the chapter "Ooo Glowy Lady" Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you for taking the t...
Dangantober 2020 by RavenFire2023
Dangantober 2020by ᵃⁿⁿʸᵉᵒⁿᵍ!
It's Inktober but...Danganronpa! Hopefully i'll be able to complete it this time lol
My Art Book by Din0saur_Tsukishima
My Art Bookby •Kei Tsukishima•
just an ordinary art book With traditional drawings and digital
Art and Stuff by Anime-obsessed
Art and Stuffby Anime-obsessed
My art, follow me as I get better! A lot of my original art in 2017 and 18 are in my everything book tho lol
Zelinktober {31 days of Zelink} by SnowdropSpiritWolf
Zelinktober {31 days of Zelink}by ~ Snowdrop ~
Welcome to Zelinktober, where I'll be writing one Autumn or Halloween themed one shot every day. This is going to be a difficult journey, but I believe I can do it. I ho...