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OURS (yandere Reverse Harem X Reader) by Jono_Royale
OURS (yandere Reverse Harem X Jono_Royale
(Y/N) (L/N) is a high school student whose mom had finally gotten remarried and she moved in with her new family members. She gets to know her siblings Ren, Richie and t...
Infatuated by minlittleprince
Infatuatedby minlittleprince
Infatuation is falling in love with or becoming extremely interested in someone or something for a short time. But in this case, it's not for a short time. Olivia is a f...
CONSUME by marystephans
CONSUMEby [ Mary ]
There's something odd about the town's most beloved police officer, he is utterly obsessed about a girl and will go to any lengths to have her.
She Was Invisible by LaBeachBabe03
She Was Invisibleby LaBeachBabe03
He saves her life She was invisible to him before And Now?
Thrill / H.S by DashedTacos
Thrill / H.Sby DashedTacos
Harry is obsessed. He's demonic and possessive, and he wants to make her his. He wants the thrill. Warning: This book contains mature themes that may not be suitable fo...
Hell House (Yandere x reader) (complete) by lizard-on-a-bike
Hell House (Yandere x reader) ( lizard-on-a-bike
(Y/n) opens her eyes to find out she's... dead? And she certainly isn't the only one. Everyone in the house seems to have their eyes on the new person and there is liter...
Undiscovered [DreamNotFound] by Megalomaniac148
Undiscovered [DreamNotFound]by Han0rita
George and Dream have always been good friends - bonding over plugins and Minecraft and YouTube. However, George begins to feel something...different. Different feelings...
(•Yandere M. x F. Reader•) •Oneshots• by CrazyKawaiiChan
(•Yandere M. x F. Reader•) • CrazyKawaiiChan
•Yandere Male x Female Reader oneshots•
my YANDERE SWEETHEART (yandere boy x reader) by Jono_Royale
my YANDERE SWEETHEART (yandere Jono_Royale
Y/n is walking home one day when she sees someone being beaten by some people. On the verge of them killing him, y/n jumps in to save him and she does. She takes the poo...
Driven by the Gangster [BxB] 18+  by LadyYandereShane
Driven by the Gangster [BxB] 18+ by 𝙖𝙨𝙝𝙡𝙚𝙮 𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙚
completed ✔"I don't want to lose you to anyone. Stay with me." "That's okay," he said, wrapping his arms around the man's neck making the chains jing...
✓ With Love, A German Girl (WW2 Romance) by SuperSuspicious
✓ With Love, A German Girl (WW2 Ghostly Rose
Dear Axel Ackermann, On August 1st, 1936, I met you. With Love, A German Girl In 1936, Lucienne Müller visited the Berlin Olympics. Not only did she see...
Flicker | ✔️ by anfractuouss
Flicker | ✔️by Natalia Kasten
flicker (noun): a situation in which a light is sometimes bright and sometimes weak: the soft flicker of candlelight in which a girl with a harsh present becomes intrigu...
The Unforgettable Infatuation by paperandpen444
The Unforgettable Infatuationby ~Samantha~
I can feel his blue-gray eyes digging into the side of my head. I wipe my sweaty palms on my dress and turn my vision away from the moonlight reflecting onto the ocean o...
Infatuation // Harry Styles by juliaxwrites
Infatuation // Harry Stylesby julia
in·fat·u·a·tion noun an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something. in which two infatuations become something more, all while battling to st...
Don't Leave// harry styles a.u by drammatico
Don't Leave// harry styles a.uby jill
Living in small town Maine, Maisie never thought that her life would be eventful. But when a boy with green eyes barges into her house in the middle of the night, everyt...
Unrequited Love by _coffee_
Unrequited Loveby Shell
Loving someone who doesn't notice your existence is hard. Loving someone who loves someone else is even harder. But, darling, I guess that's love.
Obsessed (✔️) by prettylittlejazzyt
Obsessed (✔️)by • J A S M I N E •
It all started with a lie and a one night stand.
babydoll by sarcastichic
babydollby Natasha
in which a 32 year old man becomes infatuated with a girl --------------------------------------------- lowercase intended warning ⚠️ agegap daddy!kink int...
TRUE SHADES OF LIFE by CatherineRocky
TRUE SHADES OF LIFEby Catherine Rocky
This is a story of affection between me and my bhabhi........