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My Infamous Bride Is A Mermaid by Tetrazora
My Infamous Bride Is A Mermaidby Tetrazora
Title is a little bit misleading but naming this kind of stuff is hard. Anyway I'M BACK AT IT AGAIN with another crossover fanfiction between one of my favorite comedy a...
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My Hero Academia:The Gamer Ark by Twomuc
My Hero Academia:The Gamer Arkby Twomuc
This is hard to make due to the fact that I have to find a ton of non-lethal abilities. So this is probably gonna take a while to update. As always tell me anything that...
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inFAMOUS DxD [REWRITING] (Highschool DxD x reader) by Czechoslowak
inFAMOUS DxD [REWRITING] ( Czechoslowak
Conduits - People who can wield matter and elements and use them in a variety of ways ... For example in a destructive way ... They are considered dangerous, they are ca...
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Vampires and Vampire Hunters [Now Ongoing]  by TJCharms
Vampires and Vampire Hunters [ TJCharms
#3 in goodandbad as at 13 May 2018 This is book 1 and book 2 combined Katerina Drackon: Katerina, strong smart vampire Hunter who follows the rules...most of them at le...
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The Vultures by DaveNite27
The Vulturesby David Caballero
Alec Láster, an unhappy and ambitious writer, stumbles upon the guilty secret of a powerful Upper East Sider. Seizing the opportunity, Alec writes an exaggerated and sho...
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PJ Masks: Ghost Rider by AntonHill9
PJ Masks: Ghost Riderby Anton Hill
I just thought I'd make something I've been wanting to make for a few days. Enjoy. It'll take a moment to update. Also I thought it would be a good romance/adventure/ac...
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Infamous,Walking Dead,Life is Strange and Other Ocs by AlexandriaTrzos
Infamous,Walking Dead,Life is Alexandria Trzos
Infamous,Walking Dead,Life is Strange and Other Ocs
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The Infamous hero by Mercury_Sol
The Infamous heroby MERCURY SOL
what if Izuku Midoriya thought he was quirkless but instead he was a conduit. this story will have 4 types of quirks emitter, mutation, transformation, and conduit. con...
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Paint and Flame (RWBY X Male Conduit Reader) by SuperJediWizardDude
Paint and Flame (RWBY X Male I’m Fuckin’ DandyMan
Remnant is said to be experiencing a time of peace, though the huntsmen and huntresses of the world fight another threat, one just as dangerous as Grimm. For generations...
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Mr. Horror. (a Ricky Horror fanfiction) by itskyl
Mr. Horror. (a Ricky Horror Kylie✌
Lyric is abused by her alcoholic father, who repeatedly calls her "fat" and "ugly", so she doesn't think very highly of herself, she self harms becau...
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Smoking Roses (Abused and Neglected Delsin Rowe/Ruby Rose x RWBY) by MaPhoneyVaross
Smoking Roses (Abused and Phoney
Delsin and his baby sister Ruby were the children of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long. Summer always loved her children and gave so much love, that would make Tai get s...
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The Cherry Fic by ALiteralTrashBin
The Cherry Ficby Idek anymore
In my opinion this shit is worse than the hat fic. Read at your own discretion bitches
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The gamer conduit of remnant by thehugger011
The gamer conduit of remnantby Lawrence Quinn
You died, and when you opens your eyes you sees something you didn't expect at all. a second chance in a new world. (Male reader x rwby) A/N: I only know stuff gamer ba...
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inFamous: The Return of Cole  by Fireheartsage
inFamous: The Return of Cole by Fireheartsage
Takes place after good ending of inFamous Second Son. Cole finds himself in a strange dimension with Kessler... who tells Cole that he, Kuo, and Nix are needed in Earth...
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After Everything by wolfgirl9799
After Everythingby wolfgirl9799
[Delsin Rowe x Reader] You found yourself at the side of the road, hoping that your father would come and pick you up. But everything changed when the D.U.P. truck hit y...
creatures | ricky horror by bleubillie
creatures | ricky horrorby billie
Katelynn Styles lives in her brother's shadow, and he tries to protect her from boys. But when they're in L.A.,she meet the infamous Ricky Horror. ~~~~~~ I don't not own...
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inFAMOUS: Agents of SHIELD by Fireheartsage
inFAMOUS: Agents of SHIELDby Fireheartsage
It was thought that Cole Macgrath had died when he sacrificed himself to save billions of people by using the RFI.... then a lightning bolt struck. Zeke Dunbar thought i...
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Team 7 The Conduit Family by Izukun14all
Team 7 The Conduit Familyby Izuku Midoriya
Naruto Uzumaki the decendent of Delsin Rowe and The Jinchuriki of the Nine Tailed Fox. After a beating from the villagers Kurama began to heal naruto but he was dying K...
Gang Leaders Princess by slytherinthetraffic
Gang Leaders Princessby slytherinthetraffic
a story about an innocent girl named Samantha riotchi, who finds out she is mated to the infamous gang leader and werewolf queen alexis woods. Who BTW is an absolute psy...
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Ask instarprotocreed second bound Dog by Dragonkava
Ask instarprotocreed second Kendra Fields
I don't own assassin creed, watch dog, prototype, starbound and infamous second son
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