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Mes Idées en Tête by BalthazarZii
Mes Idées en Têteby Balthazar Zii
Voici une histoire qui n'en et pas une à la fois, ici se sont toute les idées que j'ai parfois. Des idées que j'ai en fessant tout et n'importe quoi. Regardez la télé. J...
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X-Men: First Class (Invictus) by 1spotlight1
X-Men: First Class (Invictus)by Kailie
Amarette is an eighteen-year-old mutant with the power of invincibility. So, when one day she's discovered by Charles Xavier and Erik Lensher, her life will change in wa...
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Girls' Generation (소녀시대) by Hyoshimnika
Girls' Generation (소녀시대)by gen leano
Love those 9 pretty dorks? ...those 9 funny girls? ...those 9 Godesses? Then you're on the right page. ;) Read Facts, Updates and anything about them here. :) [A/N: This...
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Human shield  by Eremika111
Human shield by Eremika111
Hiro kyaba has a complicated life, he's 13, lives alone and he's a vigilante...
INDESTRUCTIBLE LOVE (Sub.English) by Liyan_34rush
INDESTRUCTIBLE LOVE (Sub.English)by Liyan_34rush
The Tribes of ICE and the Tribe of the FIRE are the two great opposing powers. What happens if the princess of fire tribe and the prince of ice tribe have a pent-up love...
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Here's To Humanity  by bellamywinchester17
Here's To Humanity by Bellamy Winchester
After the apocalypse, Marina is losing small fragments of her memory from the virus that cause the epidemic and killed ninety-eight percent of the earths population. Mar...
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This Is Hardcore by superpfromearth
This Is Hardcoreby Paul Gumagay
A love story. I made this because I wanted to test myself :) Enjoy!
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What Happened In The Woods by _LittleGoldenRose_
What Happened In The Woodsby LittleGoldenRose
I awoke in a sudden. I was in the woods. I got up quickly. I didn't feel any pain in my body. I looked in the far distance. I couldn't see any house or cottage. It was j...
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Patient Zero (Chase Davenport) #FanfictionAwards2016 by WinchesterShepherd
Patient Zero (Chase Davenport) -*WinchesterShepherd*-
(Under heavy editing!!!) Chase Davenport was taken from his family at fifteen years old. He now resides in a government facility off the coast of California. A team of g...
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Indestructible by DJmieHunter04
Indestructibleby ˗ˏˋ jmie ˎˊ˗
Amber is a 24-year old woman who teaches kindergarten students in a famous academy for the elites. She had a boyfriend named Ethan but suddenly, he left her. He just lef...
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Indestructible by once_awake
Indestructibleby S.Lalita
No one really knows the story of the most notorious werewolf hunter in history. Only a name and a path of blood carved in the earth, agony and death. She's a myth, she's...
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Setting skies by Jasmineskittles01
Setting skiesby Jasmineskittles01
Can caelum survive a world she feels like she doesn't belong in? or will she conform to a world she doesn't understand? " I long for love, but I'm not sure love is...
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Indestructible by OmniaEl-Mashad
Indestructibleby Omnia El-Mashad
Avy Cassidy's life is one hell of a rollercoaster. She meets Jake Anderson, the bad boy from next door, when she's fifteen and her life flips a one-eighty. Nine years la...
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Tawni's Turn by fanfictionfiles123
Tawni's Turnby SWAC Fan for Life
If you've ever watched the show Sonny With a Chance then you know about Tawni Hart. It may seem as if she only cares about herself and has the perfect life but there's s...
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INVINCIBLE. by inksplatz
#15 Shanikaxreid
A race against life on an empty track. A young man named Hades with an inability. Finds a way to use it as an advantage with the help of his partner Quirk. Set in 2019...
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Disturbed - Indestructible lyrics by lyrics7081
Disturbed - Indestructible lyricsby lyrics7081
Disturbed - Indestructible lyrics Disclaimer: I do not own this song and I did not write it! Enjoy!
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HorrorZilla Titanium Series by TheFumetsuMultiverse
HorrorZilla Titanium Seriesby TheFumetsuMultiverse
HorrorZilla is back with a remade story. my made up Kaiju will now have new enemies and long 1/3 parts. its time to enter the HorrorZilla. Fumetsu Universes HorrorZilla...
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The Indestructible Girl by NotSoAverage
The Indestructible Girlby Mikayela c:
Amber Mangold was indestructible. After everything she had been through, she learned how to put up walls. She turned to alcohol and self-harming to mask her pain. Nothin...
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Indestructible [PDF] by John R. Bruning by jamuwyba40507
Indestructible [PDF] by John R. jamuwyba40507
Read Indestructible PDF by John R. Bruning Hachette Audio Listen to Indestructible: One Man's Rescue Mission That Changed the Course of WWII audiobook by John R. Bruning...
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