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The Safety Pin Affair by sabbbycat
The Safety Pin Affairby ✨ sabine ✨
Victoria Harris is a bull. Not literally, of course. But she's pretty true to what her zodiac sign says about her. She's stubborn as hell, sarcastic and witty, and...
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The Billionaire's Ex-Wife by GirlAcrossZStreet
The Billionaire's Ex-Wifeby GirlAcrossZStreet
You know how it goes when it comes to romance. One minute your on cloud nine and then you start plummeting. I thought everything would be rainbows and unicorns forever. ...
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You're mine. by sadnessbabe12
You're sadnessbabe12
||#1 Teen Fiction|| Damon Queen- the dangerous, arrogant billionaire who doesn't like it when people disobey him. He never hesitates, he could kill with cold blood and c...
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The Girl Who Broke The Rules by therhythminmysoul
The Girl Who Broke The Rulesby therhythminmysoul
Some say she is a bully. Others that she is a curse to those around her and her family. The truth is, she is just human. Both good and bad. Hazel Hardison is a rich, spo...
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Heiress by Love_Devil08897
Heiressby Ruhanika
Its fan fiction of harry potter. Here Harry is female and goes by name Selene Rosalie Potter-Black nee Evans. It starts after the first year where she listens to Dumbled...
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Epiphany (BWWM) by Enny101
Epiphany (BWWM)by Eniola
"Sometimes a harsh lesson is the right medicine. We take, we lose, we take over, and we get taken over. Welcome to the world of greed." Nalia Andrews a young l...
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Death's Deal by melrose_1010
Death's Dealby Melissa Rose
A Harry Potter Fanfiction After living for over 200 years, and seeing the muggles destroy everything and everyone, Harry James Potter finally gives in to the sweet relea...
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Horizons of Love by RealityvsDreamss
Horizons of Loveby RealityvsDreamss
Survival instincts should kick in like wheels of the plane or landing from la la land results in a fatal crash. In this story, Khushi doesn't leave Delhi nor begs him...
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Two Can Play That Game (Sequel to Playboy Rehab) by ceaselessmind
Two Can Play That Game (Sequel hailey
(**SEQUEL TO PLAYBOY REHAB**) The feeling of rejection does not sit well for both Sebastian Harrison, new CEO of Harrison inc., and Leslie King, his personal publicist...
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I'm Back by XoxNeverAgainxoX
I'm Backby Never again
***UNDER EDITING*** Alex was Edward's first love... He left her to protect her but he didn't come back... Instead he and his family moved to forks where they met Bella;...
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Dangerous In Black (two) by hals20t
Dangerous In Black (two)by thalia
Dallas Cole was a medical practitioner and a very good one at that. She dealt with everything under the sun and as a doctor it was her duty to treat everyone and that's...
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➵ His Soccer Princess | ✔︎ by -ineffablyflawsome
➵ His Soccer Princess | ✔︎by ✧ Lillian.
e d i t i n g | • »»» • extended summary inside • ««« Alexis Cassidy Baxter. Commonly known as Alex. Football; comfort; determined. Jayden Bryce. Commonly known as Jay...
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Reader x Toothless (how to train your dragon) Toothless x Reader by Robin_Neko
Reader x Toothless (how to train Jay
Y/n is a night fury. Thought to be the last one of her kind. And then things changed. Y/n met Toothless. And hiccup. And the twins. Life changed into an adventure. In s...
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The Possessive God of the Underworld Owns Me! by Wolfen
The Possessive God of the Leigh
There's Hell to Pay... But how bad can it possibly get? How about being kidnapped by the God of the Underworld while trying to escape a cheating boyfriend? Not to mentio...
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Playing For Keeps by taywrotethat
Playing For Keepsby taymulaaa 💜
In New York, the money's always long and the bitches are just as bad as the niggas, bonds you would think were unbreakable split and tear at the seams daily. Living in t...
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Arianna's journey by jaystoriess
Arianna's journeyby Jay
Arianna is a biology major and majorette dancer. She swears up and down she doesn't have time for love. But, can East change her mind. Cover made by @bahamimani
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Lost unwanted and rejected by Angel_alert
Lost unwanted and rejectedby Thamar T
LOST UNWANTED AND REJECTED copyrights [©Angel_alert (Thamar T) all right reserves] This wonderful cover was made by: @622Savannah Highest Book Rankings: #1 in Less...
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Facing Rejection by lovetowrite1999
Facing Rejectionby lovetowrite1999
My life was never ordinary, I was never really exposed to the normal of the world. Being a werewolf is never easy, not when being rejected comes into play. Original sto...
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A Captive of Time by Rose_Penn
A Captive of Timeby Rose Penn
Blue Doe is an independent, modern day women. She doesn't take no for an answer and gives the world the middle finger whenever it gets in her way. So, what happens when...
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Love can get another chance? by Dare_devil97
Love can get another chance?by Akshaya
Love can get another chance? revolves around two characters. shivaay and anika who unconditionally in love with each other. but life won't leave anyone to live happily j...
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