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[BTS 21!+ FF] 7 Incubi {BTS x READER !ALL MEMBERS!} by Samjoonforlife
[BTS 21!+ FF] 7 Incubi {BTS x Misty
A story of seven incubi who haunt your new dorm...
i love you › seduce me the otome by lunarjeon
i love you › seduce me the otomeby 🌊
A - S A M - F A N F I C Noelle Cyrene is troubled; having to deal with her brother's mischievous and criminal behavior, and with the last bits of senior year around the...
INCUBI - HQ AU YAOI FANFIC - (discontinued) by akaichi801
INCUBI - HQ AU YAOI FANFIC - ( shewholikesyaoi
Hinata Shouyo and Yamaguchi Tadashi are both Incubuses. But they were different - or weird as what their fellow incubi chose to call them. They're virgins. And now, the...
The Game (Seduce me Otome Matthew x reader) by BlueRoseCalico
The Game (Seduce me Otome BlueRoseCalico
You wake up to find Matthew gone, but he's left behind clues to a game he wants you to play while he runs errands. What is the prize at the end? Read to find out. Matthe...
Almost Monster (Yandere!Monsters x Reader) by UnnaturalSouls
Almost Monster (Yandere!Monsters Unnaturals
Charming men come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them just happen to be monsters with a desire for (Y/N)'s love and affection. The Necromonix Manor welcomes you into a...
Winter Fire by onyxicea
Winter Fireby onyxicea
Reese Odona is a boy who had the pleasure of being born after the war and during a time of peace between the species. Humans were no longer used as slaves and vampires...
Seduce Me Otome The Incubi's stories  by thecursedauthor
Seduce Me Otome The Incubi's thecursedauthor
Welcome one and all to the story's of how my lovely prince and my OC had met. indulge in a fictional world created by Michaela Laws Follow the journey of Sam, James, Er...
Seduce Me: Memories Return by MochiYumms
Seduce Me: Memories Returnby Kawaii Mochi
Based off the otome game "Seduce Me & Seduce Me 2" this is a fan fiction story about what happens when the incubi brothers found out about the true secret on t...
Macchie d'inchiostro by il_corvo_nero
Macchie d'inchiostroby Corvo Nero
Pessime poesie, deliri mentali notturni, rielaborazioni di sogni e incubi, riflessioni su ricordi. Tutto ciò che oltrepassa la mente, che grida di essere impresso su car...
Don't Think Dirty Thoughts! by NomineMujo
Don't Think Dirty Thoughts!by NomineMujo
(Matthew X Reader) Seduce Me the Otome After the incubi take you on a trip to Hawaii, thin's take an awkward turn. Damien suddeny starts to tell weird thin's to Matthew...
I N C U B U S by siruhanooo
I N C U B U Sby clancularius
A two shot. Achieved Rank #1 in Incubi Achieved Rank #50 in Succubus Achieved Rank #148 in Incubus Thankful🧡
Raskal x Female! Reader x Dizmal by TheNekoTeen
Raskal x Female! Reader x Dizmalby BabyFaced(w)hor(e)ror
Y/N is a seventeen year old girl in her final year of high-school and will be graduating in a few months. She finds herself having sleep paralysis however and in her fir...
We and the Incubi [ Seduce Me The Otome Fanfiction ] by Adamervinp
We and the Incubi [ Seduce Me Kono Matsura
Here we are, in the Senior year of high school, two cousins enter a mansion. One to move into the building, and one to help around. As the doors open to reveal their new...
Incubi Haikyuu!! by Annie1Einna
Incubi Haikyuu!!by Annie1Einna
Contains 18+ (lmao im 13) Crossdressing, Yaoi, smut etc
Seduce Me Sam  by LovetoLove07
Seduce Me Sam by LovetoLove07
This is a romantic series based on the game Seduce Me. The love interest of the main character is Sam. His brothers are James, Erick, Matthew, and Damien. So I hope you...
Blood Red {DISCONTINUED} by wattreader252
Blood Red {DISCONTINUED}by wattreader252
Her hair shone in the sun, her eyes gleam with mischief, her beauty irresistible. Athena Hunter, a known name throughout all of Washington. She was known as 'The Local B...
❛LUST❜ | BNHA | BakuDeku | KiriKami | INCOMPLETE by -thebnhamachine
❛LUST❜ | BNHA | BakuDeku | ˗ˏˋ 💚 ˎˊ˗
❝A coward gets scared and quits, a hero gets scared and pushed forward.❞ ❝Yeah, but a hero can be a bore sometimes. Why can't you let loose~?❞ ❝Geez, I never thought you...
Seduce Me The Otome Rp by Beauty_Assassin
Seduce Me The Otome Rpby Sofia Bianchi
Come and join this rp for fun!
Gave You My Heart (Matthew X Oc) Seduce Me Fanfic by Graceceiy
Gave You My Heart (Matthew X Oc) Asora