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The New Avenger: Taming The Beast by StoryWritingObsessed
The New Avenger: Taming The Beastby StoryWritingObsessed
When Agent Arielle Anson gets a new gig with Nick Fury and the Avengers, she's in for something much bigger than she could've ever dreamed of-quite literally. Her brains...
My 'Dash'ing Prince - Teen Dash x Female reader by VickiesStories
My 'Dash'ing Prince - Teen Dash Victoria
Uh-oh, here come's trouble! You're having a bit of trouble telling your parents what you don't want, but agree's anyway. What happens when you get what you want when you...
[The ogrery orgys] (smut) Shrek x Dora x Peppa Pig x All the minions x reader by fuckpickles666
[The ogrery orgys] (smut) Shrek Pickles are disgusting
DISCLAIMER: very nsfw smut and all ages are over 18.I do not support map's or anything of that kind.🔞🔞🔞 A beautiful love story of Shrek, Dora, Peppa (occasianoly Geor...
Celestial || T. ODINSON {DISCONTINUED} by metalarm_h0e
Celestial || T. ODINSON { Lou
❝WHEN I LOOK AT THE S T A R S THEY REMIND ME OF Y O U.❞ the goddess of wisdom was meant to be with the god of thunder, it's as simple as that, right? hey g...
Hellish (Steve Rogers Fan Fiction) by Big_turd_blossom
Hellish (Steve Rogers Fan Fiction)by <3 Kacey <3
"She is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure." -Steve Maraboli *****DISCLAIMER!!! I do not own any...
Sexy Stories by SaraRollins
Sexy Storiesby Sara Rollins
This is my first story I hope you guys like it, please give me feedback and let me know what you guys wanna hear.
Incredible Spider by BreakingPointStories
Incredible Spiderby BreakingPointStories
My first hand at actually trying to write a Spiderman Fanfiction that actually uses Peter Parker as Spiderman. Yay! Also, a crossover of Spiderman (A character drawn to...
bruce banner, LIFELINE  by freehawks
bruce banner, LIFELINE by zennor
in which Parker Miller looses her lifeline and all hell breaks loose. BRUCE BANNER PRE + DURING AVENGERS 2017 - 2018
The Frozen Call~ Ice mages watching their movies by Carla11803
The Frozen Call~ Ice mages Snowflake
Okay, so I've decided to make another installment of the 'watching their movies' series. This time I'm making it with all the ice mages! So the movies will be: ~Frozen (...
Dash x reader by jasythefox103
Dash x readerby Ramen is my motto
You are a girl that moved to a new house and school. You and Mom are the only one in the Family. U meet a boy named Dash Parr but he has a big secret.Lets look back we'r...
Unique by GabbySmith959
Uniqueby GabbySmith959
Skylar is a 17 year old werewolf. She lives in the Red moon pack and was beaten everyday by her pack, her brother and her father. Her parents left when she was 14 but...
Shy Male Reader x DC Super Hero Girls by Rugged_Noodle
Shy Male Reader x DC Super Hero Lieutenant Noodle
A harem. This story will MOSTLY be focused on the main plot of the show. Barely any super shorts will be used unless wanted or needed to. That's all I can say besides...
Eye to eye  by Vinnie-Girlfriend
Eye to eye by Vinnie’s wifey
When a relationship begins because of Instagram...
Out of A Shell (Dash Parr x Fem!Shy!Reader) by moonedusts
Out of A Shell (Dash Parr x Fem! Moon / Dust
(Story takes place years after Incredibles 2, not spoiler free.) Since the times when she was very young, she's constantly wondered what her purpose was. Her parents hav...
funny things from my fandoms by lynxadventure21
funny things from my fandomsby lynxadventure21
Basically the funny thoughts and pics from the fandoms I'm in and also a few thing I ship there will be a few chapters with gay or lesbian couples I will warn u in the d...
Sunny Days (A Bruce Banner Love Story) by RikkiQuest
Sunny Days (A Bruce Banner Love FlamboyantTrainwreck
Sequel to Starry Nights! Here we'll see how Bruce reacts to domestic life and what kind of new adventures await him!
Twisted Love by Thamerafathima26
Twisted Loveby Thamera :-)
Fate played a game, with a tragic twist the most unexpected souls were destined to be one. ---- "STOP! DON'T STEP IN" she yelled, as he was about to step insi...
Helen x Shota Reader by GoldSulfurTitaniumNi
Helen x Shota Readerby Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen
the was requested by a fellow Wattpadder
Dash Parr x Reader {On Hold} by tsuredere
Dash Parr x Reader {On Hold}by Tsure
Y/N l/n is a normal everyday average teenage girl. Or so people thought. She was a super, meaning her job was to protect everyone in Metropolis. Of course she isn't the...
Surprise! by RobinHood37
Surprise!by 𝙍𝙤𝙗𝙞𝙣 𝙃𝙤𝙤𝙙
Everyone knows that the famous Anthony Stark will sleep with anything that has a pulse. So is it really that big of a Surprise! when a girl shows up at the industry clai...