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Shawn Mendes imagines by yycmendes
Shawn Mendes imaginesby yycmendes
I'm still trying to put more up but I hope you enjoy them so far and keep in mind that these are only for fun.
  • shawnmendes
  • imagines
  • incompleted
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The Story of Sarelle: The Immortal Years {INCOMPLETE} by LongLiveMusic17
The Story of Sarelle: The Emma
Sequel to The Story of Sarelle. Sarelle St Clair has been a vampire for 137 years. This story delves into those years and follows the events that happen after the pivota...
  • cullen
  • sarelle
  • incompleted
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Day and Night (Poetry) by TylaStone
Day and Night (Poetry)by Tyla Stone
" I know you are brave because you faced your worst nightmare and called it just a bad dream. " Warning: common symptoms from reading this book include joy, de...
  • lovepoetry
  • sadpoetry
  • freeverse
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Donovan King Breaks the Rules by Shesco
Donovan King Breaks the Rulesby my lov
Donovan King is the impossible. He's the kind of boy that runs with the lions in the daytime and howls with the wolves at night. He's a god in a place where gods dare no...
  • negativity
  • mentalillness
  • adventure
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Please don't leave me! ||YanderexReader|| by WheresMYAngel506
Please don't leave me! || WheresMYAngel506
Female × Reader Yandere Gore (Lemon?????)
  • xreader
  • request
  • yandere
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speedwagon Looks Up Porn by SquirrelyJoel
speedwagon Looks Up Pornby Squirrely Joel
Cum inside me baba
  • pixeltoast
  • sanic
  • incompleted
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These Creations by TylerJacobs3
These Creationsby Tyler Jacobs
A compilation of my poetry
  • incompleted
  • inspirational
  • poetrycollection
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The Girl by ngcs79
The Girlby ngcs79
The girl, Lisa
  • classic
  • incompleted
  • interesting
Why by _tamla
Whyby _tamla
Based on the story "after" by Morris gletizman, I was really heartbroken by this story, and I'd like to share my story with you now. Why did the war have to st...
  • wwii
  • after
  • incompleted
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Lorelei's Pixies by A_EBooks
Lorelei's Pixiesby A_EBooks
Lorelei Jankins lived on the edge of Timber Forest with her grandmother in a little cottage built years before her. Lorelei loved going into the forest to Hollow Tree, a...
  • sequoia
  • utahhorse100
  • cool
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Incompleted Stories by PrivyOps
Incompleted Storiesby PrivyOps
Cover art is not mine. It just looks awesome so I used it. Here you'll see a variation of length in the stories I upload here that I never got around to finishing. Leave...
  • jasonstory
  • incompleted
  • shortstory
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Selfish Thoughts by MercuryK
Selfish Thoughtsby MercuryK
From a black child to another BLACK child I'm writing so you may understand the selfish scriptures
  • spititual
  • literature
  • poetry
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Three in One by mayzealand
Three in Oneby Julia
"This shouldn't be happening. No -- this can't be happening. I wrote up these characters, heck, I play them. And yet, here they are, right in front of me." Lin...
  • usnavi
  • incompleted
  • hamilton
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Love struck by Lindaphnn
Love struckby Lindaphnn
As primary school life comes to and end, Amanda enters the big world of what is called high school. Her mind never really came across boys, in fact she hated them, but h...
  • adventure
  • incompleted
  • humor
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My Art Book  by ermy0423
My Art Book by Ermy0423
This is a collection of my artwork. (WARNING: Slow updates)
  • art
  • artbook
  • incompleted
Furry RP by The-SCP-Guy
Furry RPby The SCP Guy
This RP has a slight more direction. If you'd like to join, that's fine. Please note this is an adult-ish RP. Cover made by thanshuhai on DeviantArt.
  • furry
  • rp
  • roleplay
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In A Blink Of An Eye by M_Aziah
In A Blink Of An Eyeby M_Aziah
"One moment I'm almost finished" I stated as I quickly put my hair supplies up & grabbed my clothes off the floor. "Hurry up girl I have several clients t...
  • royalty
  • supernatural
  • fantasy-romance
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chosen by autumnzbreeze
chosenby autumnzbreeze
They destroyed her home. They chose her. They might kill her. She must fight for her life. ****** Dani Lewis was with her best friend when they destroyed her home. E...
  • sarcasm
  • incompleted
  • adventure
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Tips when getting a boyfriend  by jadenator_ollymurs
Tips when getting a boyfriend by jadenator_ollymurs
  • random
  • boyfriend
  • neverdegradeyourself
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