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Mrs Single by sugichand
Mrs Singleby sugichand
The course of life is unpredictable and so is marriage. "Marriage is union of two souls" said my granny and yes marriage is union of two incompatible individu...
  • polesapart
  • erotic
  • marriage
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#Completedff Randhir and Sanyukta got married under circumstances Sanyukta tried to work on this bond but apparently failed due to randhir's doubtful nature and obse...
  • arrangemarriage
  • completed
  • sandhirff
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Incompatible Beings (Aphmau AU) by two_kawaii_potatoes
Incompatible Beings (Aphmau AU)by two_kawaii_potatoes
3 friends get hurt and only 1 of them are surviving. The other two are dying slowly. Their friends are nice enough to go into a mysterious portal to get the remedy to sa...
  • laurmau
  • incompatible
  • fanfiction
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Moments by mind-she
Momentsby mind-she
A collection of moments i had with him.
  • shy
  • school
  • incompatible
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Stubborn Hearts by _breezes_
Stubborn Heartsby Ally The Asian
Annalise Starman. Expectation: petite, graceful, blonde and blue-eyed donned in pink frills attending luncheons at the country club. Doting parents and silver spoons. T...
  • love
  • werewolves
  • incompatible
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Falling Out by Aurora077
Falling Outby Aurora077
At least I knew all about falling in love. It was the falling out that I couldn't manage. - Olive Senior
  • hermione
  • viktorkrum
  • fallingoutoflove
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A Poem from Space by Luzel_hime
A Poem from Spaceby Luzel_hime
The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, The Earth. Can Love be compared to them??
  • star
  • incompatible
  • love
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Inside One's Heart by azurechris
Inside One's Heartby Ririe Salvacion
Every lonely heart has a story to tell.
  • sad
  • incompatible
  • she
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Incongruent. by durbanskies
#10 Feyre
This is a story about boy meets girl. However, the girl that this boy, in particular, meets is no ordinary spectacle. This is the story of Flynn Rivers and an extraordin...
  • fiction
  • eccentric
  • teen
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a.m by signaturepurple
a.mby 这是一个秘密
this is a book of poetry that you will relate to i pinky swear.
  • poetry
  • poet
  • heartbreak
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Incompatible by SamandRoshelle
Incompatibleby SamandRoshelle
in·com·pat·i·ble /ˌinkəmˈpatəbəl;/ adjective (of two things) so opposed in character as to be incapable of existing together. those two things happen to be Caitlin Ross...
  • highschool
  • assholes
  • incompatible
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Incompatible by abrams_
Incompatibleby Abrams
Incompatible (adj) - (of two things) so opposed in character as to be incapable of existing together
  • love
  • poetry
  • poem
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Incompatible by ameena__m
Incompatibleby Ameena ⚯͛
Clove and Summer couldn't be more alike. They looked the same, they liked the same boy, they hate eachother, and you can't forget that they're sisters-twin sisters. When...
  • twins
  • incompatible
  • enemies
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Incompatible by rileydromedary37
Incompatibleby rileydromedary37
Of course all schools have separation between people. It's like social hierarchy. There are the nerds/geeks, popular girls, jocks, goths, wallflowers, and others in betw...
  • funny
  • nerds
  • girlfriend
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Irrésistible by mxnonn_
Irrésistibleby mxnonn_
  • romanpouradolescents
  • incompatible
  • amour
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