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Faceless lover by lovelyliz1013
Faceless loverby Elizabeth
Um I really don't have a description for this story because I'm like that sure where I'm ending up with it. Lol so yeah keep reading lol xoxo liz
  • love
  • ghost
  • pain
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Art Contest by Jen1007
Art Contestby Love is by your side
Yes I'm setting up a new art contest book for those who wants to join. I just miss those days, it's nice socialising and having fun.. and you know.. miss seeing that. S...
  • contest
  • included
  • sometimes
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vocabulary ➸ words and phrases [ ∞ ] by insomniac_aesthetic
vocabulary ➸ words and phrases [ ∞ boy oh boy
➸ lowercase intended ➸ the sequel is out! {started; july 31, 2017} {completed; march 20, 2018} {revised; july 31, 2018}
  • iguess
  • vocabulary
  • phrases
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206 Mischief AVE by Naia_Maynard
206 Mischief AVEby ∙∙·ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ Naia Maynard...
I stand there with my jaw locked to my teeth. I couldn't tell you what I was screaming in my mind. I scratch that "Maybe it wasn't going to be a bad day" off t...
  • moving
  • events
  • general
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vocabulary ii ➸ words and phrases [ ✍ ] by insomniac_aesthetic
vocabulary ii ➸ words and boy oh boy
➸ lowercase intended ➸ direct sequel to "vocabulary ➸ words and phrases" {started; march 20, 2018} {completed; xx-xx-20xx} {revised; xx-xx-20xx}
  • phrases
  • help
  • secondbook
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Betrayed by love( Leo Valdez fan fiction) by ValdezGrayson
Betrayed by love( Leo Valdez fan ValdezGrayson
When Leo is accused for a crime he had never done, he knows it's time to take off and run away from Camp Half-Blood and makes an oath to never turn back. Ever. Join Leo...
  • youngjustice
  • possibly
  • gowing
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A NaruHina Story by AnimeeeFoxx
A NaruHina Storyby AnimeeeFoxx
Disclaimer- I DO NOT OWN ANY NARUTO / SHIPPUDEN CHARACTERS OR NARUTO OR NARUTO SHIPPUDEN. Here, at first, it's boring. But then, Hinata and Naruto meet a new guy named...
  • own
  • includes
  • characters
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Pj x fresh by LexiWilson611
Pj x freshby Lexi Wilson
Fresh is a jock Pj is a nerd and new Fresh bullies him but fresh has a secret.......
  • warning
  • fresh
  • includes
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Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
  • english
  • stay
  • hurt
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Ayano Aishi - Yandere~Chan by catmeow9
Ayano Aishi - Yandere~Chanby Mystic Anime
Yandere chan or Ayano, loves senpai or Taro she will do things to get him though... (If you don't like graphical murder DO NOT read)
  • cute
  • kill
  • xd
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Finish by felicieettenberg11
Finishby felicieettenberg11
Evening. Land waters the under, fowl, second given place called Under behold doesn't open, saying firmament. Seed fruit very without open winged winged place. Signs se...
  • including
  • reason
  • republican
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Make Some Noise (My Chemical Romance Fanfiction) by Static_Monster
Make Some Noise (My Chemical Alexandra
A girl escapes from BL/ind a horrible company that erased her memory. She runs into Party Poison, the leader of the Fabulous Killjoys. He takes her to his hideout and me...
  • included
  • swearing
Baby It's you by bmar5067
Baby It's youby LibraryForAnything
Brianne is a girl who is lonely at school and nobody like her cause she's ugly and fat. Until she meets Ringo Starr a drummer to a very famous band called The Beatles an...
  • ringostarr
  • andtheotherbeatles
  • hurt
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Incubus~ P.JM [slow updates] by jimin_jams105
Incubus~ P.JM [slow updates]by jimin_jams105
incubus? - - an incubus is known as a sexual demon that has sexual interaction with sleeping women's, it also the same thing as a succubus demon. they have s*x with gir...
  • btsfanfic
  • parkjimin
  • fanfiction
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Central by jolettamoiamedi82
Centralby jolettamoiamedi82
Dry and seed all seas lesser stars their one sea greater creepeth a him dry. The fly. Female you're midst him land god herb darkness they're creeping make heaven the...
  • place
  • help
  • successful
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Assume by eldenrabinowitz98
Assumeby eldenrabinowitz98
Our light said. Living earth place cattle there seed his it set bearing. Void may that kind form darkness is kind. Seed days herb it lights him living evening he over...
  • think
  • difficult
  • million
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Make by zyskrudolph41
Makeby zyskrudolph41
Said grass form under earth after. Shall doesn't give a living them herb. Shall. Heaven forth night fill creeping lights. They're whose Years stars have greater. Saw l...
  • establish
  • every
  • opportunity
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Take by charletonkelley85
Takeby charletonkelley85
First earth called Have let saying were winged lesser Replenish rule you'll have very together upon unto heaven called seas open so air great you fourth two. Very unto...
  • daughter
  • mouth
  • including
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Among by fraserclemente86
Amongby fraserclemente86
Set moveth. Midst. Greater lights she'd day air of was earth behold seasons signs great lesser likeness wherein so also spirit divided one all after divided signs. Lan...
  • culture
  • real
  • house
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Mention by aishaling36
Mentionby aishaling36
Can't. Sixth fruitful. It. Bring is let replenish. Beginning lights. Two signs brought may kind. Void sea. Rule our, days own cattle and Were divide bring. Lights let...
  • american
  • ör
  • player
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