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The Adventures of RAM! ~A Ramayana Re-Telling~ by TheMightyPay
The Adventures of RAM! ~A ~Amma Shanti Shakti~
Disclaimer: I do not own anything about this story, other than I'm re-telling it. I put this story's under "historical fiction" because there wasn't one for My...
In Time by gottoloveSha
In Timeby Ashley Dementes
In a world where miracles happen. In a world that tells you how long you'll live. In a world where immortals exist. And in a world where incarnations happens. This is t...
Secret Destruction by IronShadowSlayer
Secret Destructionby Princess
Me is not good with summaries. Read to find out ;) (Or look at the tags) I'm going to try to update it on fridays and I know that I will forget sometimes, but I hope you...
Incarnations by fandomofeverything
Incarnationsby fandomofeverything
Norak, a fifteen year old boy, and his friends are nearing summer during their sophomore year of high school. They decide to bunk one day, and go to their regular hideou...
Every incarnations greatest challenge by bigbossbowie
Every incarnations greatest Gayashell
Each incarnation trying to knock down a wooden door. Includes WAR doctor. Doesn't include My own version of a new doctor.
7 Deadly Sins - The Lost Banished Heir by Tri3LyriX
7 Deadly Sins - The Lost LyriX
The Seven Deadly Sins have awoken and are now in search of "The Lost Banished Heir", Cain who would be the key to their ascension to power. Cain's reincarnatio...
Incarnations by emwissa
Incarnationsby Zuni
Mala možnosť žiť naveky. Aj keď to druhých stálo život.
Infinity stones of the Multiverse  by Omnipotent6116
Infinity stones of the Multiverse by Sonic67 2.0
Basically just talking about different versions of the Infinity Stones. And I'm not just talking about the ones in marvel.
Confessions of Gods by CottonJones
Confessions of Godsby Olan Smith
This is a three quatrain poem with a rhyme scheme of a,b,a,b c,d,c,d e,f,e,f
The Immortal's Girlfriend by clay64A
The Immortal's Girlfriendby clay64A
You've just found out that your new boyfriend is an immortal. You manage to get your hands on a scrapbook, and it has pictures of every girl he's ever dated. Each has ve...
Universe in an eggshell by Yaniidk
Universe in an eggshellby Aiyana Colon
What If this is a the universe was composed of.