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Where Darkness Lurks by Kyla-Gilbert
Where Darkness Lurksby Kyla Gilbert
"Do you trust me?" he asked stepping closer, his face so close to mine I can feel his breath on my cheeks. do I trust him? well, I am in the middle of the wood...
  • demons
  • vampire
  • romance
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Kaiden by mihstakess
Kaidenby mihstakes
"One more thing kitten." He pulled me close to him, my back almost touching his bare stomach. He put his head close to my neck. I could feel his hot breath aga...
  • boyfriend
  • inannasarkis
  • school
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How We Met | A Twannah Story by Omgwhyweneeduser
How We Met | A Twannah Storyby Omgwhyweneeduser
*COMPLETED* *#9 in hannahstocking* "I wanna spend my life with only you, Hannah." Twan said as he was staring into my eyes deeply. Weirdly, I didn't look off t...
  • inannasarkis
  • hannahstocking
  • twannah
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Zuripons- Behind The Scenes by sushilizzie152
Zuripons- Behind The Scenesby slusheee ⚡️
We all have our fantasies, but the real deal? Its not exactly the Cinderella story we imagined. Celebrities have real lives too, but it's hard to keep them running when...
  • fanfic
  • lizakoshy
  • lelepons
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new start by france_the_savage
new startby france_the_savage
your name is inanna and you and Alissa were the first girls on team 10 let's see what heads more
  • juanoazurita
  • imanthonytruj
  • team10
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Perfect. by munawinky
#6 Stephanie Steven
What happens when Zara and her best friend go to a one direction concert and a certain curly haired boy takes a liking to her.
  • perrieedwards
  • jadethirlwall
  • kendalljenner
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Miss Central Intelligence  by eh_jordyn
Miss Central Intelligence by Jordyn_25
"You can't but a tomboy in a dress them expect her not to wear combat boots."
  • mindykaling
  • emmaroberts
  • sandrabullock
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Our Song||Cameron Dallas Fanfic|| by eh_jordyn
Our Song||Cameron Dallas Fanfic||by Jordyn_25
It all start when that one song started to play. You just have to give it your all cause it's your song. Well I can say at least I shared that song with another person...
  • jackgilinsky
  • carterreynolds
  • hayesgrier
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Zuripons- Match Made In Heaven's Heaven by sushilizzie152
Zuripons- Match Made In Heaven's slusheee ⚡️
Years of fame, drama, friendship, and college all lead up to the day where Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita get an apartment together after a long move back to Los Angeles. A...
  • lelepons
  • twankuyper
  • teenfiction
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legend  (whydontwe fan fiction) by FranceSanchez0
legend (whydontwe fan fiction)by France Sanchez
you and your 4 friends lead to l.a not knowing that destiny holds great spaces for you whith charm , disgraceful, lies , cheat and important love
  • corbyn
  • jack
  • inannasarkis
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Past Tense by sushilizzie152
Past Tenseby slusheee ⚡️
No one ever would've thought that in a small Miami high school, a random girl would become one of the most admirable celebrities. After getting a new app called Vine, El...
  • juanpazurita
  • hannahstocking
  • romance
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Zauvijek Zaglavljeni by loreleitostes
Zauvijek Zaglavljeniby ❤
  • spanish
  • inannasarkis
  • serbian
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Different Types of PHOBIAS by justtheunknown
Different Types of PHOBIASby NOT ME OR YOU
So my friend, Coleen, is a really shy person. She's an absulote introvert but her mind is full of imaginations that you can't even imagine. I thought to myself "She...
  • ryanhiga
  • documentary
  • cartoonnetwork
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His Assistant [h.s.] •HOLD by filipinafairy
His Assistant [h.s.] •HOLDby a.j.
I was there when he got drunk. I was there when he didn't know what meeting he was scheduled to have the next day. I was there when he needed to break down and the world...
  • popstar
  • niallhoran
  • liampayne
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·Lost Boys· [A.U.] by cheriidenyse
·Lost Boys· [A.U.]by CHERIIDENYSE
"I'd never dreamed this would be my way of life... but it is. It is for all of us. All of us boys... Us LOST boys..." Copyright 2018© All Rights Reserved. Co-A...
  • camerondallas
  • dolantwins
  • evanpeters
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