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Naughty CEO & Cutie PA by Satz18
Naughty CEO & Cutie PAby Sathya
Born with Silver Spoon, Reserved, Moody type and more of an attitude person. But all his born nature changed as soon as he fall in love with the person he used to admire...
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My Tom-Boy Girlfriend by Tarana_B
My Tom-Boy Girlfriendby Tarana B
~~~~~~~~~~~~ Peaked to #173 Under Short Story Category as on 3/3/2017 Featured as Top #203 Rank Under Short story Category as on Feb 2017 Back to #235 Rank under Short S...
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Random Facts- Cool facts to Impress Your Family Book 1 by VivienLettner
Random Facts- Cool facts to ViviUAE
Random facts to blow your mind
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Impressed - Matsuoka Rin x Minori-sama by _milkeu_
Impressed - Matsuoka Rin x MIYU
This is a request I got from Quotev. My friends birthday was a while ago and she requested this one shot as I wanted to give her something! I hope you all enjoy it even...
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Through sickness and in health...(boyxboy) by ON3PI3C3
Through sickness and in health...( ON3PI3C3
Devon was your typical 20 year old male, until he got into a bad car accident. When Devon went and got a blood transfusion, he got HIV's. Devon can't sue the Hospital s...
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You Saved Me From Myself (Aston Merrygold fanfic) by danielouissmith
You Saved Me From Myself (Aston Danielle
Aston moves to a new school but as a geek he doesn't really fit in. Kylie is a bad but popular girl who sleeps around and doesn't want to change her care free attitude...
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Love Scenario by Ha1ZiQ
Love Scenarioby
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The ''Perfect" couple by Tessa_x
The ''Perfect" coupleby Tessa_x
Tiffany is the school's popular girl,she's smart,pretty and basically EVERYTHING! Her enemy? The slut,Stacey.. Will she be able to love after a heart-breaking incident b...
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Tea Break by Hainachu
Tea Breakby Air Bender
A Collection of Short Stories Short stories to enjoy with a nice cup of tea or coffee, and a biscuit.
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Chasing The Bad Side [ON HOLD] by Sunlight123
Chasing The Bad Side [ON HOLD]by Sunlight123
Sweet, quiet, smart and a cheerleader is what Jenna Jones is. But that all changed since she met Chace. Jenna was still that sweet girl, but no longer was she quiet, and...
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Beautiful Empty Life: The Paradox of Instagram & FB by oliport
Beautiful Empty Life: The oliport
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How to Impress Girls by dramoinehead
How to Impress Girlsby Valar Morghulis
Well Guys! As a girl I've seen how guys miserably fail when it comes to impressing girls..if not all..a few guys are weak in this field.So here is a perfect handbook for...
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Everyone changes.... by Jordancantfly
Everyone Jordan
Stop bullying ~~
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