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Yours tonight [NamJin] by Saafedea10heart
Yours tonight [NamJin]by Saafedea
"What are you Namjoon?" Jin asked in a shaky voice while remaining eye contact with his friend "Why do you ask a question you already know the answer to...
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Fem vampire izuku by SavageOfTheOpera
Fem vampire izukuby Patrick thomas redwood
Izuku has already manifest her quirk but her quirk is a vampire and she much dangerous because she loves blood and she gets crazy on the night but she was scared because...
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To be a Mortal in Love {Legolas X Aragon} by catstieeel
To be a Mortal in Love {Legolas e l i s h a
Legolas loves Aragorn and Aragorn loves Legolas, but Aragorn is going to die... It sucks to be a mortal in love
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VAMPIRE WITCH FEM IZUKUby Patrick thomas redwood
Same like the other one but she was the oldest creature because she was 240 years older than anyone and she knows all for one and she also the best friend of few succes...
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The Past by Aliyakhan2628
The Pastby Aliya khan
The past. The past is story of a young girl Ally Petson and her family. Who has recently shifted in their house. There are some quite Rumors about this house that it's h...
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Hell Scotz University by 26_BITCH
Hell Scotz Universityby alyana yumul
Here.. Emty.. Those words is emty Love.. Nothing... Vapire Wolf Totoo man o hindi Hindi ko alam Pero sa school nato Nalaman ko ang lahat... *******...
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Gods and Goddesses (BTS Jimin×Reader) by BTSJiminiebabe
Gods and Goddesses (BTS Jimin× JIMINIE
(Greek Gods) (Jimin×reader) The story of the sons and the daughters of the Gods and Goddesses. This story has a revenge and rebellion parts/chapters in this story. I hop...
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The World Walker by Runedbooknerd
The World Walkerby Lil_noodle
It is all simple, 'easy'. I then use my power and change my clothes within a blink of an eye, gone is the gorgeous, flowing dress I arrived in, as I now wear the simpli...
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safe. by actuallyitsstar
#9 it's star. 🖤💔
(a Rise of the Tomb Raider [video game] Fanfiction) | There was no one he would not save, if given the opportunity, but she'd be a fool if she thought he could leave her...
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Nico joins The Order of The Phoenix by auoroa
Nico joins The Order of The Phoenixby auoroa
What happens when the wizards of the order grow desperate for help with the war with Voldemort? Who do they contact for help . What happens when that person is none othe...
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Vampire Mate (BangTwice) by misakamikoto04
Vampire Mate (BangTwice)by 김민열
There are four girls who are siblings. Their step mother hate them and abuse them. One day at midnight their step mother brought them to a middle of a forest. They found...
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Never Ending  {a hp fanfic} by Abiza_Xxxx
Never Ending {a hp fanfic}by Abiza_Xxxx
It was dark. There was no stars in the sky instead a large brooding ash cloud, thrusting lightning, screaming thunder and crying rain. As the clouds morned the loss of t...
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My Friends and I are Supernatural  by _Angelina_XX
My Friends and I are Supernatural by Angelina
I wake up to the sound of my moms screams. I panic. I get out of bed and rush to the side of my door as quickly and as quietly as I possibly can. I lean against the wal...
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Hollywood's New Brad Pitt In Love With Me. A Nobody. by TheHotAngel101
Hollywood's New Brad Pitt In Kim
Belle is a nobody, a misfit, everyone hates her until glamerous, world hottie Eddy Charlton comes to her school. Knowing his deathly secret she hates him from the minuit...
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Bane Legacy. |ShadowHunters| by EdenJones
Bane Legacy. |ShadowHunters|by Kacey
Relic Bane. Name sound familiar? That's because she's Magnus Banes sister. Meaning she has to live up to Magnus, difficult, right? Keep reading and you'll see.
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The greek gods child.. by la_kinda67
The greek gods la_kinda67
lallam was young, stupid, carefree.. but that never stopped her for doing what she wanted. for getting what she wanted.. so I guess that night when she met Heath she wen...
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A Long Way From Home by 0GhostInTheWind0
A Long Way From Homeby ~Ghost~
I guess in all the time you've known me....You thought that I was something different....Something new.....But just like you.....A hope....But that's the problem.....The...
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The Ghostbuster's little girl.  by PrincessCat2002
The Ghostbuster's little girl. by Princess Cat
Kylie Griffen has graduated college and married her childhood best friend Jack and after a few years of marriage they have a beautiful baby girl. Catherine is a curiou...
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Dionysus by XXXTaeYoonmin
Dionysusby TaeTae’s main beech
He was the life of the party He was the head of our class He was the international Playboi He ws the bad boy He was the dancers He was the psychologist He was the mode...
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As Armas do Gênio Imortal Vol. 1 by ErnestoAguiarCostaNe
As Armas do Gênio Imortal Vol. 1by Ernesto Aguiar Costa Neto
Em um futuro muito distante, a humanidade voltou a se reerguer com os restos da antiga civilização. Por estas terras, existem as Armas de Icarus que foram fundidas com a...
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