Shorty (Slowly Editing) by rachstylesxoxo
Shorty (Slowly Editing)by Rachel
  • kid
  • kisses
  • girlfriend
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Drowning Lessons by Shi-Ne13
Drowning Lessonsby FallenAngle
"Learn to swim without me, for I may not be there to save you when you're out of breath" You will know everything about a kind in the way on how they treat the...
  • horror
  • angels
  • adventure
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My daddy by submissive_R_x
My daddyby Submissive_R_x
Immy has had a rough life and she thinks things are never going to get better... until she meets Zac. Will Zac change everything or will Immy slip back into darkness?
  • book
  • naughty
  • immy
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Midnight rain by HeddaB
Midnight rainby Hedda
Imogen was just living her normal life, hanging out with friends, having fights with her siblings, excited for beginning on vgs. But when she meets Nathaniel St. Gryffit...
  • romantic
  • imogen
  • girlpov
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Roden, House of Havanila  by carthyan_confessions
Roden, House of Havanila by brookibee4
It's been years since the Great War, Carthya has slowly been reforming, an alliance with Mendenwal has brought promised riches to Carthyan vaults... but to the north, th...
  • theascendancdtrilogy
  • originalcharacters
  • suspense
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her by lilac-stars
herby angel
Dahlia is a sweet girl, who used to be friends with her bully, Acacia. Ever since THE incident, Acacia treats Dahlia like she's actual dirt. What Acacia doesn't realize...
  • play
  • lesbian
  • wattys2018
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Snowflake Kisses by xmairix
Snowflake Kissesby Mairi
Imogen takes her figure skating very seriously. What with nationals looming just around the corner, she was planning on skating every waking moment. And then James happ...
  • good
  • snow
  • shortstory
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Ascendance Trilogy ~ The Lost Princess of Carthya by AshleyGraceZeus
Ascendance Trilogy ~ The Lost Fandom Warrior™
I am Sarah. No, I don't remember my last name. All I know is, I was born in Carthya. I was then kidnapped from my family by the Avenian pirates. Over the hectic years, I...
  • jaron
  • latamer
  • ascendancetrilogy
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Jake and Ella by CallMeImmi
Jake and Ellaby Imogen Caleigh
My name is Isabella Marie Kane and his is Jacob Ethan Melrose. I'm a cheerleader with near perfect grades and he's a skater who somehow passed each year. We're the forme...
  • cheerleading
  • bad
  • year
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