I'm Not Okay {FIN} by -yxungest
I'm Not Okay {FIN}by GAmer ♉
*MY FIRST BOYXBOY!* Zayden: a teen boy who doesn't know the definition of friends and family and wonders why he's in therapy when he's "normal and simple." B...
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I am not okay. finn wolfhard x reader by M00NFACE
I am not okay. finn wolfhard x M00NFACE
,,Because guess what idiot" ,,what?" Finn looked at me with a little smirk. ,,I'm not okay, I never was. You hurt me like- the point is, I have feeling, Okay...
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My Problematic Public Digital Diary! by thelovelylaurens
My Problematic Public Digital TheLovelyLaurens
Oh boy... here we go. My life is an utter mess, and I don't want to write my struggles down where my family could see them. So, I'll share them with you, my beautiful in...
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My Randomness 2.0 by saracha-sauce
My Randomness 2.0by TheyCallMeSnowcone
The sequel to my crazy, yet boring, life! I update at any time. Sometimes there will be seventeen updates in a day, sometimes I'll go a month without one. You'll never k...
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anx·i·e·ty by unreasonablyobsessed
anx·i·e·tyby A
you were six and you're never good enough. you do this wrong, you did that right -but not quite. you were six. and you're never good enough. you're thirteen and ain't...
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i like you • CRUSH QUOTES by jaadynoliviaa
i like you • CRUSH QUOTESby jadyn olivia
In which a girl vents about the person that will never be hers.
  • romance
  • iwantyou
  • broken
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Suicidal thoughts  by Falloutboy1122
Suicidal thoughts by L͓̽a͓̽u͓̽r͓̽e͓̽n͓̽ W͓̽a͓̽t͓̽s...
Pete asks Patrick if he wants to get pizza but finds Patrick on the floor in the bathroom cutting. Patrick runs away only to run into Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie, he then...
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Gerard Way x Reader Smut by _madison_young_
Gerard Way x Reader Smutby maddy
Frick frack gimmi some of dat emo crack.
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my dreams - au by noxshows
my dreams - auby amna u rats
"take that bat shit off of you" he said.
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How To Get Over MCR by A_Peggy
How To Get Over MCRby Emo Trash
It's in the name...
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Feelings Can Kill by nobodyimporantrealle
Feelings Can Killby nobodyimportant
More To Come... Just some short shitty poetry x
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Unpredictable  by Derppiest
Unpredictable by The Useless Panda
This is a pretty fucking weird story. I'm so sorry for your imagination.
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Some Actual Poems That I Work Hard On by My_Chemical_Stump
Some Actual Poems That I Work rad
Read the damn title
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How I Feel by MorganDye093
How I Feelby Morgan Dye
This is how I feel everyday. I may seem happy, but in reality, I'm not.
  • depressingthings
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Paradichlorobenzene by Strange_Dark_Child
Paradichlorobenzeneby Strange Dark
Based off of the song Paradichlorobenzene.
  • neko
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  • kagamine
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I'm okay isn't good enough anymore by KMaeve7
I'm okay isn't good enough anymoreby -\(ツ)/-
I'm okay isn't good enough anymore. I'm okay isn't good enough anymore. I'm okay isn't good enough anymore. I'm okay isn't good enough anymore. I'm okay isn't good enoug...
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Just Read Me by Common_Sense_Is_Rare
Just Read Meby Common_Sense_Is_Rare
Just a place for me to write and for you to see what I write. I truly hope you enjoy the things I write and if you don't well, I guess you shouldn't keep reading then. A...
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