I'm Not Okay {FIN} by -yxungest
I'm Not Okay {FIN}by GAmer ♉
*MY FIRST BOYXBOY!* Zayden: a teen boy who doesn't know the definition of friends and family and wonders why he's in therapy when he's "normal and simple." B...
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Hitler x Reader (OFFENSIVE) by AndrewsFuckery
Hitler x Reader (OFFENSIVE)by Andrew Miller
OFFENSIVE AS FUCK FAM I am not a Nazi, this is just for the fun of it. I am fucking stupid and I a super goddamn bored
  • weirdshit
  • jesus
  • ineedhelp
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♡Paper Hearts♡ by yeetyoteboat
♡Paper Hearts♡by hmmm
I don't own the cover. 'wow who put a stick up his ass' i thought as a boy taller then me pushed through the halls with a deadpan expression. I popped out one of my ear...
  • fluff
  • shoto×izuku
  • tododeku
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I come here to vent okay... by Blood_Siren22
I come here to vent I'm a mess but it's ok
I think I'm depressed... but I don't wanna burden anyone.this isn't related to tlh in any way.please don't say im doing this for attention cause im not.i just come here...
  • anxiety
  • stress
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anx·i·e·ty by unreasonablyobsessed
anx·i·e·tyby A
you were six and you're never good enough. you do this wrong, you did that right -but not quite. you were six. and you're never good enough. you're thirteen and ain't...
  • anxietydisorder
  • anxiety
  • suicidalthoughts
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I need help by _youre_gay_
I need helpby 1-800-leave-me-alone
This book is joke just like my life
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Well if you wanted honesty by Achanceofprecipsatan
Well if you wanted honestyby Achanceofprecipsatan
Im not okay/Killjoys crossover
  • imnotokay
  • mcr
  • dangerdays
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My Mind's Happy Place by Common_Sense_Is_Rare
My Mind's Happy Placeby Common_Sense_Is_Rare
Just a place for me to write and for you to see what I write. I truly hope you enjoy the things I write and if you don't well, I guess you shouldn't keep reading then. A...
  • talktomeifyouneedto
  • alone
  • imokay
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My Randomness 2.0 by saracha-sauce
My Randomness 2.0by TheyCallMeSnowcone
The sequel to my crazy, yet boring, life! I update at any time. Sometimes there will be seventeen updates in a day, sometimes I'll go a month without one. You'll never k...
  • random
  • rants
  • rantingaboutlife
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Yeah, I do art by Will_Joseph
Yeah, I do artby Mr. Grey Sky
This is basically just pieces of trash that usually I'm not proud of but I'll still share them with the world I guess. I guess there will also be some stories from art e...
  • okay
  • ihatemyself
  • ihatethis
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"yo, what the FUCK?" by _trashcan182_
"yo, what the FUCK?"by reese
don't bother this makes absolutely no sense im not even joking send help have fun reading the random things I think of when I'm tired
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I'm Not Okay (Will Destroya) by Mel-UrIero-Weekes
I'm Not Okay (Will Destroya)by • Ma∂ ﻉ ℓ ٱ и ﻉ •
This is a Reader x Character fan fiction. The reader, that's you, plays as Nicole Hall in this journey. Continuing from our last seen friends starts a new journey ahead...
  • adventure
  • frnkieroandthepatience
  • gerardway
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My Poems by TheICJK
My Poemsby JACKIE
All the poems I write in my notebook in school when I'm trying not to cry
  • poetry
  • imnotokay
  • help
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A Kirumputin Fanfiction  by Kirumputin
A Kirumputin Fanfiction by Suga Daddies
The three greatest leaders of all time have a pleasurable "meeting".
  • trump
  • rimjob
  • gay
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I'm not okay (Frerard) **SMUT** by laura-iris
I'm not okay (Frerard) **SMUT**by laura
Okay my username changed since I posted this, that's why it says ___lauraf___ so please ignore that and yeah. It's straight down smut, hardly any plot, and if you think...
  • nightmare
  • frerard
  • mcr
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Suicidal thoughts  by Falloutboy1122
Suicidal thoughts by L͓̽a͓̽u͓̽r͓̽e͓̽n͓̽ W͓̽a͓̽t͓̽s...
Pete asks Patrick if he wants to get pizza but finds Patrick on the floor in the bathroom cutting. Patrick runs away only to run into Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie, he then...
  • patrickstump
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Gerard Way x Reader Smut by _madison_young_
Gerard Way x Reader Smutby challenge mcgee
Frick frack gimmi some of dat emo crack.
  • mcr
  • thisstoryisajoke
  • gerardway
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Encouraging Words by thelovelylaurens
Encouraging Wordsby An Old Friend
I was feeling bad one day, and I wanted to create a book where I could help other people not feel bad... Anyways here's this:3
  • beautiful
  • imnotokay
  • bodypositivity
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in the dark by 011ElevenWheeler
in the darkby 011ElevenWheeler
just trample my heart on the way out
  • sad
  • depression
  • imnotokay
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baby blue is my aesthetic by MinSugaKooky
baby blue is my aestheticby kory’s son
Hi, welcome to 'baby blue is my aesthetic'. This is where you can come to get to know more about me, Han Changbin! ...If you want to though. No pressure. I'll still writ...
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