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The Zombie Whisperer by Siratrem
The Zombie Whispererby Yasmin
The world has ended. The dead are up and walking, corrupting and devouring everything in their path. Except for Whisperer. It's been a year and she has seen it all. Dea...
  • femalepov
  • tough
  • zombies
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The Immune (The Walking Dead/Carl Grimes) by ThatImmuneGurl
The Immune (The Walking Dead/ ThatImmuneGurl
First Book! Starting in the middle of season 1 TWD Casey of course was tragic. Along with the broken world where a disease has taken over. She doesn't know how it happen...
  • rickgrimes
  • caseygrace
  • thewalkingdead
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The Broken Immune (The Walking Dead/Carl Grimes) by ThatImmuneGurl
The Broken Immune (The Walking ThatImmuneGurl
Second Book! Please if you have not read my first story The Immune (The Walking Dead/Carl Grimes fanfic) go read it before you read this one! Eight months after the tra...
  • caseygrace
  • greene
  • chandlerriggs
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The Fixed Immune (The Walking Dead/Carl Grimes) by ThatImmuneGurl
The Fixed Immune (The Walking ThatImmuneGurl
Third book! Please go read my first and second book before this one! Season four of TWD! Four months after the people of Woodbury joined Rick's group at the prison, ev...
  • walkers
  • daryldixon
  • twd
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The Lost Immune (The Walking Dead/Carl Grimes) by ThatImmuneGurl
The Lost Immune (The Walking ThatImmuneGurl
Fourth Book! Please go read my other three before staring this one! Casey can feel herself growing weaker as her memories slowly fade back in. And she's afraid her immun...
  • daryldixon
  • carlgrimes
  • rick
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Bitten (the walking dead) by dragongirl2020
Bitten (the walking dead)by dragongirl2020
Izzy Grace is living in a world with zombies but is immune to the virus. will Izzy live long enough to see the world saved or destroyed? hope you like! :-) or maybe the...
  • immune
  • carlgrims
  • zombies
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ARMAGEDDON by Bex_BrainDead44
ARMAGEDDONby Bex Harpenger
It all started with a fungal mutation genetically engineered by a scientist in Japan to bring back his dead daughter. Brea, was sixteen when the outbreak of the Death C...
  • apocalyptic
  • brea
  • end
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Your Loss(On Hold) by clouded_mind1314
Your Loss(On Hold)by Daphne Phillips
What would you do if you killed someone at the age of 5. What would you do if you knew who your mate was since you were 2. ... "I swear to the Moon goddess, you ar...
  • reunion
  • mate
  • funny
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deliquesce,                                          newt. by azgedas-
#9 - ̗̀ bella ̖́-
i feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. MAZE RUNNER NEWT X OC SCORCH...
  • aris
  • kihonglee
  • thomas
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The Returning by jessica_sutton
The Returningby Jessica Sutton
IN PROGRESS Book Two of the Passing Series *this book is not a stand alone story, and WILL give spoilers to those who haven't read The Passing* Two years after Kimila i...
  • immune
  • thepassing
  • sciencefiction
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Yeah, I'm A Maslow. So? by BTRlover197
Yeah, I'm A Maslow. So?by BTRlover197
The band of Big Time Rush is taking a break at the Maslow's house which somehow irks Emily, James little sister. But when one of the guys made a move on her, she wasn't...
  • studio
  • days
  • secret
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biting down | glenn rhee | by collapsedheart
biting down | glenn rhee |by collapsedheart
|| SKIP A HIT, DON'T MAKE A SOUND IT FEELS BETTER BITING DOWN || "And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul." ...
  • lorigrimes
  • maggiegreene
  • season1
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Our Savior, Our Immune by SuperNightmare
Our Savior, Our Immuneby Super Nightmare
Serenity Stars, all she ever wanted was a normal life with normal parents. She never got that, in fact she got the exact opposite, she grew up with psychopathic, ma...
  • immune
  • apocalypse
  • death
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Loving the Cure by DaronJayLemke123
Loving the Cureby DaronJayLemke
It's pretty much the same thing as loving a crank except Thomas is the cure. When he was little his father used him as a test subject to find a cure but was later execut...
  • boyxboy
  • newt
  • thomas
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1 | Forget Me Not • The Maze Runner (Minho) by RoyalHemmings
1 | Forget Me Not • The Maze ❝Becca Hemmings❞
FORGET ME NOT | ❝ Where ever you've gone? How, how, how? I just need to know That you won't forget about me ❞ The Fever Code - The Maze Runner Book One: On Going C...
  • immune
  • crank
  • thomas
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Scavengers (Immune Companion Novel) by AmyJohnson895
Scavengers (Immune Companion Novel)by Amy J.
"Security breach! Everyone to your positions!" The movement that follows isn't chaos. It's precise and practiced. Old and new, we move as one body. Ben migrate...
  • bunker
  • horror
  • immune
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Immune by Moon_Knight_0324
Immuneby Moon_Knight_0324
Emily Blackstone was a normal girl until her world went crashing down when the apocalypse started but Emily was the type of girl who was prepared because she always beli...
  • twd
  • badass
  • romance
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Vermont by Gigi_drawz
Vermontby Gigi_drawz
A man finds himself in a prison, not remembering how he got there or who he is. With everyone missing and the only clue being a mysterious note will he be able to escape.
  • zombieapocalypse
  • alone
  • apocalypse
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Can love survive? by Nekoda13
Can love survive?by кιиg-иєкσ∂α☙✰♥☆
Follow the story of a girl named Nekoda, she is immune to the walker bite. She meets friends, foes and the love of her life. But it last? (Sorry if it's bad...)
  • carl
  • friends
  • inlove
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Immune(Bird Box) by JoanaRamos011
Immune(Bird Box)by Joana Ramos
Samara was born in the middle of the apocalypse. When she was a baby the followers of the monster forced her eyes open to look at the monster. Most people would die at t...
  • monsters
  • samara
  • apocalypse
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