101 IMAGINES // STORIES by crzy_of_wayne
101 IMAGINES // STORIESby Melissa Kim
- Content smuts and fluffs... maybe angst - NO REQUESTING
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BTS IMAGINES by PowerPuffHoes
BTS IMAGINESby Hwa-young💟💦
enjoy some BTS imagines. this is my first book. sorry if its bad.
  • imagines
  • suga
  • rapmonster
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Your life with Bangtan by Bruh_Itz_G_Money
Your life with Bangtanby Gxxkarma
You used to just be a street performer in Seoul. That was until Bangtan (BTS) had come over and watched you perform. From that moment on, your life had changed... Bec...
  • btsjimin
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  • scenarios
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Dance Tutor- Jack Avery by jackkherron
Dance Tutor- Jack Averyby 💓🌙
Tori is a dancer well a um... undeveloped dancer her mom sets her up with a tutor for her lessons. Will Tori fall 4 her dance instructor? ( the question tho 🤣)
  • whydontwe
  • zachherron
  • jack
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Avengers Imagines by Winters_Sedative
Avengers Imaginesby Winters_Sedative
Heyo! Here's just a small collection of imaginations I have personally. Some may/may not be accurate to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it's timelines, but why the hec...
  • wintersoldier
  • imagines
  • marvel
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Andrew Garfield Imagines by yelyahchamberlain
Andrew Garfield Imaginesby Hayley
Andrew Garfield// Peter Parker imagines :). Requests are open!! Request anyone pls Hayley
  • good
  • peter
  • andrewgarfield
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Marvel Imagines!! by savannah_Paige_18
Marvel Imagines!!by Savannah
Just some Marvel imagines that I come up with every now and then. The characters included are: •Loki Laufeyson •Tony Stark •Bruce Banner •Clint Barton •Rocket Raccoon ...
  • imagines
  • marvel
Kpop imagines {Request open} by Kookie_Monsta17
Kpop imagines {Request open}by Sonja ♡
my random imagines and requested ones!
  • astro
  • imagines
  • shinee
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Andy Biersack Imagines by blackveilbrides602
Andy Biersack Imaginesby Taco♥︎
Imagines of the man who almost got kidnapped by a guy in a poncho Andy Biersack.
  • blackveilbrides602
  • andysixx
  • andybiersack
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sad but relatable quotes by seaveydarling
sad but relatable quotesby seaveydarling
hi. i'm sad. if you're sad too, read this book!
  • quotes
  • sad
  • youtube
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imagines by evarobinson02
imaginesby Eva
most of these are random imagines
  • cute
  • happy
  • romance
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bts SMUT  by Loolummenden
bts SMUT by Loolummenden
  • romance
  • jimin
  • mustread
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Dolan Twins Imagines (taking requests) by ethandolansrighthand
Dolan Twins Imagines (taking reque...by AvacadoDolan
Taking requests Imagines Sad Cute Smut Whateva Whateva
  • dolantwins
  • imagines
  • mixed
Crush Imagines by BlueBlerb
Crush Imaginesby Pine
A variety of scenarios where you encounter your crush. REQUESTS: OPEN
  • love
  • fluff
  • crush
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imagines -p.jm by coffeesyub
imagines -p.jmby irëne
a bunch of jimin imagines
  • jhope
  • kpop
  • rm
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petrichor ⇢ doctor who gif series by rewritestars
petrichor ⇢ doctor who gif seriesby iris
PETRICHOR. ﹠ ˎ ˊ ˗ " i'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye " doctor who gif series april 2018 - ?
  • companions
  • ninthdoctor
  • gifs
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THESE GIRLS [wdw imagines] by whydontwesociety
THESE GIRLS [wdw imagines]by limelights!
the title is self explanatory ! imagines about our favorite boys.
  • wdw
  • jonahmaris
  • danielseavey
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Why Don't We Imagines by musicofb
Why Don't We Imaginesby Beth
Just a bunch of short(ish) stories about the Why Don't We boys - will include stories of them all together and also as individuals.
  • stories
  • whydontweandreader
  • jackavery
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Imagines PJO et Harry Potter by ElectraDiAngelo
Imagines PJO et Harry Potterby ?Lorea?
Imagine une autre vie... Un autre destin... C'est ce que je te propose! Commandes ouvertes!! Donne moi des infos et je me charge du reste! Par contre petite info, je n'...
  • rickriordan
  • harrypotter
  • commandetondestin
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