♥️gilbert blythe imagines♥️ by fatima4206
♥️gilbert blythe imagines♥️by fatima🍯
just some imagines about gil. :) • i take requests! • book started july 20th 2018
  • imagines
  • readerxgilbert
  • cute
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anne with an e | preferences and imagines by stxrdusttt
anne with an e | preferences and i...by micah🥀
preferences and imagines for the characters and cast of "ANNE WITH AN E" i n c l u d e s: - ruby | kyla - diana | dalila - anne | amybeth - gilbert | lucas - c...
  • anneshirley
  • colemackenzie
  • lucaszumann
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'anne with an e' imagines and preferences by youbloodyshank
'anne with an e' imagines and pref...by rgt
these are 'anne with an e' imagines and preferences. includes gilbert, jerry, cole and billy OCCASIONALLY;) REQUESTS OPEN!! ***disclaimer: i don't own these characters i...
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  • gilbertblythe
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Big Brother Imagines  by wdwjackandjackbb
Big Brother Imagines by ❤
I do: BB16 BB17 BB18 BB19 BB20 I will take requests!
  • 2018
  • bigbrother
  • bb16
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Scissor Always Beats Paper by iSlayy_
Scissor Always Beats Paperby Penny ❤️
Ebony lesbian imagines.
  • maturecontent
  • ratedr
  • lesbian
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Arrogance. | K.J by KNJVS_
Arrogance. | K.Jby K
arrogant ˈarəɡ(ə)nt adjective having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities. arrogant ˈarəɡ(ə)nt adjective Kendall. All Right Reserved.©...
  • summerlove
  • lovestory
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Big Brother 20 imagines by Brookie2105
Big Brother 20 imaginesby Brooke;))))))
I write imagines for ONLY Big brother 20 houseguests, I will take requests, though they might take a few days to make, I will really only write about the four people on...
  • bb20
  • imagines
  • winstonhines
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LOLLI | Kpop one shots | Dom!M!Reader by -Sehoe
LOLLI | Kpop one shots | Dom!M!Rea...by 민재용
❝ You know puppy eyes don't work on me - oh they're working. Goddamnit. ❞ • LITTLESPACE one shots • • Top! Male reader • • REQUESTS: Open •
  • fanfiction
  • malereader
  • kpopidols
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jolene ▹ lucas jade zumann by reinfalldeer
jolene ▹ lucas jade zumannby ˗ˏˋ poppy ˊˎ˗
❝jolene, im begging of you please dont take my man❞ lucas: i have a girlfriend. jo: and if that matters then you wouldnt have been flirting with me. [ lucas jade zu...
  • greengables
  • awae
  • milliebobbybrown
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In unity, there is Strength *Sweet Pea Imagines* by xinxmyxfeelingsx
In unity, there is Strength *Sweet...by jenna tools 🔧
A collection of my imagines from my Tumblr blog (hesheyjoneswuzhere), about our beloved Sweet Pea!
  • fangsfograty
  • riverdale
  • sweetpeaimagines
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Jacob Sartorius Imagines ♡ by llilbear
Jacob Sartorius Imagines ♡by lillie x
imagines about a precious boy who has my heart. - cute, humorous, romantic, sad + ☼ book cover creds to @adorejxcob on insta. her edits are my aesthetic *:・゚ @jacobsnove...
  • jacobsartorius
  • hiplikejacob
  • sartorius
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Rapper Imagines (Requests open) by ivyroseposin
Rapper Imagines (Requests open)by ivyroseposin
Book full of imagines of different rappers mainly SoundCloud and other rappers. Rappers I mainly focus on are SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD XXXTENTACION LIL SKIES SCARLXRD...
  • xxtentacion
  • trippieredd
  • rapperimagines
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Big Brother 20 Imagines by scottiesaltie
Big Brother 20 Imaginesby (:cassiopeia:)
Imagines written for the cast of Big Brother 20! Requests Open!! **SHOWMANCEEEEE**
  • bb20
  • bayleigh
  • xreader
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Darkest Minds Imagines  by jaeslieberhers
Darkest Minds Imagines by Scott’s tots
Imagines / Preferences for the upcoming movie & novel 'The Darkest Minds'
  • novel
  • harrisdickinson
  • chubs
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Jeffree Star Imagines by BentDownSpoon
Jeffree Star Imaginesby Lil Yung Daddy
I don't even know why people bother with descriptions for an imagine book... Nevertheless, this is a Jeffree/Female reader book. Reader tends to lean more towards a per...
  • star
  • gxg
  • youtube
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Adopted by the Holland's  by radbutnotreally
Adopted by the Holland's by radbutnotreally
Poppy was adopted into the family when she was a baby and they always thought of her as one of them and nothing different. Will things change with Tom's fame?
  • paddyholland
  • harrison
  • samholland
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heartbreak hotel by grvnts
heartbreak hotelby ‏ً
my fucked up relationship, otherwise known as my reason for wanting to die
  • mylife
  • fanfiction
  • celebrities
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Seventeen's Imagines2 by missauthorC
Seventeen's Imagines2by Cloe Boo
Another season of a heart fluttering imagines.
  • wonwoo
  • dokyeom
  • junhui
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Andrew Siwicki Imagines by FateIsNotOnFire
Andrew Siwicki Imaginesby FateIsNotOnFire
Andrew Siwicki Imagines! Updated when i have time. thats all
  • andrewsiwickixreader
  • shane
  • garrettwatts
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SINFUL ~ REDDIE SMUT by ticklingyourpickle
reddie smut because why the fuck not | 2018 ♡ ~new book~
  • it2017
  • dirty
  • smuttyfanfic
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