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Falling -Billie Eilish by AnneWrytes
Falling -Billie Eilishby Anne:)
A story, about a girl ( Elle) and Billie Eilish. When Elle starts falling for Billie, Will she fall alone? There is adult themes such as smut, and violence and mental il...
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Marcus Lopez Arguello ◇Deadly Class◇ by noweak
Marcus Lopez Arguello ◇Deadly ♡
imagines for you about a sweet homeless kid who deserves more ♡ will contain- fℓυff ѕмυт ------------ I don't particularly like angst so there might not be much in here...
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  • lanacondor
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a cute ygtb book that contains imagines, reactions & more!
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ateez imagines and reactions ➶ by ecccentric
ateez imagines and reactions ➶by · dailyn·
imagines and reactions (and other stuff i come up with) of our ateez members; hongjoong, seonghwa, yunho, yeosang, san, mingi, wooyoung, and jongho ! ➶ requests are alwa...
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𝚈𝙶𝚃𝙱 𝙸𝙼𝙰𝙶𝙸𝙽𝙴𝚂 | [✔️] by seoulmatez_
𝚈𝙶𝚃𝙱 𝙸𝙼𝙰𝙶𝙸𝙽𝙴𝚂 | [✔️]by ジャニーン💞
» just an escape from reality, the title can honestly summarize the book for you. « REQUESTS: OPEN [ ] CLOSED [✔️] Started: Jan. 14, 2019 Ended: Ongoing (Warning...
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ONEUS Imagines by maria_the_mex
ONEUS Imaginesby maria_the_mex
This book is going to be filled with ONEUS imagines! Some created by me! And some requests from you! This book will have all 6 members! REQUEST BOX [OPEN] Hope you enjoy...
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why don't we one shots by hookedonjavery
why don't we one shotsby j ♡
some detailed smuts of why don't we! requests are open :) all contain smut & a storyline. each has a quick summary in the beginning (dominant, cute, kinky, etc) some bo...
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  • zach
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YG TREASURE BOX - YG 보석함 by eriii113
YG TREASURE BOX - YG 보석함by 𝐞𝐫𝐢♕
When a girl takes part in a show making YG's next boygroup... [#7- choihyunsuk] [#115- ikon] [#71-bigbang]
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GBG x Reader [Oneshots] by k-ryoz
GBG x Reader [Oneshots]by reese ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Collection of oneshots of the GBG gang and more! ________ ┊┊┊┊ ┊┊┊┊ ┊┊┊┊ ┊┊┊☆ requests: closed ┊┊┊ ┊┊☆ boys written so far: ┊┊ - matt/inotorious ┊┊ - cam/good...
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♥️ Freddie Mercury Imagines♥️ by ADINOF
♥️ Freddie Mercury Imagines♥️by ♥️🥀Dela🥀♥️
These are just some stories I've written for all of you lovies 😘 Thank you so much for 2K reads! I've never gotten so many before!! I really didn't expect this to go so...
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  • mrmercury
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RWBY,Danganronpa and The Y/Ns Imagines And Scenarios! by NagitoKomaeda6
RWBY,Danganronpa and The Y/Ns NagIbuki KOumaeda
So Uh...Requests are Open! I'm kinda nervous about doing this tho lol. -Mod Ibuki
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Deadly Class Imagines and Short Stories☆Marcus Lopez Arguello by SyliaSS
Deadly Class Imagines and Short SyliaSS
One Shots for the new show Deadly Class. Requests are open. All rights to the comic writers and SYFY. ☆ Enjoy With an academy full teenagers who kill, backstab and genui...
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Sally Face: Oneshots! by fufuvie
Sally Face: Oneshots!by ♡♕Jess♕♡
Sally Face Characters x Reader Oneshots! Requests are open! More details as you go by! (Cover was made by me. Art included both in the cover and the book does not belong...
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clouis imagines. by sqftlou
clouis george. ♡
A book filled with Clementine and Louis, from the walking dead, imagines/oneshots. the book cover has some fan art i found on tumblr by someone, idk who they are but if...
  • twd
  • louisxclementine
  • clouis
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Dirty Xxxtentacion Imagines~ daddyjekayla by daddyjekayla
Dirty Xxxtentacion Imagines~ KK SQUAD16
feeling horny? so is Jahseh ;) read to find out about some fucking, moaning, grinding, and listening to daddy.
  • maturecontent
  • onfroy
  • xxxtentacion
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Ben Hardy Imagines by billyxmikaelson
Ben Hardy Imaginesby Rosie💕
'We've sold out every pub and uni in the south of Glasgow and I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere eating a ham sandwich' "It's a metaphor Brian!" ⭐️ BEN ⭐️ ⭐️P...
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Steven Hyde Imagines: That 70's Show by The_Country_Kid
Steven Hyde Imagines: That 70's Country Kid.
For all those who love Steven Hyde as much as me. Open for suggestions 🙌🏽
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  • fes
  • kitty
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Avengers Academy  by realmarvelimagines
Avengers Academy by Marvelimagines
In the future after all the great wars. You, the child of Loki, were born along with all the Avengers children as well. It is decided by the Avengers to create a space f...
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YG Treasure Box Imagines  by calxpalxhood
YG Treasure Box Imagines by Wendy
Imagines for ALL trainees who were on YGTB. Feel free to request stuff 🥰 Started: Jan 29th 2019
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  • byounggon
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Sweet Pea Imagines (BOOK 2)  by Joel_mi_amor
Sweet Pea Imagines (BOOK 2) by Joel11
Another book filled of your favorite serpent :)
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