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Sajak dari Langit by alfiraryanti
Sajak dari Langitby Alfira Aryanti
Cast: Jimi Xavier - Jimin BTS Kalani Lavina Maharani - YOU! Update: Setiap hari Kamis dan Sabtu Malam, kalau boleh bantu aku sekali lagi Seperti malam sewindu yang lalu ...
  • jungkook
  • jin
  • jhope
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Twilight - Imagine Jimin by gigprincesse12345
Twilight - Imagine Jiminby gigprincesse12345
S / n arrive dans la petite ville brumeuse et pluvieuse de Séoul - le dernier endroit où vous aimeriez vivre. Il tente de s'adapter à la vie de province dans laquelle to...
  • sope
  • vkook
  • taekook
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Fact / Fake = Fuck ! by sarkameca
Fact / Fake = Fuck !by sarkameca
Sabrina Aisha Fatihya adalah seorang gadis berjilbab lebar yang sering disebut orang sebagai gadis yang hyperaktif. merupakan seorang gadis idealis yang ceroboh, sering...
  • imaginer
  • comedy
  • family
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Imaginer by forgetmenaut
Imaginerby forgetmenaut
Jasslyn Brookside has always harboured a curiosity for her childhood friend. She can't be blamed: Jacoby Harold is constantly trailed by flowers and plants, the occasion...
  • imaginer
  • experiment
  • weird
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Twisted Vernacular: A Short Story/Prose Collaboration by Intrepid_Imaginer
Twisted Vernacular: A Short Ashley Chang
Dedicated to an awesome co-writer! A/N: Synopsis- A boy is searching for his little adopted sister, when he realizes that's she's gone. All she left him was a note sayi...
  • puppet
  • love
  • prose
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Technicolor Aura (Sonnet) by Intrepid_Imaginer
Technicolor Aura (Sonnet)by Ashley Chang
  • intrepid
  • technicolor
  • sonnet
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Sands of Time: Grains of Inspiration (Poetry) by Intrepid_Imaginer
Sands of Time: Grains of Ashley Chang
Poems inspired by watching videos of sand art! Incredible!
  • intrepid
  • serenity
  • serene
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Departures {A poem} by Intrepid_Imaginer
Departures {A poem}by Ashley Chang
Another one of my rhyming poems! Hope you enjoy!
  • intrepid
  • rawrvc
  • ashley
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XCIX Poem Challenge by Intrepid_Imaginer
XCIX Poem Challengeby Ashley Chang
  • graft
  • poems
  • sail
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Exoskeleton (Poem) by Intrepid_Imaginer
Exoskeleton (Poem)by Ashley Chang
  • poison
  • identity
  • intrepid
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~Ashley's Ultimate Poem Collection~ (Updated frequently) by Intrepid_Imaginer
~Ashley's Ultimate Poem Ashley Chang
A collection of all my poems!!! By Ashley_Rawrvc *Updated frequently
  • trinket
  • colors
  • beacon
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The Life of The Imaginer, According to Daniel Frey by Yenelad
The Life of The Imaginer, Yenelad
Here, the Imaginer, an amazing superhero, recounts his life, to tell of his journey to where he is today.
  • life
  • backstory
  • superheroes
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Jigsaw (Undergoing major editing) by Intrepid_Imaginer
Jigsaw (Undergoing major editing)by Ashley Chang
Ezio has always been different, so different that people don’t believe that he’s related to his family. Even Ezio doubts that he’s their biological son. His grey hair an...
  • truth
  • camille
  • fishing
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La vie secrète des inconnus by Didyiii
La vie secrète des inconnusby Didyiii
Voici un premier chapitre ou bien une nouvelle ou encore la seule micro histoire que j'intégrerai à ce titre. Je ne sais pas encore quoi en faire mais elle me plait. En...
  • imaginer
  • observer
  • vivre
Reflections: Identities by Intrepid_Imaginer
Reflections: Identitiesby Ashley Chang
  • hine
  • laborer
  • intrepid
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Life Of An Imaginer by Clearimaginer
Life Of An Imaginerby Clearimaginer
Just a poem about a girl, a library, and her becoming a dreamer and an imaginer.
  • imaginer
  • magic
  • believe
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Intrepid Imaginer Ideas by Intrepid_Imaginer
Intrepid Imaginer Ideasby Ashley Chang
Novel ideas from yours truly. ;)
  • two
  • kill
  • intrepid
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A-Z: Our Inner Animals by Intrepid_Imaginer
A-Z: Our Inner Animalsby Ashley Chang
  • undying
  • our
  • poetry
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Primary Palette: A Poem by Intrepid_Imaginer
Primary Palette: A Poemby Ashley Chang
  • heartbreaking
  • rhyming
  • intrepid
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