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Problematic (Billie Eilish) by iamaliciaa
Problematic (Billie Eilish)by ALI
- A bunch of Billie Eilish imagines -
  • bellyache
  • girls
  • billie
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fresh start || rye beaumont by myroadtripheart
fresh start || rye beaumontby abbie <3
'i wanted a fresh start, and that's exactly what i got' #1 in roadtrip
  • beaumont
  • imagine
  • roadtrip
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Joe Sugg Imagines - Book 1 by Tizniz
Joe Sugg Imagines - Book 1by Tizniz
Imagines about the lovely youtuber ThatcherJoe, also known as Joe Sugg.
  • angst
  • joshpeters
  • youtuber
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Lily Wang: The 8th Member of BTS by all-white-things
Lily Wang: The 8th Member of BTSby 『 dandelonie 』
'meet lily wang, the 8th member of bts' - Requests: CLOSED : Comment to Request :D - Scenarios : Member X Reader : Other Groups X Reader - Social Media : Ins...
  • bts
  • seokjin
  • kimseokjin
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By My Side-BTS 8th Member by JellyPuff48
By My Side-BTS 8th Memberby J E N N Y
/COMPLETED/ Highest Ranking: #67 in Imagine Yuna never expected much, just someone to stay by her side always. After debuting with 7 boys, she knows that they will alway...
  • j-hope
  • jimin
  • bts
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I Really Messed Up, Guys: A Supernatural Self Harm Fic by nothisispaige
I Really Messed Up, Guys: A Paige
TW: SELF HARM IS DEPICTED. DO NOT READ IF EASILY TRIGGERED. It is acted out in one of the chapters, when it's up I'll put a warning at the beginning so it can be skipped...
  • dean
  • winchester
  • sisterwinchester
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markiplier imagines by _cybernate
markiplier imaginesby N
**FINISHED** idk how well this is gonna go down, lol it's basically somewhere for me to write down all my daydreams about mark🤙🏼 *I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC USED IN THIS S...
  • youtuber
  • markfischbach
  • markimoo
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𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬 by gihlbert
𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬by 𝐤 𝐞 𝐧 𝐳 𝐢 𝐞
  • imagine
  • jughead
  • âu
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SM Imagines  by flamingshawn
SM Imagines by -A-
stories for you to enjoy They get better as you go along Also unedited cause I'm lazy - Achievements; #8 in stories #4 in dreamy #6 in feels
  • friends
  • mendes
  • anger
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Bruno Mars Imagines by the_brunz
Bruno Mars Imaginesby the_brunz
*under editing*
  • brunomarsfanfiction
  • brunomarsimagine
  • imagine
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Draco Malfoy Imagines by XSoieaX
Draco Malfoy Imaginesby Soiea
Here. I baked you some fluff. Enjoy. All imagines written by me! These imagines are x female reader unless otherwise marked! Disclaimer: I do not own any characters...
  • fanfiction
  • hogwarts
  • dracomalfoyimagines
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Bts as father♥ by Sanskruti__
Bts as father♥by Sanskruti
Bts as father
  • jimin
  • taehyung
  • mother
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Why Don't We Imagines by CantbutItry76
Why Don't We Imaginesby CantButITry:)
^^Imagines about my 5 favorite guys^^ Requests are open💜
  • zachherron
  • preferences
  • love
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Shawn Mendes Imagines Part 2 by birdieboo12
Shawn Mendes Imagines Part 2by Tia
Welcome to my second book of imagines! I don't write smut. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!! IF YOU WRITE A MEAN/HATEFUL COMMENT, YOU WILL GET BLOCKED.
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • mendes
  • imagine
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Shawn Mendes Blurbs by torontogawd
Shawn Mendes Blurbsby fallin all in you
a collection of short imagines i've written. i do not give consent for my writings or ideas to be used anywhere else.
  • shawnmendesfanfiction
  • fangirl
  • imagines
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Kpop Smut/Fluff (Requests Closed) by NiicePapriika
Kpop Smut/Fluff (Requests Closed)by NiicePapriika
In this book I will write for many different kpop groups Groups such as: EXO, BigBang, Block B, Ikon, Astro, GOT7, Super Junior, Seventeen, INFINITE, NCT, SHINee, Monsta...
  • got7
  • exo
  • imagine
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5sos Imagines by _lukessidechick_
5sos Imaginesby _lukessidechick_
5sos imagines
  • ashton
  • calum
  • imagine
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ಌDolan Twins Imaginesಌ by dolans_poison
ಌDolan Twins Imaginesಌby ♚dolanqυeen♚
Jump in this book and let your imagination work!
  • ethan
  • romantic
  • dolantwins
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dean winchester imagines by skyewalker89
dean winchester imaginesby skyewalker89
i do not own supernatural or dean winchester. if i did we would all have a little slice of dean lime pie hEYO
  • imagine
  • supernaturalimagines
  • deanwinchester
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Tom Holland || Imagines/ smut  by Kittylovebug21
Tom Holland || Imagines/ smut by Lil 🐝
Basically what the title says, message me with ideas you may want me to write about and what you want to see also message me if you wanna write one of the imagines or sm...
  • peterparker
  • tom
  • tomholland
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