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I Reincarnated as a Glacial Pheonix by lawrence1324
I Reincarnated as a Glacial Pheonixby lawrence1324
A high school boy named lawrence is coming back from school and see a girl standing in the road when he just see a truck rushing towards the girl. (the man in the truck...
       AVA (under Editing)  by Kaajal99
AVA (under Editing) by Kaajal99
Ava was tortured by foster parents. She moved to a small town where she met the Winget Siblings, slowly Ava started to unfold the mysteries of her life and on the way s...
Loving Loki by champangebaby
Loving Lokiby Cass
I know nothing of holiness, the purity of your name burns my sinful tongue
The Forgotten Lovato Sister - Demi Lovato Fanfiction by yasslovato
The Forgotten Lovato Sister - yasslovato
You know Demi Lovato right? You've probably heard of her sisters Madison and Dallas yeah? Well I'm the forgotten Lovato sister. Emily Lovato is my name and this is my li...
Skyhook - Inception by JonathanKonopka
Skyhook - Inceptionby Jonathan Pouliot-Konopka
Imaginative but minimalist, an antinovel and paracosm, Inception is the awakening of an ancient yet newborn creature within a dreamy realm. Where time has little meaning...
Just Another Winston by fairycatcher13
Just Another Winstonby Deziray
Annabelle Marie winston is Dallas Winston ' s little sister who is just like him. Read this book to journey with her as she faces the battle of life. All the characters...
TV Show and Movie OC Adoptions by Bloodspill101
TV Show and Movie OC Adoptionsby Fuck Calculus
Basically some character ideas for some TV shows and movies that I thought people might like to adopt. Let it be known I don't do half-assed descriptions. I'm very deta...
Anne Frank : a twist  by OrlaMcpherson
Anne Frank : a twist by OrlaMcpherson
This story will be about Anne Frank but with a twist where her father will be a Nazi and Anne does not agree . This will lead to Anne trying fight for the Jews and win b...
AGAR TUM SAATH HO ❣️❣️(SLOW UPDATES) by randomwriter099
Guys this story not belongs to any serial you might can say it's inspired by one of the real story sometime story will be go throught the past actually Its just a fictio...
Creative Writing by dammit_69
Creative Writingby Noël
All of my favourite stories I've written in my English lessons for Creative Writing. If you want a change in the stories I write, read this! I've gotten the highest gra...
Beauty and Life (a series of poems) by purpleperson22
Beauty and Life (a series of poems)by Nicole
I decided to make a series of poems......because I love reading and writing them. These poems, are simply about life, and everyday things that I think about. Some of the...
The Dark Empire Chronicle by KimiaMSV
The Dark Empire Chronicleby Kimia M
With the betrayal of the tormentor of hell, Zabiak, and the murder of Satan, the ruler of darkness, the gates of hell were opened to the world. During a year of unquench...
Her Secret Admirer..💭 by Ruhiya13
Her Secret Admirer..💭by Ruhiya13
Walking everyday to college & getting up new gifts, wasn't it odd for a girl? Of course it was. Saira was the one in whole college to receive gifts every morning as she...
YMIRA l Miracle from Heaven l [18+, mature ] by Imuhb0725
YMIRA l Miracle from Heaven l [ GRACE 🖤
Being born in the family of the mafias is a living curse and finding a love there is like searching for an angel in the hell That's the case for me , I always desired o...
The EMNY by JaxonJet
The EMNYby Jaxon Jet
Fresh On The Scene by JaxonJet
Fresh On The Sceneby Jaxon Jet
A dancer and a singer freshly out looking for an opportunity to display the talents.
The last book I wrote by Carey68
The last book I wroteby Rossalate Carey
We humans like to build things.Whether it's real or fake. We love to imagine. We can build things or can destroy in our imagination.And we can fall in love too.We fall i...
Phenomenal Woman  (Maya Angelou Poem Children's Book) by Daniel_WOLFBOY
Phenomenal Woman (Maya Angelou Bwbproductions
Inspired by the one and only Maya Angelou 😘 Read Here OR Directions: Go to: And click Ebooks to read or click the link to our website under the wri...
Inspired Writing by c_young05
Inspired Writingby c_young05
Hey, thanks for clicking on this book! I'm not going to try and make this sound any better or intriguing than it actually is, so here is a very blunt but honest descript...
Story Starters by DeathMakesMeSmile
Story Startersby Blue ♤
A collection of story starters (mostly from Tumblr)