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Welp, I guess this is an art book? by 34iceway
Welp, I guess this is an art book?by Swagiri
does it count as an art book or more like trash thrown at a computer screen? the mysteries of life... p.s most stuff will be digital (using mediBang) because I am incapa...
  • whyamidoingthis
  • digitalart
  • trash
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Beta (A My Singing Monsters Story) by ShineySmile11
Beta (A My Singing Monsters Story)by ShineySmile11
Thwok is sent to the lab of the creator of the Wublins to help a Wublin out, but will this be a regular meeting, or will it end with chaos? (Cover coming soon- maybe...)
  • idk
  • my-singing-monsters
  • fanfiction
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Lines in the Ice by Write_To_Live
Lines in the Iceby Rebecca
Brenna was the new girl for over a year. No one looked at her and she had no friends from her school. She has Michae, who's the only one that knows that she skates whe...
  • dreams
  • horror
  • bruise
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Behind a Cutter's Mind by XxemoxchickxX
Behind a Cutter's Mindby Marietta
  • cutting
  • drinking
  • storywithatwist
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Random story ideas that have just festered in my brain  by karabirchall
Random story ideas that have SAD
This is merely a collection of all the useless story ideas that I liked well enough to compile into a collection of other useless story ideas but not enough to actually...
  • this-is-bs
  • im-sorry
  • -fuck-this
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burning roses by PrincessWriter123
burning rosesby All I Want Is A Nap
[Previously called "A Thousand Thoughts Like Shattered Glass"] These are poems that I write in an attempt to cope and I write them hoping that they will help...
  • sad
  • poetry
  • depression
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I Wish Life Was Easier by just_kristie
I Wish Life Was Easierby Kristie
This is just a collections of poems and rants of how I feel. Decided to start this because honestly right now I am far from okay. Hope you enjoy.
  • im-sorry
Ranting rants by MoonlightArt
Ranting rantsby MoonlightArt
I think a lot and I talk a lot. I can go to thinking about someone to thinking about cake or what I am going to do when I come home. So I am going to rant about this. I...
  • my-brothers-nonexisting-girlfriend
  • bajs
  • ill-stop-now
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Those Green Eye's by DoritoNinja
Those Green Eye'sby Rebecca
Lila Everstien was kidnapped when she was 12 and she finally escaped four years later. With the help of Harvey Cook she regains her health and embarks to try and find h...
  • pancakes
  • derek
  • im-sorry
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WinterClans Leaders by LunarEclipse896
WinterClans Leadersby LunarEclipse896
These are all the Leaders of my FanClan; WinterClan! uhhhhhhhhhhhhh... RIP Rankings: #4 in FanClans Out of 364 people! (I so proud T3T) Credit to the person who made le...
  • idk
  • winterclan
  • dont-kill-me
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An online diary. by ogkiind
An online kiind
This is all about me, you can learn a bit of my story. I really don't expect this to get many reads.
  • happiness
  • sad
  • peace
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A Single Drop of Blood by _RAD_DAD_
A Single Drop of Bloodby _RAD_DAD_
One girl, one mother and two silver vests
  • im-sorry
  • you-have-been-warned
  • written-when-i-was12
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Diane The Serpent's Sin Of Envy X Reader by -killsmyself-
Diane The Serpent's Sin Of Envy Ciel_IsBae666
Read the title. That's the story.
  • xd
  • xreader
  • im-sorry
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