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In Which I Love Yoo by Dweller_4
In Which I Love Yooby Dweller
Shin-Ae Yoo is Kousuke's close assistant, and the two have only gotten closer over the years. At work, the two are formal and distant, but outside the Hirahara building...
I Love Crossing Paths with Yoo by JadeArachnid88
I Love Crossing Paths with Yooby Wubbalubbadubdub
As Kousuke gets ready to run a company in Japan, Shin-ae gets an acceptance letter from 'The University of Tokyo', and is put under a special program that makes her tuit...
how did it end up like this | i love yoo x reader by _amscxr
how did it end up like this | i megumi's lashes♡
Hello there traveler, stumbled upon this FanFiction after reading the Webtoon? Remotely to escape reality? Well this is for YOO, ahaha. If you wish to enter this Dr...
I Love Yoo Not | I Love Yoo x Popular! Bi! Smart! Reader  by poppyayay
I Love Yoo Not | I Love Yoo x poppyayay
↣ I Love Yoo x Popular! Bi! Smart Reader ↢ Another alternative universe where Shin Ae wasn't the one who poured Orange Soda on Yeong-Gi. Actually it's the universe where...
I Love Yoo (one shots)  by AuroraLovly
I Love Yoo (one shots) by Aurora
NOT UPDATING HERE, LOOK FOR SECOND ACCOUNT; @sagesilk I'll be updating this on a different account, since I have technical difficulties with this one. However if people...
Time: Yeong-gi x reader  by Sudutistt
Time: Yeong-gi x reader by Princess Jem
(Y/N) was considered to have it all. A loving fiancé, who she was with since her high school days. A stable job, which she met a plethora of celebrities. Often women her...
I Love Yoo, Maybe by LostPreMed
I Love Yoo, Maybeby Tori Lynn
This story picks up where the original "I love Yoo" left off from Episode 89. Caught between Yeong-Gi and Kousuke's rivalry, Shin-ae must figure out who is us...
In Webtoon by mythical-eerie
In Webtoonby mythical-eerie
I love crossing paths with Yoo two by JadeArachnid88
I love crossing paths with Yoo twoby Wubbalubbadubdub
****************SECOND****BOOK***************** First book: 'I Love Crossing Paths with Yoo' Second book: 'I Love Crossing Paths with Yoo Two' Hello lovelies! If you...
Webtoon Recommendations by E-TodoMomo
Webtoon Recommendationsby xena_mika
Yes. Recommendations for Webtoons. My profile in Webtoons is Fluffle_Bun
i hate yoo | i love yoo x reader by lolrenge
i hate yoo | i love yoo x readerby lolrenge
"you're gonna die alone" (y/n) luzier knew very well that if things kept going on like this she would definitely be alone till the end of her shitty life, the...
[Stalkyoo] We're friends, right? by Kacychase
[Stalkyoo] We're friends, right?by LetMeWriteAStory
So, this is the whole story that I posted on Amino. Since it was actually kinda trolling me for SIMPLY WRITING MUCH ( :((() I decided to publish it here as well. I also...
morning calls ➼ a stalkyoo oneshot by peachynette
morning calls ➼ a stalkyoo oneshotby peachynette
✩°̥࿐୨୧ 𝐜𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐛𝐲 𝐬𝐨𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐦 ➺ i do not own I love yoo, all rights go to quimchee ➺ this is simply a fanfic and NOT part of the canon ✩°̥࿐୨...
Yootip  by Angry-Cactus
Yootip by Angry-Cactus
Coming back from a 10 month leave, Shin-ae finds herself a bit confused. Why am I always smiling at him? Why does my heart feel weird when I spot him out in a crowd...
unOrdinary: Reverse by yourclosetweeb
unOrdinary: Reverseby yourclosetweeb
In which John is the King, and Sera is the lowly cripple.
Webtoon x reader by chibi_kitty_
Webtoon x readerby chibi_kitty_
Various Webtoon characters X Reader. Requests are Closed for now
I love yoo x reader imagines/oneshots  by kamibakus
I love yoo x reader imagines/ kam
I'll probably mainly do nol and kousuke
Webtoon x Reader by vavril
Webtoon x Readerby Lynn!
Characters from Line's Webtoon