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Sym-Bionic Titan: Monster Force. by ReptileEdge
Sym-Bionic Titan: Monster ReptileEdge
After the defeat of the monster known as Zilla, a teenage Nick Tatopoulos discovers a hidden lab with a male teen in a vat. After breaking him out, Nick discovers that t...
Ilana adopted oldest sister ( Sym Bionic titan Fanfic) by Sayuri-Nishino24
Ilana adopted oldest sister ( Alexus McClure
the King Of Galaluna Adopted a little child since he know her father who was a great friend pass away and may a promies to look after Kiara after her father pass away...
the adventures of Ilanca (Lance x Ilana) (Sym-bionic titan) by siea77
the adventures of Ilanca (Lance siea77
so i started watching sym-bionic titan and i immediately shipped ilanca so i've decided to make some sort of one shots and story i guess. also i dont know much about the...
Ilana by Nashty_xx
Ilanaby Nashty_xx
Abbi and Calum know each other. They're familiar. Abbi is popular, not rude, but she has a high social status. Calum has had a crush on Abbi since first grade so obvious...
Ilana  by Moon1ov3r
Ilana by Moon1ov3r
The tension was so thick you could probably take a knife and cut through it and then it all came out, it came out of my stupid mouth that couldn't even just shut up for...
all i want for Christmas is you// malana by maia_deandream2
all i want for Christmas is maia dean
when a boy and a girl fell in love at school, and when they got to three it was around christmas( true stories kinda)
Autumn In Paris by Allya_Akashi
Autumn In Parisby Af.yoona
Tara Dupont loved Paris and autumn. She thinks that she has everything in her life. Until she met Tatsuya Fujisawa, who was unpredictable and always aroused her curiosit...
Thorn or Rose  by AliDoodles9
Thorn or Rose by Alyssa C.
Ilana Velez, a 24 year old hunter, was born and raised to rid the world of evil demons and spirits. She's always had a purpose. Always had a goal. But that all changes w...
Various! Sym-Bionic Titan Series x Princess! Twin Sister! Oc Insert by CasonArtSweet
Various! Sym-Bionic Titan Series CasonArtSweet
Join Princess Allana, twin sister of Princess Ilana, as she tries to live a normal life on Earth after escaping their home planet, Galaluna, after an enemy invasion. Not...
Sym Bionic Titan by Aristara
Sym Bionic Titanby Aristara
At the end of the road. What happens when a trail goes cold into the night? When the mud is too deep to walk through... You trudge on...