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High School Lovers? (Marth x Ike) by MidnightShine781
High School Lovers? (Marth x Ike)by Marth x Ike? OTP.
Another excuse for a Marth x Ike fanfic, fuck yea... Im sorry, but I must do justice to my OTP! Marth: Sub (Bottom) Ike: Dom (Top) [OOC, just saying] (I couldn't find a...
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Ike x Marth {One-Shots} by MidnightShine781
Ike x Marth {One-Shots}by Marth x Ike? OTP.
These are just short or long, one page, one shots that I have thought of. Marth: Sub (Bottom) Ike: Dom (Top) {Unless I say it's different} [OOC, definitely] I'm not sur...
i don't fancy him...right?(LinkPit) by wooyoungisasavage21
i don't fancy him...right?(LinkPit)by bItcH?wOo iS beTter
Pit is a 18 year angel and is granted permission to participate in the Smash world cup. He has been there before but that was 5 years ago. Hoping he'd see familiar faces...
A Cry for Help by Pit_Laviano
A Cry for Helpby Pit_Laviano
Basically, a high school AU where Ike is an ex soldier who has just moved countries after the events of a major war in his country. Ps none of the characters are mine, t...
las aventuras de los hijos del super smash bros!!!!!!!!!!! by canticreepy
las aventuras de los hijos del sup...by
holis!!!!!!!!me presento soy canti creepy dazzle hija de link y pit adoro a mis padres pues resulta que ellos me dan todo su cariño y yo como buenita se los devuelvo je...
Ike x marth oneshots <3  by ddr3amingg
Ike x marth oneshots <3 by ddr3amingg
So umm I like this ship so I decided why not write shitty fanfics about it and yes I mean that literally, they are shit but umm I guess enjoy and have the loveliest day...
las aventuras de las parejas y sus hijos del super smash bros!!!!!!!!!! by nazatheangel
las aventuras de las parejas y sus...by naza the angel
holis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!canti creep devuelta jeje olviden mi otra historia....*nerviosa*jeje......borre la cuenta y nose que hacer.....lo siento,bueno pero aqui tengo la nue...
Enlighten The Emblem (IkeMarth ONESHOTS) by queer_vampeer
Enlighten The Emblem (IkeMarth ONE...by Shipper
Hi this book is just a one shot compilation as I find rather easier to write one shots of them than a book '^w^, requests are open and this book may not be updated quite...
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