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The Matchmaker *Nightmare sans x reader x Shattered Dream sans* by Cyanmooshki
The Matchmaker *Nightmare sans x r...by Jordyn
this is going to be a sans au x reader with Errink *I think that's right* (ink x error) Killer x outer*no I do not ship them I ship killer x Nightmare but this is a Nig...
Goths & Roses {Jake Munro x Reader} by MxmentxMxri
Goths & Roses {Jake Munro x Reader}by Grimm
How about, i dont do a description? Im bad at these any way, if you read it, i hope you enjoy it.
Icy balls  // Todoroki x Mineta by Spongie_b0b
Icy balls // Todoroki x Minetaby ལྷ་སྒིལ་
Todoroki starts to develop feeling for Mineta question is..does Mineta feel the same way? Read more to find out (; Started: 23 May 2019 Ended: this is nr 1 in pika pika...
Losing Myself (A Super Family Story) [COMPLETED] by Detective_Quackson
Losing Myself (A Super Family Stor...by ✨Shittykawa✨
[BOOK 1] [COMPLETED] So Ok let just say Screw Thanos And ok bye... So this story Is about well it's mostly about Iron Man Spiderman and Captain America These are The One...
Chaos with Storm by NinjaKitty1928
Chaos with Stormby Storm
Good lord what is this- Hello, and welcome to my book of chaos! This will include rants, drabbles, existential crises, author promotion, and maybe some art! Basically Tw...
Karma X Rio Route:  I Didn't Notice by Stalin_reincarnated
Karma X Rio Route: I Didn't Noticeby Lidia
I am so bad at this lmao contains depression and too many fan characters RIP this book this is a route for my text story so you can tell I've made some sort of plan, rig...
Some artbook stuff by You_UnholyDemon
Some artbook stuffby •~ĐαØöfęđ_β¤į~•
YES. I own the cover and NO you cant repost my works without permission. If you caught someone repost any of my art works, please inform me IMMEDIATELY. Thank you. !!!DI...
Rick Sanchez x Reader (contains Smut) by kmeh__
Rick Sanchez x Reader (contains Sm...by Kaitlyn
Read the story and find out what happens. Started: June 8, 2017 Finished: June 13, 2017
13 Stories by Gregislost
13 Storiesby Gregislost
A series of 13 one-shots centered around the original character and kpop idol/s. Walk the footsteps of an original character as she navigates her confusing daily life an...
Gothic Vibes [Jake Munro x Reader] by MxmentxMxri
Gothic Vibes [Jake Munro x Reader]by Grimm
now that ive done a super clichè one, i wanna do a more realistic one. so uh yep! lets give love to our Goth Mans Jake
Extraits (Trevor Belmont) by Mercy8Grace
Extraits (Trevor Belmont)by Mercya
He may be an ass, but he's your Husband after all. Trevor Belmont x Male Reader
What will I do? by StupidNr1
What will I do?by bored
When eighteen year old Alexandra is told to choose her path, but she has no idea of what to do, she wants to move far away from her hometown, but she doesn't want to lea...
Warrior by TheStraightOne
Warriorby Trash
Who knew that making a sandwhich could change your life so much? After Sean makes a bad joke, he encounters a creature that he didn't believe in and after getting to kn...
Vampiric Bonds {Vampire!Jake Munro x Reader} by MxmentxMxri
Vampiric Bonds {Vampire!Jake Munro...by Grimm
your life had suddenly changed in the span of a few hours, now needing to adjust realising that would come along with a few things
Imagine That ☕ { Requests open ^^ by MxmentxMxri
Imagine That ☕ { Requests open ^^by Grimm
just some imagines! . might do one shots. . might do headcannons. . Tell me what you think! . Request status: Open!
Fotos al azar de TLoZ --- Random Pictures of TLoZ by Mari_Mari-chan
Fotos al azar de TLoZ --- Random P...by Martha Sophia
Son solamente fotos que tengo guardadas..son de lo que sea pero relacionadas con TLoZ MUCHOS MEMES They are just pictures that I have saved...they are about anything/ran...
Forced God of Destruction: Open Minded [] FGOD [] [Discontinued] by ViolaSinz
Forced God of Destruction: Open Mi...by Violetta Lavender
What if the destroyer had to live through 34 years of pain..? But suddenly someone heard his wish and gave him his good ending? Will it happen..? No one knows. But... Ho...