NAJ!PJ x Reader by underswapfan12345
NAJ!PJ x Readerby underswapfan12345
you are a hybrid of 3 things a monster,a wolf,and a human how? your dad was a werewolf and your mother was a monster.you go to school and start having feelings for a cer...
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My Mystery Man [McHanzo] by Darkipie
My Mystery Man [McHanzo]by Hell's Fangirl
[Young!Hanzo X MysteryMan!McCree] There stood a man, clad in black. His face partially covered with a blue cloth. He put his hands up, as to surrender. "Who...
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Tags And My Life by Afseen07
Tags And My Lifeby -tαєkσσk trαѕh-
Is boring cuz it's about my life. Highest ranked 😂😂😂#2th in favs
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Story time with Tomorrow prt 2 by PercySaxson
Story time with Tomorrow prt 2by Protecter Marrow
Story time with me ya'll were making a part two because the first one has expired
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~I love you~? (max x reader) Camp Camp by I_really_like_anime
~I love you~? (max x reader) Camp...by 🥝~ToxicKiwi~🥝
WARNING:⚠️ this is for all my little sinners who want to meet max but never will. Or any camp camp characters for that matter. That's right. I just crushed your hopes an...
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3am poems that you probably shouldn't read by jjessicapearl
3am poems that you probably should...by jjessicapearl
a collection of poems from late at night when i am in my feelings and can't sleep. they are bad and irrelevant and you probably shouldn't read them because they don't ma...
  • depressed
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mY sPaM bOOk by iisuperfrogii
mY sPaM bOOkby Léa C
OKAY so like everyone has a spam book and I don't wanna be the exception..... so HERE YOU GO
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Don't Call Me Nymphadora {Misc.} by __starcrossed__
Don't Call Me Nymphadora {Misc.}by whatta lewser
Fight me. I dare you
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Tagged ;^; by -_unknownMYSTERIES_-
Tagged ;^;by ✘⌁υ⌁и⌁к⌁и⌁σ⌁ω⌁и⌁✘
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Clear Skies - Dragon Reincarnation  by intoxicatedwolf
Clear Skies - Dragon Reincarnation by Theintoxicatedidiot
One hour im studying, the next I turn up dead trying to save a meer animal. Im an animal freak and I love all things in nature, bees, flies, bugs, snakes, cats, wolves...
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Getting Tagged by Yandere_Seabury
Getting Taggedby Samuel Seabury
hi mom #289 - tag
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school cafeteria chill by coconutglass
school cafeteria chillby sean
the smell of garbage and doritos mixed with rotting apples and moldy chocolate milk
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The Daily Life of a Very Pissed Off Tomato by Insane_Tomato
The Daily Life of a Very Pissed Of...by Insane_Tomato
Yep it's me the insane tomato This is my daily life ok I'll try to update it Very strong words and curses Read at your own risk
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I'm spilling the tea 🐸☕️? by daisythepotato
I'm spilling the tea 🐸☕️?by daisythepotato
I will be ranting and spilling some hot ass tea Welcome to my shit show :)
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13 years old: relatable.  by yii-ling
13 years old: relatable. by yi ling
just some stories and rants. legit relatable and some may not be relatable-english is not my native language so yeah. sorry for my shitty english :")
  • fml
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Dear Fucking Diary (My Public Diary) by GurpleGalaxy
Dear Fucking Diary (My Public Diar...by Gurple Galaxy
From Bred Boi Uri to my depression no one cares about, this is my public diary for everyone to read so you can all relate or something.
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Unofficial Tags Book by nerdygamer18
Unofficial Tags Bookby 🏳️‍🌈McKenna🏳️‍🌈
You get it. The cover is a screenshot from Mushroomie's original SIncerely, Me animatic.
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me by anna_has_no_life
meby I still have no life
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My Mistakes: The Biography of Me by SunshineTheSinger
My Mistakes: The Biography of Meby SunshineTheSinger
This basically includes who I am as a person and the mistakes I've committed.
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niala's shit by major__gays
niala's shitby gayeth ♡♤
Just a book for author notes, updates, rants and other useless shit.
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